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I meant macro.
Just got a pair for the H200 in and while I do appreciate the macro detail and plentiful bass (basshead at heart here), I can't help but notice the suckout in the midrange. It's almost to the point that I think these would be my perfect IEMs if it were fixed.   Dunno, gonna keep listening for later review.
I'm not sure what it was the last time I updated it but it's well above 3.55, if that's what you're wondering.
My review of the DN-23 Landmine has been posted on my site and will soon be posted here as well.   Quick summation   "At $80, the Landmine runs up against some very, very stiff competition as companies continue to deliver better sounding products for less money than in years past but the wealth of included accessories and impressive build quality give DUNU a competitive edge that...
My V-Moda Bass Freqs (the plastic version) broke and I replaced them with the RE0.
  Of those, recommend the Atrio X over the M31.
I have an original 60GB PS3 with full backwards compatibility and full SACD support that has been upgraded with a 250 GB hard drive. I purchased a slim model and don't need this one anymore so I'm considering selling it. I'm not set on the idea of selling it yet but I may depending on the response to this classifed. The PS3 comes from a smoke free home and the system has been well maintained and cared for in the years I've owned it (since late 2007).   Price does not...
Up for sale today is some gear I no longer need.   ELE DAC - USB cable included. - $15 Shipped Inside CONUS   Another note: Please do not PM me expecting international shipping rates to be less than $10 on top of what I'm selling these for because international shipping is NOT CHEAP! If you're in the Contiguous United States, this is an easy way to get the ELE DAC that won't take a week or two to get to you.   If you're not inside the US, I would suggest...
I consider myself an audiophile and I listen to EDM all the time.
Those look like the Beats Tour IEMs.
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