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I have emailed once a month since May. The last reply I got was in April saying it would be shipped in May.
Just got mine. I want all my music in DSD, it sounds as close to new vinyl as I have heard since........ .... New vinyl? This combo with the grey magnum drivers rocks,just enough power. I can't imagine it driving planars though. At least not my old ones (LCD-2v1 and HE-6)
Yes, But we're you reordering?
I ordered mine in Jan.Half a dozen emails to Robert in the last 3 months and still no reply.I still listen to my 4 but starting to get a bit impatient.By the way, has anyone noticed that the forum on headstage.com no longer exists?
Yes mine is an upgrade I have the 4. Has anyone upgrading received theirs yet?
Ordered mine in January, half a dozen emails, still nothing.
Mine just got here this morning. I haven't had mc time to listen it yet but have tried it out with my Note 4, iPod classic and old touch, as well as the Sony A-17. All work. Now if I can make it wok with my cyanogen S3 and iPod 5.5 that will be a bonus. Just because pictures make a thread more interesting, Here it is with the touch and the jh16s  
My new office rig. Slightly modified HE-400 (focus pads and added original HE-6 grill foam) Powered by miniwatt V1 and the line out on x1. This sounds way better then it should for the price.
No idea about the zx1, i think it is an android device so it would be different then the A10. The battery life for the A10 is also atrocious compared to the A10 stand alone. I actually think the M8 draws power from the A10 and that is why it sucks the battery.  Anyone know of a way to stop this from happening?
Just got a pair to mod. On first listen there seems to be good potential here. (I have a fully moded HE-6). Changed the pads to Dennon D7000, opened the grills. But that made them too "hot". Changed the grills to the old HE-6 with foam and "stuffing", less sibilant but still needs some improvement and lost some decay. Has any one tried the Fazer mod? I may give that a go this WE. By the way, these do need power, not the same as HE-6 obviously but they definitely...
New Posts  All Forums: