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My pair arrived today and I've been testing them out for the better part of an hour since.   Overall, I was astonished by their clarity. Not so much that they ranked very highly among my other IEMs such as the RE0s but they sounded a lot clearer and more transparent than I would've given them credit for prior to actually using them. Aside from that, they're rather average. Bass attack and decay is on the slow side but impact is full-bodied. The midrange and treble...
Oh I don't doubt the tech inside the 500s is inferior to that of the GR8. That design immediately gave me flashbacks to the GR8 as soon as I saw it.
When I saw the Ultimate Ears 500s, another earphone immediately popped into my head.   Am I the only one who thought of this?
I'm listening to them as I type this post (Wale - The Friends and Strangers off of his new More About Nothing Mixtape) and still loving them a month later.   By the way, I also reviewed them here on Head-Fi. Check it out!
Bought a pair from newegg and they should be here within a couple of days. Looking forward to testing them out.
Nice review. Glad to hear the E7 pairs well with the RE0s. I've been hearing a lot of Fiio naysayers around these parts bashing the E7, saying it's little more than the inexpensive E5 with a DAC section attached so I'm glad to see that it actually performs well within its price range.
I reviewed both the M9P and M11P+ for my site Musical Musings. M9P Review   M11P+ Review   I hope these reviews help you out in making your decision. Personally, I think the M11P+ IEMs are worth the higher price over the M9P.
Here's mine. I've got it set to rotate between a few space themed images and this is my favorite.     Click the Image to biggie-size it.   And, just for the heck of it, here's my netbook desktop.     As with before, click the image to biggie-size it.
I've found that I can't listen to anything other than slow, relaxed instrumental tracks when I'm reading or trying to study. Busy tracks or tracks with vocals (particularly those with prominent vocals) screw up my thinking and processing of information.
Perhaps, but I don't really think I've subjected my Touch to any less abuse than it received before I took the screen protector off but you never know. Maybe I've been babying it subconsciously because I know it lacks a screen protector now.   Then again, the screen is made of glass and glass has been shown to be rather durable when it comes to its usage as a screen on a portable player so I'm sure that a lot of the reason it has remained unscratched thus far is because...
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