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Thanks!   Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the RE252 so I can't comment on how the RE-ZERO sounds in relation to them. What I will say about the RE-ZERO's bass versus that of the RE0s, it has more weight to it. Bass notes don't seem more energetic or dynamic versus that of the RE0 but bass "slam" or punch seems to be stronger. Like I said, the differences are small but noticeable.   Admittedly, I'm merely a newbie in the world of portable hi-fi so I...
This is the same review I first published on my website, Musical Musings.   Introduction First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to Fang at Head-Direct for sending me a sample of the RE-ZERO IEMs for review.   If you’ve been keeping up with Musical Musings, you’re probably well aware of my current love affair with the HiFiMan RE0 IEMs. They are the current crown jewel in my IEM/headphone collection and hardly a day goes by in which I don’t pop them into...
Eh, it's a nice enough deal but I think I'll pass.
I'd definitely invest in some Sony Hybrids. I was skeptical about them as well before I tried them but now they are among my favorite tips and I use them on most of my IEMs. They are the most comfortable tips I've used thus far and have almost unparalleled compatibility with various IEMs.  
Yep, I took the plunge as well. Fingers crossed!
I've had a pair of M9s for a few months now and I enjoy them. They're among my favorite budget IEMs and do feel as though they could take a beating so I'd say go for it. Like I said, for $20, the price is definitely right.
^ Same here. The page is working fine for me.
They should work after you've de-cored them.
For $20 plus shipping, MEElectronics will send you a random item from the following list...   M9 M9P M6 M6P M11+ M11P+   As well as a possible additional gift.   So, is anyone willing to take the chance? No matter what you get, the price is definitely right, especially if you get the M11+. I'm still debating it but I'm pretty sure I'm going to take the chance. Here's the link to the promo. (Should've added that in the...
Okay...I've been thinking it over and...for that price, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet here.
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