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The O2+ODAC probably sounds very similar, though I haven't heard the DAC2 to confirm that for myself. Eh, that's not very good to go on. Just because a DAC/Amp has those chips doesn't mean they're implemented nearly as well as the same chips in the DAC2.
 Oh snap, plot twist! Thanks for the comparison!
Received my hybrid and velour pads today. Haven't had the chance to A-B them but I really like the feel of the hybrid pads. I don't know if the sound has changed, but I certainly don't think it's gotten any worse.
Yeah...I was scratching my head at that one too. Out of my O2 + ODAC, the HE-400's bass is anything but plastic.
So...I got my HE-400s in last week.   Favorite headphone. Without question. My HD 600s are great for when I want to relax to some jazz or classical but for everything else, the HE-400s are going on my head. Love these things.
Sounds fantastic to me on the O2 + ODAC. I've heard complaints about the DT990 Pro being too bright but they're fine to my ears.
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