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Agreed. I think the peak at 10KHz and the dip at 6.5Khz can be a bit problematic at times but the H200's great bass and excellent clarity win out for me.
  I absolutely despise this idea. Why should there be a disconnect between objective and subjective criticisms of an earphone? I completely agree that graphs are hardly the be all end all and earphones can sound great to some on a purely subjective level even if they graph "poorly" but on that same token, we can't just disregard objective criticisms and relegate them to another forum.   I feel like I'm walking on eggshells saying this but I think people should be more...
Having just bought a pair of BA 200s (I couldn't resist the $78 price for a very good used pair), they remind me an awful lot of the RE-400 at first listen, but with a tad less bass. Excellent for $80 without question though. Jeez.
The Fed-Ex man left me a nice surprise on my porch this morning.       Impressions to come soon...
I still have my review pair so I'll give it a listen tonight and then throw it on the burn in machine for a couple of days. If I hear any significant changes, I'll update this thread and my review.
Deepest and most powerful sub bass I've heard belongs to the HiSound Wooduo 2. I liked it as a basshead but It's a bit too bass biased to appeal to most folks.   The best IEM sub bass I've heard period is the Monster Miles Davis Tribute. Powerful, controlled, deep and textured.
Alright, I've published my review of the CKS1000 here on Head-Fi. I'd link my site but I don't want to ruffle any feathers.
Up for sale is my first generation 16GB Nexus 7. I've had it for about 6 months or so and it still looks practically new. The screen is virtually flawless aside from a couple of tiny (and I do mean tiny, I couldn't pick them up with my camera) hairline scratches and it performs great. I'm selling it because I upgraded to the second generation model and no longer need this one.   The Nexus 7 is rooted and features a fresh install of Android 4.3.   The bonuses I'm...
I received a pair of the updated NE-700M from NuForce and I can definitely say they're better balanced than the original NE-700X I had but I do think the bass is a wee bit overpowering for average listeners. But me being the basshead that I am, I love it.
  Thirded. Loved that movie because it gave me exactly what I wanted to see, giant robots beating the crap out of monsters. Very fun and exciting movie that, I agree, needs to be seen in theatres to be truly appreciated.
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