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I have been holding out on getting new closed cans, the decision was down to XC's the Alpha dogs and the Fostex (600's because I didn't really dig the 900's when I heard them last time) One pre-requisite was that they had to play nice with the M8 (not hard to do for any of these cans). No better place to audition closed cans then at a loud meet environment with lots of equipment to try them with, the LA meet last WE was perfect. Guess what, they were all great but for...
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New Rise against came out today. This is why I love these headphones.
I would add that for the S1 (not ZES) to prevent it from going to sleep set the input mode to external (I use optical) and it should keep it awake indefinitely.
I had my two pairs done a few years ago and the TF-10's just died (no bass). Thinking of another pair. What are people resheling now? Whats popular?
Yep. 100 old school watts. The pioneers have nicer cases (wood vs. wood-pannel) but otherwise the Toshiba is very similar sounding to my sx-1250. I think I read somewhere that Toshiba used to manufacture the boards for the sx line. But who knows as it was 40 years ago.
Thanks.I had it sitting in the garage for 2 years and got it restored to give it to a friend.But now I don't know?I will keep it at least until I get the Sansui back. 
straight out
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