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 Yes, you may activate both bass boost and surround sound at the same time. Plus, the RS 175 offers two surround sound modes. 
  You can use the HDR 165, HDR 175 and HDR 185 headphones with an RS 1x5 transmitter. Other Sennheiser wireless headphones (e.g. RS 11x series, RS 12x series, RS 160, RS 170, RS 180, RS 220) are not compatible with the RS 1x5 and cannot be used.
 Yes, all the new MOMENTUM models (wired and wireless) have the same frequency response and characteristics. The only difference is that the wireless models' FR has a higher level setting (about 2-3 dB more). Thus, if one were to compare between active and passive FR curves, there will be a deviation of +/- 3dB (max) at any point of the curve.
 The frequency response for the new MOMENTUM (Over-ear) remains the same as its predecessor. But the M2 comes with larger ear pads resulting in an improved sealing and less bass leakage.  
Hi George, 1. Yes there are definitely sound improvements of the 686 over the 685 series. The entire 686 range uses Sennheiser transducers that are tuned to provide a more energizing sound. The bass has been improved to be much more engaging while still retaining the very clear mids and highs that the 685s were renowned for. 2.  The MX 686 SPORTS and CX 686 SPORTS are optimized for Android and Windows smart devices. The PMX 686 SPORTS and the OCX 686 SPORTS will come in...
Hi Mad Max, The touch control is only on the right ear cup. Fresh out of the box, there are removable stickers to indicate what the cups are used for - NFC on the left, touch control on the right.  Once these stickers are removed, there's no other indicators. Hope this helps!
Hi iGiveburgersTLC, Passive mode - When you use the headphones with the audio cable (wired)Active mode - When you want to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth (wireless)
Hi indieman, The RRP is $299.95
 Koolpep posted earlier than me but here are a couple of comparison shots between the two MOMENTUM generations and a standard pinna ear model.   The new MOMENTUM are definitely bigger, cover the ears fully and provide even more comfort to the listener.  
 Hi guys, We're targeting to have the G version of the new MOMENTUM and MOMENTUM On-Ear up on Amazon before the end of the month. So, pre-orders could happen earlier. I'll provide an update as soon as I hear from the product manager.
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