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Just got my pair of Re-400, bought them from Sound Waves through Amazon, BF deal. Right out of the box they sound great. The Vsonic GR07 BE is my favorite IEM, from my initial perception, the Hifiman sound clearer, but the Vsonic have more bass. Build quality seems fine. Using the smallest tips (the one with some kind of splitter inside).
thanks a lot mate👌
So I quickly read thru the whole thread and I didn't find a post about a place where I can buy a replacement for the original silicon medium tips (the oval like). I lost my original pair (of a GR07 BE) and I haven't been able to find a pair that works for my, the closest was the small silicon tips from my B2. I found this item on ebay  but not sure if these are the...
Good work and thanks for sharing. (y)
I haven't heard the Xiaomi, but the XBA 1 isn't a great sounding IEM to begin with, they are very comfortable, ( the most comfortable of the original XBA line) and isolate pretty well, but there are better sounding IEMs, without breaking the bank. My favority IEM under 99 dollars was the FA Eterna (I paid 67 bucks if I remeber correctlyl) , I almost bought it again after my original pair was stolen, but I move to balanced armatured IEMs for a while, of course the Eterna is...
Hope this time it doesn't cause you any problems. What didn't you like about the senns?
Can I ask why you didn't keep your first two pairs of GR07?
Sorry to hear that (no pun intended), where and which model did you buy? I just got my first Vsonic (Gr07 BE) from Lendmeurears and I really like them like you but now I'm worried that my pair might break like yours.
How long does it takes to the shipment to get to you once they sent it? 
 Many as two?
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