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Darn it, Vapman! I ended up caving and ordering a pair of the Rose Aurora earphones based on your recommendation and finally received them yesterday. I gave them a comprehensive listen this morning in the office with my JDS Labs C5 with the bass boost flipped on and oh my goodness. These really do sound like the Kicker, or maybe Kicker-lite. I don't know if they're as detailed (even if they aren't, they're darn close) because I haven't A/B'd them yet but they definitely...
 Yeah, I have the TFZ 5S and I definitely agree with its placement on the list and its numerical position. It delivers some really satisfying bass performance. And I hear the original version, the Series 5, was even more of a monster than this one is. 
Since the Rose Aurora is so similar to the Aurisonics Kicker (which I bought a while ago) should I bother looking into it?
Received my EX800ST's from Japan a few days ago (after about a month of waiting) and almost immediately applied the tape mod and poked a hole in each side. Upon first listen, I didn't think the bass was all that big. Certainly not big enough to warrant being at the top of the Basshead IEM list. I was prepared to go back to my Aurisonic Kickers and then I decided to flip the bass boost switch. And then I understood as tactile, textured, rumbly goodness filled my ears with...
I'm actually surprised to be saying this, but the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sound damn good through the standard $9 Apple headphone adapter. It's not as good as an iPhone 6S's headphone out (based on what I've read, not personal experience) but I've got no complaints (besides having to carry another dongle around).
No, it has a standard optical in jack. 
Love the green skittles.
This might be something of a trite recommendation but you can get an Objective 2 amp for about $130. I've used it for months with the HD 650 and found it to synergize well with the amp so it might be right up your alley. 
Honestly, I haven't done any comparisons between the two yet. I didn't even take the stock tube out of the box. Based on what I read before the Vali arrived, the EH6922 is better than the stock tube in just about every way so I didn't even try it, I immediately rolled in the EH6922. That said, I was going to wait until I had the Genalex Gold Lion tube in hand before I did any serious comparisons between the three, and that should be in sometime next week with any luck. 
Yep, I've got a Gold Lion 6922 tube on the way to compare to the stock and Electro Harmonix tubes. I hear the Vali 2 doesn't change as much as some other tube amps with tube rolling but it's an inexpensive experiment and should be fun, nonetheless. I'm really liking what I'm hearing from the Electro Harmonix tube I've got in there now, though. It's very smooth and detailed while retaining the kind of richness and warmth tubes are known for. 
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