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Sennheiser Momentum earpads can be easily changed. 
KEF is a chinese owned company and produces most speakers in China, including the LS50. I don't think the country of origin determines the quality these days.
Hey there. I tried at home some Lana Del Rey A/B comparison, flac vs MP3 320kbps and to my ears the MP3 was pretty horrible, the instruments and samples were blended into an indistinguishable mix of annoying sounds. Flac was much clearer, her voice also came through in a clearer way.
Hi there,   this has been an exemplary reply. It helped clarify a lot.   Have you by any chance listened to the new Denon AH-D600?   Thanks.
Hi, you mentioned UE 700 tips but which? The silicone (which size) or the foam (which I believe is a comply foam Ts-400)?   thanks.
How do you know about the Audio Technica cooperation?
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