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I don't think the M50 is overrated at all. Maybe I haven't heard the blue box version of the M50s and those are worse than the straight cable white box versions I have but I think they're worthy of the praise they get. Recessed mids? Sure, but they're not garbage and I rarely find the M50s to be at all sibilant.
The Schiit Magni isn't going to be the kind of warm, lush sounding amplifier you're looking for as it's pretty similar to the O2 in terms of tonality. Tube amps are pretty much known for their warm presentation.
Oh yeah, there's that. Wow. Guess I should've gotten a couple pairs a while ago when I had the chance.
Ewwww...   And not just because they're used. The cheapest shipping option available for me is $3.99. I might as well buy a new pair!
Parts Express Mini Headphone, AKA the headphones people buy for the headband. The worst headphones I've ever heard by a considerable margin.
And I would agree. I just didn't want to sound like a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named shill.
I believe the Aune T1 is a warm sounding amp with a built in DAC that's supposed to be pretty good for under $200 on eBay.
  I'm pretty sure everyone was kidding. At least I was. The VSD1 sounds good enough to allow me to forgive the Comic Sans thing.
  If you can find them for less than $250, the Monster Miles Davis Tribute is an excellent choice for a basshead.
  Got my VSD1s in today.   First impressions based on about 10 minutes of music listening: Bassier than expected but well controlled and extended deep into sub bass territory, well appointed midrange, amazing clarity for something so far below $100, nice separation and soundstage. Very "fun" sound signature, though slightly dry in character (not that that's a bad thing) and very impressive resolution so far. Pretty amazing so far.   But...seriously? Printing...
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