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Here's a short write-up from Trusted Reviews:   http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/sennheiser-just-unveiled-the-pc-373d-meet-its-brand-new-flagship-gaming-headset
The ultimate audio experience for the discerning PC gamer. Sennheiser introduces its new flagship gaming headset PC 373D for competitive and immersive gaming   With the release of its PC 373D, Sennheiser has announced the new reference headset for competitive PC gamers around the world. The new high-end open acoustic gaming headset by the leader in audio delivers incredibly immersive 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and crystal clear gaming communications thanks to its high...
 Thanks for your quick impression, @highdefinitely! 
And here's another awesome review from GQ.com:   http://www.gq.com/story/wireless-sennheiser-headphones  
And here's another piece of coverage for the HE 1 from lowyat.net:    https://www.lowyat.net/2016/108775/whats-it-like-to-listen-to-a-pair-of-rm221000-headphones/  
And here's a fresh review of the PXC 550 Wireless by Tech Insider:   http://www.techinsider.io/sennheiser-pxc-550-wireless-headphones-review-2016-7  
 The new PXC 550 Wireless headphones do support aptX. You may refer to its instruction manual (page 5) on the product web page: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/global-downloads/file/6983/PXC550_IM_EN.pdf "With aptX® audio coding, you can be assured of crisp, pure and full stereo sound. It allows you to not only hear, but experience and feel the audio as it was intended. Utilizing aptX®, Bluetooth technology can now offer wireless audio quality that is indistinguishable from...
 For voice communications, the MOMENTUM Wireless make use of VoiceMax technology which utilizes two in-built microphones that emphasize on speech quality and removal of external noise. 
Hi Pedro, It seems strange that the stickers have been tempered with. You may want to verify with Amazon if they've sent you a brand new replacement unit. 
Glad to know all is well now. Enjoy your RS 185! 
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