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There's nothing wrong with you. Assuming the file came from the same master, no one can reliably tell the difference between 16 and 24 bit files.   So what's the point?   Well, in consumer level audio, there is none. It's only useful in the studio where producers need the additional headroom and data in the mastering process.   I sometimes keep 24/96 files on my PC since I've got about 2TB of bulk storage in there but most of the time, I just downsample and convert...
Subbed.   I'm intrigued, to say the least.
If you already have the combo and don't need RCA output or want it in a more convenient spot or something along those lines, I would imagine not. I'm glad I found that out though. Just saved myself some money.
So, had a learning experience regarding the O2 + ODAC last night.   For the longest time, I've been thinking of buying another ODAC to drive other headphone amplifiers because I bought the combo with the ODAC built in, thinking there was no way to output to another amplifier.   Come to find out last night after reading up on the combo at the JDS Labs website that the front line in jack performs double duty and works as a line in from an external source or a line out...
So I've got the MC5 in as a review unit and I'm comparing it to the E100 I got as a cart filler on Amazon and oh boy. I didn't know earbuds could sound this good. Quick impressions of the sounds of each.   E100: Open, airy with surprisingly strong and taut bass. A bit v-shaped in presentation with a fairly wide soundstage. Mids are thin but detailed and the high end is prominent and sparkly.   MC5: One word that immediately popped into my head as I listened to them for...
Yeah! Someone should definitely do that!
Degradation (at least audible degradation) probably won't happen on the first go. It's only after repeated conversions that quality audibly degrades.   And of course this is dependent on the type of conversion, eg. 320kbps MP3 to 128kbps and then back up and whatnot.
No kidding. I got mine (open box return) for $240.  Second best value I've gotten on headphones since the $220 HD 600s I scored a couple years back.
I use the HE-400 with an O2 and it's an excellent pairing.
I'm more interested in the measured DAC performance, tbh. I've got an overabundance of quality amps, but no real stand out DAC other than the ODAC built in to the O2 chassis (which means it can't output to another amp). I'm tempted to just get another ODAC or a Modi to fill my DAC needs but an all in one solution for under $100 with a nice preamp and a powerful amp on its own is one heck of a value proposition.
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