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I have a Rockboxed Sansa Fuze and it compares quite favorably to my 2nd gen iPod Touch in terms of sound quality. The Fuze's sound is warmer and fuller whereas the iPod Touch has a distinctly edgy sound with somewhat exaggerated treble energy through the headphone out. Plus, the EQ options available to you after you've Rockboxed the Fuze are very good and allow you to tune the sound to your liking rather effectively.   In terms of its sound quality versus the clip+,...
I bought a refurbished Sansa Fuze and I love it. The expandable memory option is a huge bonus and the sound quality is great. I'm really loving this as my primary portable music player.
I just bought an 8GB Fuze too...   ...that I don't regret buying having heard this news. The feature-set of the Fuze+ is decent, but it's seriously behind the times as a PMP in this market. But...then again, if you're buying a Fuze for something other than music playback you're doing it wrong so, who knows? It might be a viable option for those looking for an inexpensive music player.
Why do I use Rockbox? Well, I have a couple of reasons.   For one, it allows me to adjust the sound I'm hearing to match the desired sound signature I wish to achieve with a particular pair of IEMs. Second, it gives me greater control over the playback of my media files. Third, and this is perhaps the most important reason, it allows me to drag and drop FLAC files to my 5.5g 60GB iPod Video. That, in and of itself is enough of a reason for me to choose...
Very nice, clean shot you have there of the J3. It's simple but effective.
The Apple In-Ears are certainly not for bass-heads but with Sony's hybrid tips, I found them to be rather adequate in that department. Perhaps my brain has had time to burn into them but regardless, I think the Apple in-Ears are a good pair of IEMs.
I totally did. I'm pretty anal about fingerprints on my gadgets/screens so I definitely had to polish it up with my t-shirt before I snapped the pictures.   As far as cases are concerned, I've got one of the clear Bargaincell cases on order from Amazon that should be here later this week.
The cables on the M9 and M11P+ are the best on any IEM I've owned thus far. They are soft, flexible while at the same time providing a sense of durability that is unrivaled in my collection. Microphonics aren't an issue in the slightest with any of my MEElec IEMs besides the SX-31, which doesn't use the same kind of cable, especially when worn over the ear.   If more IEMs used cables like those found on MEElec's IEMs, the world would be a better place.
Pictures of my newly acquired 8GB Sansa Fuze. It was refurbished, only costing me $39 and arrived in like new condition so I'm pretty happy. As you'll see, I loaded it up with Rockbox and aside from a few hiccups (this is a V2 Fuze), I really enjoy its features and the ability to tailor sound to my liking or to a specific pair of headphones/IEMs.      
Yeah, I'm probably going to end up buying an 8GB Teclast T51 from House of DAP alongside a 16GB micro sdhc card solely for the purpose of housing FLAC files. $140 for a portable DAP that sounds as good as the T51/s:flo 2 is too good of a deal to pass on.
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