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I don't think Beats are inherently bad for any particular reason, I just think they're overpriced considering their level of sound quality and that you can do far better for much less money in many cases.   It doesn't help matters that they have the tightest grip on the price retailers are allowed to sell their headphones for this side of BOSE.
 Same here, except for me it was more like over a year until I figured out the front input of the O2+ODAC functions as a line out for the ODAC too. I was considering buying a standalone ODAC for the longest time until i figured that out.
Consider me intrigued.
Received my tour unit yesterday, didn't get to listen to it as long as I'd like but here are my early impressions.   Significantly lighter than the HE-400 and more comfortable as a result, especially with the improved headband. Classier crhome dark blue/purple finish on the cups, but I'll say that I didn't mind the blue finish of the HE-400   Does feel a bit "cheap" next to the HE-400, especially with the plastic forks and whatnot. Some complained that the HE-400 was...
My tour unit is waiting for me at home! Can't wait to get home and take a listen!
Earbuds aren't my first choice (or second...or third...) but I have to be able to hear my co-workers around me so earbuds it is.   Occasionally I sneak a listen to my IEMs (which I prefer) but it's not so bad, the E100 and MC5 are both really good earbuds.
  8GB Sansa Fuze ($40) - 32GB Transcend Class 10 MicroSD card ($20) - Fiio L6 ($10 I think, it's been years since I bought it) - Topping NX1 ($38) - NuForce rubber band ($1) Dasetn MC5 ($16) or Baldoor Earbell E100 ($16)   One heck of a portable office rig? Priceless.
As a big fan of dark n' bassy headphones, I couldn't help myself when I saw Velodyne had refurbs on sale for $80. Mine will be here on Wednesday and I look forward to trying them out.   That reminds me, I should probably get around to trying a pair of LCD 2s.
If you're planning to use the C5D as a DAC to replace your E10, you should know that it doesn't have a line out feature so you can't use it with your EF2A, unless you're just willing to fudge it and use the headphone out, but I wouldn't recommend it. As a DAC/amp for a phone, or if you just want to use it as your all in one DAC/amp with yout laptop, the C5D is amazing. I'd highly recommend it for that purpose. It doesn't have a lot of driving power but the HE-400 is a...
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