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Mine just got here this morning. I haven't had mc time to listen it yet but have tried it out with my Note 4, iPod classic and old touch, as well as the Sony A-17. All work. Now if I can make it wok with my cyanogen S3 and iPod 5.5 that will be a bonus. Just because pictures make a thread more interesting, Here it is with the touch and the jh16s  
My new office rig. Slightly modified HE-400 (focus pads and added original HE-6 grill foam) Powered by miniwatt V1 and the line out on x1. This sounds way better then it should for the price.
No idea about the zx1, i think it is an android device so it would be different then the A10. The battery life for the A10 is also atrocious compared to the A10 stand alone. I actually think the M8 draws power from the A10 and that is why it sucks the battery.  Anyone know of a way to stop this from happening?
Just got a pair to mod. On first listen there seems to be good potential here. (I have a fully moded HE-6). Changed the pads to Dennon D7000, opened the grills. But that made them too "hot". Changed the grills to the old HE-6 with foam and "stuffing", less sibilant but still needs some improvement and lost some decay. Has any one tried the Fazer mod? I may give that a go this WE. By the way, these do need power, not the same as HE-6 obviously but they definitely...
Add one more to the list. I can confirm that the Sony A10 series players work with the M8. You do need this cable which is $50 but this way you can have a fairly portable solution which holds up to 192gb, plays FLAC, ALAC, and potentially does hi res (need to test). Plus the battery of the Sony lasts 30+ hours. I just wish there was a more compact/ergonomic cable solution.
I am happy to report that the Hi-fiM8 works with the Sony using the WMC-NWH10 cable. Stoked in fact.
no guide but if you open it up the circuit board is marked left and right (L and R) and the ground is in the middle.
Made by me
This is how I mostly listen to the A-17 and it works great for the JH16's and even my Magnum builds. However the M8 doe not have a "line in" but it sounds significantly better than the A17/Pico and drives my orthos.
It all depends on what you are looking to achieve. I was hoping to use the A-17 as a transport and use the DAC/amp of another device such as the M8 or iDSD because the assumption is that these will have better sound qualities and amplification for my planar headphones. But 7 hour life is a bit short as I already get that from the classic/M8 combo.
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