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If it's based on the same headphone out circuit as the Fiio E09K (which i think it is, at least in terms of what chips Monoprice used) it'll be somewhere around 10 ohms.
I almost succumbed to gadgetitis last night, but was eventually able to talk myself down. I'd like to see some measurements on it though, since we know it's not just an E09K with a built in DAC in monoprice trimmings. If I used speakers at my desk, I might have gone ahead and took the plunge.
I'll throw my hat into the ring.   I have a number of reviews published here on Head-Fi, which can all be viewed here (   And I have my own site called Musical Musings, which can be seen here (, on which I've reviewed literally dozens of headphones and earphones from a large number of manufacturers including HiFiMan, Audio-Technica, MEElectronics, Ultimate Ears and Sennheiser.   Here...
Crap, now I'm even more intrigued.
I came across the amp while trolling around Monoprice the other day. Looks like a rebranded Fiio E09K without the dock and an E07K, E10 or E17 DAC built in. I'm intrigued, but I've already got an O2 which is my workhorse and I don't need to be spending another $100 on an amp.
Frankly, I'd just EQ some more bass in. I know that's not an option in every case but I've found the HE-400 is extremely responsive to EQ. I don't use it much because the HE-400 is extremely satisfying in the bass department already.
The O2, to my ears, is neither bright, nor boring. It's transparent. It sounds like whatever headphone you plug into it, eg. if you plug in HD 600s, the O2 sounds like the HD 600s. If you find the O2 boring, either you just want a colored sound or you should get new headphones.
The O2+ODAC probably sounds very similar, though I haven't heard the DAC2 to confirm that for myself. Eh, that's not very good to go on. Just because a DAC/Amp has those chips doesn't mean they're implemented nearly as well as the same chips in the DAC2.
 Oh snap, plot twist! Thanks for the comparison!
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