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I wish I'd done that back when I ordered mine. Took forever to arrive from the ebay seller.
60GB iPod Video 5G - Fiio L3 - JDS Labs C5 - Baldoor Earbell E100
Ditto. I think my Fuze is going to be permanently rubberbanded to the NX1. They're the perfect size for one another and the combo sounds great to my ears.
I'm considering getting a soldering kit (IE the soldering iron itself, helping hands, some solder) and thinking about buying a cheap DIY kit. Something basic like a CMoy board that won't put me out too much money if I end up screwing it up.
Got one of these in today after about two weeks of waiting! I think this is going to go to work with me alongside my Sansa Fuze.
It should be noted that the clipping can be eliminated by lowering the system volume about 9 - 12 decibels, which, if you're using the ODAC in 24 bit mode, won't cause you to lose any bits of resolution.
Do you have any pictures of what a completed ODA would look like?
 Soldering is what worries me. Every time I've picked up a hot soldering iron, I keep worrying i'm going to burn myself. I'm thinking of trying to assemble my own O2 at some point, after a little practice. Maybe on a CMoy or something like that. And, mod board? Oh I can tell. Just looking at the O2 is worrying enough given my newbie status as it pertains to soldering.  Oh I know I don't need one but the variable gain settings and bass boost circuit (what can I say? I'm a...
...I want one.   Ugh. I wish I was more handy with electrical engineering.
Same. I've recabled a couple of KSC75s but that's about as adventurous as I'm willing to get right now. Besides, I'm always too worried I'm going to burn myself with the soldering iron. I am interested in how these sound though. I like Sennheiser's portable headphones and the HD 600 (never heard the PX 100 though) but I've always been wary of the Grado sound. I've never heard a Grado headphone before but I think, based on what I've read about their sound, I'd hate them...
New Posts  All Forums: