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no it is not.
yup, they are rev1.
yes, i will take some and upload them tonight if you are really interested. cheers.
  For Sale: Mint condition Burson HA160. Included: Box with styrofoam and amplifier Bought off another head-fier earlier this year. No more warranty. No scratches whatsoever, well taken care of. Price: $500 slightly negotiable.     Don't worry about power: this amp does 230 and 110 V with a switch on the back - you just need to buy a new power cable.    Australian customers are preferred as this thing weighs a tonne (4.5 kg) postage to Amerca is $100...
For Sale: Mint condition LCD-2s. Included: everything that comes with them from Audeze (ADZ5 and original Canare cable and shiny wooden box). Warranty until end of this year. Bought in Dec last year. Price: $800   pm me if  you are interested. im in Brisbane right now, so sales within australia would be easier.   Also have a Burson HA160 for sale. Reason: intending to go into speakers.
yup, as a previous owner of HD650, im pretty sure the L/R was balanced the last time i tried it at the brisbane meet. (: you listen to music at an insane volume. HAHA   cheers, GC
  im using nfb-2 to burson to lcd-2. and im loving it. im not the best person to ask for an impression though, just saying you wont go wrong going there. (:   cheers  
mine, however, did come with a usb cable. cheers.
my NFB-2 arrived, and it came with 2 wires. one silver-ish one with yellow tip, another black RCA looking wire with yellow tip as well.   what are they used for /  am i supposed to use them?
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