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First off, I apologize for the necrobump. I'm so glad I found this thread. I've been going nuts with the mp3 playback issue with many different apps. I always figured it was a software issue vs hardware and I'm grateful for that at least.Poweramp has been a great workaround. Prior to installing, the device was unusable for music/headphone use.
@ Rehabitat x2, my fine Australian friend.
Man, I thought you got yours forever ago! Okay, I'll bite. Frankenphones?   
Yikes. Scary. Thanks for the warning, SoulSyde. *concern*  
Off-topic: what the heck is up with the BANNED statuses I've seen lately? Two fine, well spoken, and helpful Head-fiers, Bennyboy71 and Anaxilus both show BANNED under their handles. I've never witnesses any behavior that seems ban-worthy. What does one do to get banned on Head-fi? Sheesh!
FWIW - my HD650s are dead silent (until I crank the volume and the thunder ensues  ) on gain III.
@Ripvanlink - Saunas and PMPs: this is such a funny topic to me right now. I think you'll be just fine. My wife suffers the crunchy social atmosphere of the coed sauna at her gym. There's a doode that's been going there for a while. He does his push-ups and crunches IN the sauna with his iPod blaring Eye of Tiger (I s*** you all not) through crappy ear buds for everyone to hear. Unfortunately for everyone, the iPod hasn't suffered heat failure and he just rests it on a...
I haven't decided yet. I'm satisfied with my 1G. I did have the bug at first, but now I'm not so sure. So, I'm not on the list... for now. As I like to say, "the sheep's in the water." ;) ("Wool sea" - we'll see)  
@ dfkt *phew* I almost held a wake.
Lol, yeah. Client focus, focus, focus through the ACOG scope. Sit still, dammit! ;)   Well said, GM, in every area. I've mentioned the *slight* channel imbalance, but only in the spirit of honesty and accuracy. It is a non-issue.   The crackle... people, please. If there's anyone complaining about that you know it's only when the Arrow is "warming up" and rubbing the sleep out of its eyes. It goes away in approximately 7.6 seconds after turning it on. Frankly, I find it...
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