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I think it's a keeper. The A-17 sounds great with the Magnums and the JH-16s sans amp. But even better with the arrow. Plus the DSP's add tons of options. I like the clearaudio+ except for songs where the bass/treble is not mastered well. Here is my portable/travel rig.
My M8 does not
I have a set of JH16s and an A17 on the way.The question for you guys with the JH13's and the a17 that I have is, does the a 17 have enough power to drive the JH's on it's own or will it need an amp?I already have the x1 and using the HO with the JH16's its a bit too dark, I like my bass but I find it looses detail from the HO of the X1. However, when I use the LO to feed the arrow and add one notch to the treble the sound is much better and the bass detail is much...
Within the app, you should have full control to change the tags. I have been able to combine genres into 5 custom ones that I use and to tag files that have missing information. However, depending on your compilations got split up, it may be a fairly manual process to get them back to the original state. Good luck
9 months in, and still loving mine.
I give a vote to the M8. While it's not on par with a "room heater", with bass boost and on high gain it does a surprisingly decent job on most types of music. Plus it's portable.
Got my JH16 re-shelled by InEarz. So far so good trying to see if I need to send back for re-fit.
Can't wait to try one with my JH16's. I am pretty stoked about the DSEE upscaling. If it's anywhere as good as the HAP-S1 (which is awesome) then it should be a hit.
Really enjoying mine (re-shelled by InEarz). Everything they say about them is true, including the fact that they are super sensitive. The M8 and my desktop set-up (Sony HAP-S1) both have a slight background hum. But my ears seem to get used to it fairly quick, after a couple of songs I can't notice it anymore. While the RSA Shadow is a perfect fit.     Has anyone tried the Fiio cables? Slightly microphonic if you move around too much, but for the money they are a...
New Posts  All Forums: