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Agreed. It was my first significant headphone purchase and, for a long time, I convinced myself they were good. And then I heard good headphones.
 JDS Labs Objective 2 + ODAC would be right up your alley. It's the amp I use with my HD600s and I absolutely love this combo.
Sorry to revive an old thread but I was thinking about buying a pair of the AH-D400s from Newegg since one of their marketplace sellers has them on sale for $80 through the 17th of May. I know these have received some mediocre reviews for the original price but would they be worth it at this new price? I'm something of a basshead, by the way, if that helps.
Very interested in seeing or, rather, hearing how these perform.
Published my review of the H200 here on Head-Fi. Here's a quick sum up.   "The T-PEOS H200 is available from some online retailers and from the company’s own website for about $250. It’s one of the better earphones I’ve heard and certainly worthy of its price tag. Its presentation is quite good and its resolving ability is on the level with the best IEMs I’ve heard. While I think there are a couple of flaws, they fail to bring the H200 down enough for me to say...
Nice review! I'm actually listening to a review pair of the AF45 as I type this and I agree with your assessment thus far.
  First off, I’d like to thank the folks at Firestone Audio for sending me a sample of the Fireye Mini+ for review.   Up for review is the Fireye Mini+, an improved version of the original Fireye Mini, a charming little portable amplifier in the vein of the Fiio E3. In the improved version, we have an amplifier that’s similar in size to the Fiio E6 (but even smaller) that also includes a bass boost feature. Accessories The Fireye Mini+ comes with a 4-pole 3.5mm...
No.   I don't know where the notion that the iPhone is a bad source came from but it's not. Output impedance is a bit of an issue on some models but plenty of players I'm not going to mention have worse output impedance issues and they're still revered. I'm not saying the iPhone is in the same league as players in the upper echelon but it's perfectly fine, even for higher end IEMs.
I've used a 100 ohm adapter on mine and I liked it but I thought the 33 ohm adapter was slightly better. 75 ohm should be fine.
Make sure you grab a 33 ohm impedance adapter too. They're good without it but I think they really shine with the added impedance.
New Posts  All Forums: