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I use the Modi Multibit with the JDS Labs Element and iFi iCAN Micro with my Purplehearts and I've been pleased with both pairings. I mainly use the iCAN when I'm looking to crank the bass and satisfy my inner basshead.
I haven't listened to the DACport through any of my amps purely as a DAC, as its power output is enough for the headphones I use with it. Apparently turning the volume all they way up is equivalent to a line-level output so I'll have to give it a try soon. Subjective listening impressions between the Mimby/Element and DACport by itself favor the Mimby/Element combo. The Mimby is quite transparent and resolving as a DAC where I would characterize the DACport as a bit...
Well, I guess that settles it. I'm good with my Dacport Slim for now. I didn't notice that it has a particularly high noise floor but I haven't yet tried it with any of the sensitive BA IEMs I own. The Schiit Fulla 2 is appealing because of its easier connection to iDevices and Android devices with a battery pack. To get the same result with the DACport, I have to throw a non-powered USB hub into the mix and connect the battery pack and my iPhone through that. Nothing...
Any Fulla 2 owners have any experience with the CEntrance DACport HD? Someone please convince me that I don't need yet another portable DAC/Amp combo for my laptop. 
 Yeah, the cable is...an encumbrance. I like how rugged it is but I keep worrying about rolling over it with my desk chair, as I do the majority of my music listening at my desk. 
Submitting the KEF M200 for consideration. I jumped on it for $69 and this thing is capable of some serious bass. I connected it to my iFi iCan, flipped on the XBass setting and dialed in some BBE Mach3 Bass through a DSP, started playing a song from my "Bass Bangers" playlist and for a second, my eyes crossed involuntarily. The only other headphone that's done that was the SZ2K. It hits hard, with a tactile rumble that you can feel. 
    Vince Staples - Limos (ft. Teyana Taylor)
I don't need another pair of headphones...I don't need another pair of headphones...I already have the CAL! and I don't need another pair of headphones!    *sigh*   I think I'm going to have to drop the $75...
Speaking as a new and exceedingly happy TH-X00 purpleheart owner with a set of the Dekoni Sheepskin pads, I didn't cut anything out. I just took the stock pads off the plastic mounting ring and put that into the Dekoni pads. 
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