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 I know, that's what I meant when I said it isn't meant to be worn over the ear. 
I posted my review of the S0 a few days ago.   Here's the highlights.   "The overall sound signature is bass biased, but not to the same degree as the S5, and as a result, there’s a less recessed midrange but one that’s grainier in comparison. For the most part, the sound signature doesn’t try to emphasize any one frequency range too much. The low end is emphasized and offers up detail...
The RE-600 for $200 is a CRAZY good deal. Would buy in a second if I didn't already have one.
I have the Cayin C5 and I honestly don't think the bass boost will satisfy the biggest of bassheads. It's much lower (and honestly woolier) than the bass boost I remember from other Fiio amps I've tried in the past (and for the record, I've not heard the E12).   The JDS Labs C5 on the other hand...I love the bass boost on that amp. definitely the amp I go to when I just want to give myself a bass headache with the right headphones.
 That's probably because they've been remastered, like a lot of SACDs and the like were. If you were to convert the same tracks to PCM, they probably wouldn't sound any different.DSD is one of those features that's nice to have (I guess) but isn't really viable in the long run. I doubt it'll gain much traction but hey, I've been wrong before. Anyway, I'm intrigued by this mini DAC/Amp. Might be worth looking into to compare with my UD120 and Encore mDAC review unit.
Quote: I don't use spotify (stupid data caps) but I would imagine so, iOS routes the audio from every other app I've used on my iPhone through the DAC so I can't see why Spotify wouldn't work.  When you say "and that's it", you mean you're connecting your IE800 directly to the UD120? Because if you are, that's why. the UD120's not designed to drive headphones directly. You've got to add an amp to the chain for good results.
I've been using my UD120 almost exclusively at my desk at work with my iPhone and a powered USB hub (the UD120 is a huge battery drain on its own) and a Cayin or JDS Labs C5. and I love it. I can't see it replacing my O2+ODAC combo at home (for DAC duties) but it's a remarkable performer given the price.
My UD120 has finally made its way through customs after being stuck there for about 5 days. Super excited to get my hands on this thing!
Interesting idea. I just saw this on The Verge and as long as the amp/dac is good, it might be a really good all in one solution.
 Well, yeah, but that carries with it a certain quality expectation. I've worn cheap, non Ralph Lauren polos before and there's a distinct difference in quality between the cheap polo and the real thing with the logo on the chest. The stitching is better, the fabric feels better, the workmanship is clearly better. When I compare other headphones to Beats, I don't get the sense that Beats are made better when I hold them in my hands and they certainly don't sound as good as...
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