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I'm really interested in checking out the Radius DDMs after the plethora of wonderful reviews they've gotten here but I'm a bit worried about the fit. Here's hoping that they provide a decent fit, should I pick them up.
Never encountered something like that in my (admittedly short) time here. I'm using Firefox, by the way.
Very, very nice, in depth and informative review you've written here. I guess I'll have to check out a few pairs of Playaz and Xears IEMs.
This gets a resounding yes from me. iOS 4 brutally murdered my battery life and I was not pleased about it one bit.   I did restore from backup so I'll try restoring completely and seeing if that works better.
$40 for six pairs of tips?   No. Freaking. Way.
Definitely agreed on all counts there. I love my CMoy BB.  
Personally, I use the knockoff foam tips that |joker| mentioned that sell for two bucks on eBay and Sony Hybrids. Those two tips are my usual tip rotation for the M6s and I personally think they're the perfect tips for them.
We should invite him to Head-Fi to deliver his impressions of them!  
+1 on this.   I don't feel that the RE0s explicitly need to be amped but they do open up when paired with one. I own a JDS Labs CMOY Bass Boost amp that drives the RE0s wonderfully so if you're looking to spend about $70 on an amp, that would be a good choice.
I'm downloading it now.
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