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Change the 1 with a 2.
I've got my Dvorak's 9th too!  
I'm using emcore r968 since a month ago and I haven't found any serious issues. The only thing is that the default action (Rockbox in my case) is not used. It always shows the initial menu (rockbox, disk mode, emcore console, tools). BTW, I'm using a custom rockbox build (which I haven't shared because it contains several WIP and personal patches) and disk mode is working fine.
The latest changes on Emcore will solve that with the new disk mode and USB driver improvements. There's already some prospect patches on Rockbox that can help with that.
They ARE super confy. Much more than stock velour or pleather pads. Also, the sound improved a lot. Much more intimate, detailed and fuller. And those are a rather unknown bookshelfs, but are pretty good for the price (around USD$130):
Here are some pictures of my HD500 with the new FocusPads. First sound impressions are very positive:      
ES700 are always with me at the office, airports or coffees. They will not part anytime soon.
Mine was shipped today as well.
The biggest improvement on my he500 was the timbre. Now it sounds more similar to my long missed HD650 with the he500 own strengths.
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