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 Hi cyphers, Compared to the HDR 180, the HDR 185 has a more durable design. Like your HDR 180, it will take a little while for the HDR 185 to be 'broken'.
Paul Rigby aka The Audiophile Man reviews Sennheiser RS 195 -!sennheiser-rs195/c1z7​ 
 I would like to apologize for the misinformation. You may try to order via a local store as you've mentioned or write in to our global contact center:
Hi swire, They should be able to order some for you. Otherwise, you may want to get in touch with our other service centers:
 Hi AtrafCreez, Sorry for this late reply but the latency should not be noticeable. You should not experience sound delays with your PC unless it adds more latency itself. 
  Yes, we've changed the plugs for both the PX 100ii and PX 200ii recently. The new batches now sport an angled plug. 
I just want to share that we've uploaded some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the new RS models on the product pages. You'll be able to find the banners on the right side of each page (see screen shot below).       Here are the direct links to the FAQs:   RS 165 - RS 175 - RS 185 - RS 195 -
 Hi Noel, Apologies for this late reply. Just got back from a family vacation :) As mentioned, our team appreciates the information which you've shared but without having the same set-up or knowing the mentioned devices well, it's not easy to explain the delay/echo that you've experienced. However, in general, the RS 195 has a certain internal delay which may not be discernible. If the device it's connected to (e.g. TV with inbuilt FreeView receiver) adds on to this delay,...
"The RS 175 system demonstrates how far, literally, high-end wireless performance has come." Read and watch the full review from CNET -​  
 Indeed, there are plenty of Apple certified headphones with angled plugs in the market. In fact, we also have some of our own models with such plugs. However, in this instance, Apple required us to ensure that the flange is of a certain size, among other requirements. If you refer again to the picture, you can easily spot the difference. While it is possible to have an angled plug, the size would not be the same and it may require more strain relief in order to pass...
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