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No.   I don't know where the notion that the iPhone is a bad source came from but it's not. Output impedance is a bit of an issue on some models but plenty of players I'm not going to mention have worse output impedance issues and they're still revered. I'm not saying the iPhone is in the same league as players in the upper echelon but it's perfectly fine, even for higher end IEMs.
I've used a 100 ohm adapter on mine and I liked it but I thought the 33 ohm adapter was slightly better. 75 ohm should be fine.
Make sure you grab a 33 ohm impedance adapter too. They're good without it but I think they really shine with the added impedance.
In my opinion it is. Very linear response, impressive clarity and detail in my view.
They were. It's even mentioned in the manual.
Updated Rankings   TF10 >= BA200 = R-50 > Sony XBA-3 >= ADDIEM (+33 ohm resistor) >= Phonak PFE
I've always had good luck with the stock single flange tips to be honest.   But the tips that are currently on my TF10s are the stock tips from the Phillips SHE 3580. I'm not sure they're available separately but the IEM itself is only like 10 bucks or so if you want to experiment.
Agreed. I think the peak at 10KHz and the dip at 6.5Khz can be a bit problematic at times but the H200's great bass and excellent clarity win out for me.
  I absolutely despise this idea. Why should there be a disconnect between objective and subjective criticisms of an earphone? I completely agree that graphs are hardly the be all end all and earphones can sound great to some on a purely subjective level even if they graph "poorly" but on that same token, we can't just disregard objective criticisms and relegate them to another forum.   I feel like I'm walking on eggshells saying this but I think people should be more...
Having just bought a pair of BA 200s (I couldn't resist the $78 price for a very good used pair), they remind me an awful lot of the RE-400 at first listen, but with a tad less bass. Excellent for $80 without question though. Jeez.
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