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I would like to be a Beta tester for Telos Acoustics   earphone. I will write an evaluation of  them. I currently listen to the Hifiman RE-600 and Grado GR-10.
Nice review on the HM-650. Have you ever tried a portable balanced player? I have the Hifiman RE-600 earphone and was thinking of getting a balanced player.
I would like to listen to the new HE-1000. I own the HE-500 with ALO cables now.
Apex Periscope
I love HiFiman headphones !
I always rate ALO Customer service Excellent ! ! !
Glad to see Skylab is going to review the Cassabria ! I too still want upgrade my balanced Corvina.
You need it to have ventilation for the tubes. I have V1 and never would put it in a sealed space.
Thanks for the informative update !
Thanks for the Great Write-up and Excellent Photos ! ! !
New Posts  All Forums: