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If I'm not mistaken, the Fiio E17 has a 3.5mm line out so the iCAN will work with the E17 performing DAC duties. I'm currently testing the iCAN amp myself and it accepts 3.5mm and RCA inputs.
And I didn't say otherwise. I was only speaking for myself.   But there are a large number of people on this forum who agree with me, now that you mention it.
I think they sound great for the money.
Sansa Fuze V2 8GB + 16GB MicroSD (Rockboxed) -> Fiio L6 LOD -> Fiio E11 -> Audio-Technica WS77      
  I personally have the Dark Lord cable you linked for my TF10 and I think it's a very good cable and a significant upgrade from the stock cable in terms of ergonomics.   I can't vouch for this personally but I've heard the other cable you linked is the same as the Dark Lord in terms of quality, just with a different build.
  Seconded. They're a great choice for hip-hop.
Every time I think my enjoyment of the HD 600 has reached a plateau, it's like "Oh, you think you've heard me at my best? Please. Sit back and listen."   I was listening to Marion Meadows' Dressed to Chill album with these last night and...oh boy. Simply magical.
One headphone? My HD 600, without question.   Two? HD 600 and...erm...hmm...that's a tough one.
  And that's what worries me.   It's not about the price, it's about the precedent that could be established here.   But whatever. If the 846 is worth it, so be it.
I won't be, unless I come into some massive amount of money. But in that case I'll have an HD 800, a JH16 Pro, an LCD 3...
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