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They ARE super confy. Much more than stock velour or pleather pads. Also, the sound improved a lot. Much more intimate, detailed and fuller. And those are a rather unknown bookshelfs, but are pretty good for the price (around USD$130):
Here are some pictures of my HD500 with the new FocusPads. First sound impressions are very positive:      
ES700 are always with me at the office, airports or coffees. They will not part anytime soon.
Mine was shipped today as well.
The biggest improvement on my he500 was the timbre. Now it sounds more similar to my long missed HD650 with the he500 own strengths.
Ordered too.
It's a cheap one but was a gift from my mother-in-law. It's also almost new as it was used only once in 20 years!
My little mess:    
One can use this useful tool to, among other things, calculate the power needed by a headphone, given its sensibility and impedance:   EDIT: An Android app is available as well:
I sold my HD650 in favor of the HE500 and now I miss the great way female voices were presented by the HD650
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