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If I were to wait for the pico slim, and I used that with my iriver h140, could I also use my remote for it (deal breaker for me reason why I use this player), I know if I had the ibasso d10 I could as it uses optical out on the iriver. Also would this cable be best used to connect the pico slim up to my iriver, if I do decide to get the pico slim.
I would like to order one please Color: Black Country: UK One Micro-USB cable
Thanks for the replies, How do I know I have a good seal? Is it if I push the monitors in by hand while inserted the sound alters? If I push them in while in my ears I notice no difference in sound. I have rockboxed my iriver. If the JH 16 does have better bass capabilities than the JH 13 pro, I will prob want to hang myself hehe I should have waited. And if the ALO Rx is the best amp for my hungry bass needs I will buy it, but would the ibasso d10 not perform well...
Hello, I have just purchased Some JH 13 pro in ear monitors to replace my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10. I am currently using my monitors through a iriver h 140. I have noticed the wider sound stage on my JH 13, but it lacks the boom of bass I had with the triplefi 10, and I like nice bass. So what are my options to increase the bass on my JH 13, does it mean I must buy a portable headphone amp, which one?, I was thinking getting the ibasso d10 too pair up with my...
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