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I haven't heard the Metro fi 170s but I can tell you from personal experience that the Apple in-ears are bass light in the grand scheme of things. If you're looking for big bass, the Apple in-ears aren't for you, even though they sound very good overall.
I recently got a pair of these and I decided to review them at my site. Long story short, I think they're pretty good, especially for the price I got them for!   Musical Musings - ADDIEM Review
Nice deal. I may jump on these later.
Meh. If I want IEMs, I'll use actual IEMs, not a pair of iBuds with some adapters slapped on them.
Honestly, I was thinking the very same thing. I've always referred to the RE0s as R-E-Zero as well. I guess I'll refer to the RE-ZEROs as the RE-Zero...2 or something along those lines.
As big of a fan of the RE0s as I am, I'm definitely looking forward to the RE-ZEROs.
I am admittedly a bit worried about getting used IEMs at times but when I get them, I go over them meticulously with the cleanser and then they're practically new again.   I can definitely see why you're worried about getting used IEMs since you don't know whose ears they've been in but there are some amazing deals in the "like new" market that I couldn't help but pounce on, even if they were used.
Based solely on this eBay listing, the S2 is probably your best bet. It's $16.99 + $2.99 shipping. It's used in "like new" condition but if that doesn't bother you, this seems like a great deal. In fact, I might just jump on it myself. The seller has 3500+ feedback ratings too so I'm pretty sure these are legit.
The Sennheiser MX980 is probably the best choice for what you're looking for from what I've read.
That's pretty awesome.I might have to get a pair of air cushions just for that shirt clip.   And I definitely agree that JVC should sell these in bulk. I'd definitely buy a couple of them.
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