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After first V2+. Stopped working. One channel on the balanced jack was silent on 2nd "NEW" V2+ After This experience with LH Labs , I will not back any "starter " projects ever again ! After 9 months since first backing ,I have a working unit.
Does anybody know of a cable company that make a upgrade cable for this earphone? It uses a screw type MMCX Connector Thank you, Arrowmark
Where did you buy yours?
Thanks again for your opinions on all the equipment you have listened to. Where can you listen to the Tascam UH-7000?
I just read your post. I am glad I did. I was interested in these exact 2 headphones. I really like the HE-500 and was looking for my next upgrade. What are your favorite headphones and Amps now? Thank you, Arrowmark
If LH Labs does not correct these problems, their business will probably go downhill. Gavin should step up to the plate get to work and fix the situation. If not , I have learned an expensive lesson.
I have had my GO V2+ for about 3 weeks. Day 1 of use , it worked fine but loud snapping noise could be heard when changing sampling rates. Day 2, battery would not charge and v2+ would not turn on , Day 3,worked ok but blue on led would not work Customer service said the circuit board is probably defective and said they would issue me a RA # One week went by-Nothing happened When I inquired about the RA # ,they responded that the Dept. in charge of that is being...
1) 105864 2) 102543 3) 107492
I would like to be a Beta tester for Telos Acoustics   earphone. I will write an evaluation of  them. I currently listen to the Hifiman RE-600 and Grado GR-10.
Nice review on the HM-650. Have you ever tried a portable balanced player? I have the Hifiman RE-600 earphone and was thinking of getting a balanced player.
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