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I added pictures and a price drop.
I purchased this dac used here is the posting I bought the dac from  I have kept good care of it and it is in the same condition as when I got it.  Pm with offer's and I will get back to you quickly.   Edit: 10/4 PRICE DROP 235 SHIPPED!  I have a link to a feedback thread in my signature.  10/10 $220 SHIPPED! Includes: dac, 8ft optical cable, and power supply 10/16 Price drop $210 10/21 Price...
I am parting with my zune HD I just don't use it enough to justify owning it.  I have the original box and the zune is very lightly used no scratches or surface imperfections it is in new condition.   Asking for 90 shipped CONUS I am willing to ship international as long as you have some feedback.
I am selling my little dot amp which I purchased new. The amp is around a year old and received light use.  I swaped the opamp to the lt 1364 but I do have the original.  I also have a few different sets of tubes rca 5654, mullard m8100, and the stock tubes.    I DO NOT want to part out tubes so please dont pm me about it. I am asking $160 150 145 via paypal gift shipped in the original packaging.  Feedback in signature.   *PRICE DROP $145 shipped CONUS*
Hey headfi I have made the decision to get out of the headphone game so I am selling my d2000's which I used very lightly for a year.  I purchased these phones used from another headfi member.  I would like to try and sell them with the jmoney pads but if 7 days from now this listing is still open I will sell the jmoney ear pads and the stock headphones separately.   I am asking for 310 shipped.  I have the original packaging for the phones and that is how I will be...
I purchased a set of tapco s5 monitors from chris the transaction was smooth he was very quick in returning pm's. I also wanted to say he makes sure the item will get to you safely because the monitors I bough dont have grills so the cones are exposed and he wrapped them up really well and their was no damage done in shipping.
That's good to hear.  I feel as if I am getting bored with the sound of my set.  I think I will roll my tubes and see if that helps to switch it up.
I sold my uDac to msbxii the transaction went smooth he paid quickly and was very patient while we waited for payment to clear before I shipped the item.  Thumbs up.
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