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good job!   Do some audio tests too :P! And don't forget that voodoo report :D
lol - so you created a new profile?   So you admit to scamming them, and realise that basman and sonny didn't do it, because they were more diligent?    Where are those admins...
seriously?   I was going to loan him £150 worth of earphones :/
ah ok mate
my bad - not the same guy then.   Bro, how do you know for certain u've been scammed by him then?
Price drop on button case (the only one remaining) to £5 for the item.
Price drop
By mean you feel voodoo sound is making your headphone less bassy? As voodoo sound has a bass boost functionality - no idea for your device...but at least for the i9000 it does.
such a brave soul!
Wow  - the guy did "good" the heck did u all fall for it?
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