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Yep. I'm hoping it's just the wallwart but I won't be able to tell for sure until I get a replacement in. 
So...I bought myself a Modi Multibit last week, got it yesterday, plugged it in after work and got about 20 minutes of listening pleasure from my music collection and then it...died. I'm guessing it's the wallwart since the DAC still shows up under my USB devices but there's no output and I tried it on my old O2 since it has a similar rating to my current one and no go.    Funny thing, I bought a Magni and Modi set a couple years back before I got the O2 and it worked...
  Well, I received the Aurvana In Ear 3 Plus IEMs a couple days ago and I compared them to the original In Ear 3s I have and, other than the cable design, they're functionally identical. I was able to listen to the two of them simultaneously straight out of my iPhone 5S using a 3.5mm splitter (one of each at a time) and I can't tell a difference between the two in regards to sound quality. Originally, I thought I noticed a difference between the two in regards to bass...
Just got myself a set of these. As a basshead at heart, there was no way I could resist the lure of the SZ2000 for long and I ended up ordering a set on Amazon early this week. Three days later, it arrived on my doorstep (sidenote: These things came from Japan to Michigan in three days. Holy crap that was fast!) Initially, I was underwhelmed. The bass was as prominent as expected but the overall sound was far more veiled. I ended up letting them break in in a closet for a...
Which product(s) you would like to review:    Creative Aurvana In Ear 3 Plus   Sound Blaster E5   Head-Fi Username   TheGame21x   Link to Reviews   Location   Detroit, MI United States   Do you own any similar products?   I actually own the original Creative Aurvana In Ear 3 earphones which I won in a giveaway on this site so I can do a comparison review between the old and new versions. I also own and have reviewed several similarly priced and speced...
Well, the price of the Layla is absolutely ludicrous but the Angie intrigues me. I've been interested in getting a custom but never felt like going through the process of getting them fitted and waiting all those weeks for them to be made and the possibility of having to get them refitted if my audiologist messed up the original fit and...ugh.   Angie being universal eliminates that potential headache.    But yeesh, that Layla price. It's just so unbelievably bonkers.
Well, I can't say I'm not intrigued. Don't know if it could replace my O2 + ODAC but it might make a decent complement, all things considered.
I can vouch for LMUE's warranty service. They took excellent care of me when my VSONIC GR07 BE suffered a short in the right earphone 1 month out of warranty. Replaced it for me at no charge, no questions asked. Very, very happy with them in that regard.
They really are. I listened to them last night after a long hiatus in which I simply wasn't listening to IEMs unless I was reviewing them or at work and man, they're one of the few IEMs to get sub bass just right. It's got a lovely texture and impact across the low end that I just love about them.  The sibilance is almost a deal breaker. Almost. It's at that point where it can be bothersome with the wrong material but is otherwise not bad. At least for me. 
 Sadly, no they aren't. But then again, very few IEMs I've heard are better than my GR07 BE, if that's any consolation. 
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