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 The IE 800 are designed, engineered and made in Germany. 
 I don't Australia is one of the 10 Southeast Asian countries but this contest is open to everyone. Just that you need to be in Singapore on 9th July.  
Hello Head-fiers! The Sennheiser HE 1 will be making its official debut in Southeast Asia / Singapore and here's your chance to listen to it. Tell us what "Shape The Future Of Audio" means to you and you might just win exclusive invites to a private listening session. Be creative with your entries and email them to se.marketing@sennheiser.com by 30 June 2016. Winners will be notified by 5 July 2016. Viel Glück / Good Luck!
Perhaps you may want to check with the seller on other transaction documents from the dealer/outlet he got it from. Otherwise, please only buy from authorized dealers. 
 Hi AtrafCreez, Apologies for this late reply. Just got back from my vacation :) This is a very subjective query as both products are very different. In terms of audio quality, I'd say the RS 195 (not considering the presets) has a flatter midrange and better high frequency while the MOMENTUM 2 has a punchier sound. For someone who "stays in one room and wants wireless", I'd recommend the RS 195. Personally, I use the RS 185 at home and will only listen to the MOMENTUM 2...
Thanks for your review, Tom!  
 Awesome! Glad you like them! 
 Thanks @windwolf447! Good review and comparison :)
 The HD 26 has been around for quite a bit now but it's not a replacement for the HD 25s.  http://en-us.sennheiser.com/broadcasting-headphones-studio-recording-stage-hd-26-pro
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