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They should be fine if there are no cracks or misalignment, and that you can fit the cable back in. 
 Thanks for your quick impression, Tom! Glad you like them. Looking forward to your detailed review  
 ^ flashy! 
 You may want to email [support2@sennheiser.com] or call [877-736-6434] our Customer Service Team and they will be happy to assist!
 Thanks for your awesome review, @zardon! 
Nice review, @ryanjsoo! Glad that you like your IE 800s! 
Awesome review, @PinkyPowers! Nice pics too! 
Awesome review! Thanks @White Lotus!
 Yes, it will be in Hong Kong next week! Read the press release below: New dimensions in sound At Art Basel in Hong Kong, Sennheiser presents an artistic vision to Shape the Future of Audio Wedemark, March 18, 2016 – Art has always been an inspiring force that stretches and pushes the boundaries of the present into the future. Continuously challenging the status quo in audio, Sennheiser will be presenting its vision to Shape the Future of Audio at Art Basel, the...
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