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Thanks for the opportunity!   27.4 18.3 54.9
I'm planning on doing this while mobile. With my JH13s it's absolutely fine. So good that I gave up using portable amps like ttvj slim and pico, etc. In my opinion and in my uses, the portable amps were not worth the hassle of rf contact, bulk, etc. I am planning on doing the same with Rox. At home they will scale incredible, mobile the jh13 sounds fantastic and I'm betting Rox will too..
Have you tried calling? I ask because maybe they are not receiving your emails. They could be going straight to a 'junk' folder depending on your email address or you can try emailing one of the JHA crew directly, their personal company JHA email addresses are pretty easy to find. I on the other side have never received poor service once, in fact just the opposite over the last 5 years I've been a customer. The wait is brutal for these though....
Hello,   Im selling my TTVJ Slim AMP/DAC that I currently use in my office. Its a great unit and I actually just recieved it back from Todd/Pete who upgraded the firmware and made sure the unit was in pefect working condition, so this is almost as good as new.   I'm selling only to fund an upgrade for a desktop amp (looking for Apex Peak if you are intersted in a trade plus cash from me) and the sound is amazing when paired with a simple iphone and my...
This may be on interest...   http://www.head-fi.org/t/619181/list-opinion-amp-recommendations-for-denon-headphones
Looks like a nice meet, congrats to all who put the effort in:   Regarding what I think was the DNA Sonett II amp; I read one quick impression earlier in the thread compared to the Stratus, but I am curious if anyone has any detailed or longer impressions of the amp, the value, design and/or any improvments made over the original Sonett. I believe this was the first public showing of the II. I know there was a ton of summit-fi equipment there and you guys were like...
For that price (roughly 313.84$ USD) you have options. I would look to buy something (gently) used by a trusted head-fier. The Pico, TTVJ Slim, ibasso and many, many others can be found for your budget used, or if you want to buy new, there are options Im sure that fall in your range as well. read, read, research, decide. good luck.
visit in summer or winter? HUGE difference...
I have lived everywhere up and down the east coast from Vermont (check out Burlington or Essex Junction) to Mobile, Alabama. I finally settled on a town just outside Boston due to proximity to my wife's family. If I was in your shoes, with your filters, and considering anything on the east coast I would settle in Charlestown, South Carolina. Its perfect and hits every single one of your criteria. Bon Chance.
Really, the 162 postive trader feedbacks are not made up (I know, I know, this is not a discussion thread) ?
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