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I finally joined the club. At first listen everything you guys say in this thread seems to be accurate. Kudos Justin. This rig sounds great with my JH-16's and my magnum builds. 128gb micro SD = all my FLAC's with 20gb to spare, plus 50+hours of battery life. I deed to make an LOD to fit and it will be all set.      
I use it to feed a restored, 70's Toshiba SA-7100 for my HE-6, a Lafigaro 339 for my LCD-2 an a pico slim for my JH16's.  Listening to the DSD version of Shelby Lynne's - Just a little lovin on the JH16's as we speak. 
You sir are a winner.Arrow 3
OK, Now back to the regularly scheduled program:   Made a new low profile LOD for the A-16. If I could only get it a couple of cm lower profile. Any suggestions?  
PM sent
loopStay away from them. They will read 64,128..... But only save 4 or 8. Cheapest 64 is $25 anything else is fake. 128 for $15 is guaranteed to be fake.
I think it's a keeper. The A-17 sounds great with the Magnums and the JH-16s sans amp. But even better with the arrow. Plus the DSP's add tons of options. I like the clearaudio+ except for songs where the bass/treble is not mastered well. Here is my portable/travel rig.
My M8 does not
I have a set of JH16s and an A17 on the way.The question for you guys with the JH13's and the a17 that I have is, does the a 17 have enough power to drive the JH's on it's own or will it need an amp?I already have the x1 and using the HO with the JH16's its a bit too dark, I like my bass but I find it looses detail from the HO of the X1. However, when I use the LO to feed the arrow and add one notch to the treble the sound is much better and the bass detail is much...
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