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Compared to hifimanrookie, the way Al is writing is pure art 
The proper way to do it, is getting an amp with A+B speaker outputs  
Aren't you supposed to use the balanced input to get the full potential out of the balanced output?
According to their web page the headphone output is pure tube, where as the speaker output consists of a tube pre amp and SS power amp circuit. Seems that you have just experienced bad synergi between the HE-4 and power amp section of the A1.
 Not really... Some of my best amps for HE-500 were only okay with HE-6. HE-6 needs a little more treatment to get the potential out of it. In many cases you won't get that out of a HE-500 rig.
 Looking good. Is the output on the Emo line out or pre out?
 Are you doing this yourself? I removed my connectors some days ago and not sure if I should keep it hardwired or install mini-XLR connectors.
OTL amplifiers generally "prefer" high impedance headphones, so they can run out of power with hard to drive low impedance headphones. I've heard a WA2 clip with a HE-500 because of the mismatch.
Yes, that's what I mean. Thanks for the explanation. Will probably fix it tomorrow :)
 Is it difficult to remove the socket? I broke one of my cable connectors yesterday. I was thinking about installing 3.5mm mono sockets, but might as well hardwire it.
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