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Figured it out and ordered
Thanks, I looked at the site but could not find a 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRRS option. Is this something they make custom? How do you order custom?
Any recommendations for a cable converting 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5 TRRS?
Perhaps this is already mentioned but I did not see it. But why the 4.4mm balanced connector? Seems cumbersome if you don't own Sony balanced amp?
Anyone know how to get ahold of Justin? I tried email, phone and PM... Nothing. My Pico Slim less then a year old lost all bass response. I have been sending him emails for a month.  Kind of frustrating.
I have never heard of these "Tektro Auriga", Hydraulic disc, 160mmHave you had your bike shop look at them? They may need to be bled. I use shimano XT and had the entry level Maguras previously (tr 200 I think) The shimano's are much better both in stopping power and modulation but I never had a problem stopping with the Magura's and I think you can buy them after market for $30 each so they are not expensive.Get your bike shop to look at them and perhaps bleed them or/and...
I wonder if I can still get my money back? It has officially been more then a year!!! This is ridiculous.
I forgot about this thread. Lots of road bikes here. I am mostly riding mountain now because I got tired of LA drivers and I am only 15 minutes from the trail head. So here is mine.   Custom build: Frame - Rocky Mountain Altitude 770msl (2013 with 2015 carbon rear stays) Shox - Fox x2 and Pike RCT3 Dual Wheels - Light Bikes 35 mmm on DT swiss hubs and 2.4 Ardent/Nevegal combo Stem - Kore 55 Bars - Enve 780 (will probably cut them to 760) Post - 9point8 fall...
Where would one get "a USB emulation cable for sony A17" A link would be apreciated
Wow this thread certainly died. I wonder if this is a bad sign? it certainly does not seem like anyone is receiving their amps in the last few weeks. I know I haven't heard a peep from Robert since the non-committal email last month.
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