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  Thirded. Loved that movie because it gave me exactly what I wanted to see, giant robots beating the crap out of monsters. Very fun and exciting movie that, I agree, needs to be seen in theatres to be truly appreciated.
  Significant? Yes. $100 more significant? That's harder to quantify. It's certainly more detailed and a better all rounder but I think the 99's presentation is a tad smoother and less...offensive I guess. It's a tamer alternative to the CKS1000.
Finally finished my review on the CKS1000.   Here's a quick sum up.   "The sound signature and presentation are undoubtedly polarizing in nature but I think it has what it takes to appeal to the masses and enough clarity and micro detail to not offend the seasoned audiophile. But, I can’t deny the harsh reality of the CKS1000 and all of the CKS earphones, really, that there are some perfectly valid reasons to despise these things. They’re not suitable for small...
Personally, I'd go for the higher end amplifier since you'll get a better quality output for your Bass Editions. But the E6 isn't bad either.
I can't say I'm not a bit intrigued, but I'm not really a fan of earbuds so I'll probably let someone else try them out. But I am interested in the other IEMs the seller has listed on the storefront.
HEY!   Space constraints. It was at my (normally messy) desk.   I'll take better pictures later.
      Sansa Fuze (8+16GB) - Fiio L6 - JDS Labs C5 - T-PEOS H200
Great deal for the Bass Editions. I paid $140 for mine and love em.
I'm getting a strong T-PEOS H100 vibe from these IEMs. Same hybrid configuration, similar housing design, similar v-shaped sound.
  I dunno, Ultimate Ears single flange tips work for me.
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