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I like to film my flights with my GoPro strapped to my head and including air traffic control is a nice touch. There's dedicated cables out there you could buy but then that leaves the audio to ATC only and it gets kind of boring at times when the frequency is dead. I like to have a bit of engine noise in the background in addition to ATC to make it more interesting.  
I'm not exactly sure if this belongs in this subforum so I apologize in advance if it's the wrong place to post.   I'm looking for a small 3.5mm microphone that can fit into a headset. This will be used to record air traffic control in an airplane along with the outside engine noise together. I am currently using this microphone from Radioshack.   http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102927   My gripe with this microphone is that it's mono...
Hi everyone. I'm taking my private pilot checkride on the 23rd and looking to buy a ANR headset for myself before I start instrument training. Currently, I'm using a David Clark H10-13.4 and I've narrowed it down to the Zulu or the A20. I know how much Bose is knocked down around here but how are their aviation headsets, especially the A20? It seems like every other pilot is wearing one of these or a David Clark so something must be great about it. The Lightspeed Zulu is...
Guys, I just want to know if that splitter is good and won't make me lose any audio quality. That's it. I need one because my Klpisch Promedia 2.1s are plugged into the jack where I need to plug in the headphones.
No thanks, I don't want to ruin the look of my Cooler Master HAF 932 case.
I had my Sennheiser HD555s plugged in on my front headphones port and when I was moving around in my chair, I accidentally bent the 3.5mm plug. I bent it back but now sound is coming out on the right side only I tried the back port and it works fine so the port is definitely damaged. Now I need a splitter to connect both my speakers/headphones to the back of my sound card, a HT Omega Claro Plus+. I've been looking on Monoprice to no avail so now its Amazon. I found...
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