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  I dunno, Ultimate Ears single flange tips work for me.
  1. Sweet.   2. That's what I'm afraid of.   3. Good analogy.   I may someday get a pair of Etys, just to be able to say I've heard them at the least.
I've never gotten an Ety because I don't particularly like deep insertion and I really don't like triple flange tips. I've entertained getting an HF3 or something like that refurbed from Amazon (particularly because of Rin's analysis showing how close to the ER4P they are) but I've yet to convince my ears to put up with that level of violation.   And because I hear Etys can be sterile and sound rather bass anemic. Both of those are no-nos for me.   (And yes, I'm...
Well, this is VSONIC, and I'd like to think they're known (at least in some capacity) for pushing the envelope on what we should expect at a given price point.   I know I wouldn't have pegged the VSD1 to be around $50, considering how good it sounded.
I'm not sure how you arrived at that conclusion given what I said but no, I'm not expecting to be underwhelmed. All this talk about how it may or may not be underwhelming merely has me interested to hear them even more than I was before, that's all.
I should be getting an RE-600 review pair some time this week and have my RE-400s right here to compare them to. All this controversy has me practically chomping at the bit to see how the RE-600 fares.
I've been strongly considering getting a pair of these since the last time the price was this low (a few months ago) but I always held off since I have the RE-262 and TF10, two IEMs I've heard are similar in tonality or (in the TF10's case), can be modded/damped into sounding similar. Would that assumption be correct?
Another vote for the RE-400 here.
That too. I'm having a major brain fart after watching Pacific Rim earlier. So much awesome.
Did I seriously forget to add an "and" to that sentence?
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