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Just ordered a pair of six's the only ones I haven't heard are the X. But when Rhydon does something I will give it a try. I will need to get soldering iron out and practice before I roll them through my collection I am curious to see what the cups do to these.  I have recently rediscovered the original grey V5's with the AK-Jr. Great synergy, detail on par with my JH 16's but more air/less bass, especially the DSD files Shelby Lynn's - A little loving sounds amazing....,...
I have to say that the ability to burn CD's in FLAC right to the drive of the HAP-S1 is killer. I am now going to need to attach an external HD as previously I have not converted all of my CD library because it was such a hassle and only had my most listened to music there in digital. This changes all that.
YepGot a reply today.Still no commitment on when he will start send upgrades.
Not a word.The last two times were similar but didn't take as long.No tracking, no response and one day it just arrived in the mail.
I have emailed once a month since May. The last reply I got was in April saying it would be shipped in May.
Just got mine. I want all my music in DSD, it sounds as close to new vinyl as I have heard since........ .... New vinyl? This combo with the grey magnum drivers rocks,just enough power. I can't imagine it driving planars though. At least not my old ones (LCD-2v1 and HE-6)
Yes, But we're you reordering?
I ordered mine in Jan.Half a dozen emails to Robert in the last 3 months and still no reply.I still listen to my 4 but starting to get a bit impatient.By the way, has anyone noticed that the forum on no longer exists?
Yes mine is an upgrade I have the 4. Has anyone upgrading received theirs yet?
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