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Just to confirm it, this is the output when playing a 24/192 flac file on my U10: [[SPOILER]]
Ok, I think you can get it slightly cheaper from Asia. Honestly don't know about 32/384. My spdif input is limited to 24/96, so I am not able to test it properly.
I you like the sound you can get a Gustard U12. Are you located in the UK (based on your Cambridge and B&W gear)?   It's available here:
 Sorry, I thought it used the same chip as the DacMagic Plus but just found this on their website: 
 The XMOS chip does not require drivers in Linux. Can you get sound through the IEC958 in the device list?
 I know... Can you tell me if SVB202D is the name of the firmware or the hardware? I was wondering if a new firmware would help?
Has anyone tried the USB-32 with the new Raspberry Pi 2? I'm using a SA-1.32 recognized as SVB-202D in Linux.I have a Lenovo T500 and Raspberry Pi 2, both running up-to-date Arch Linux.The SA-1.32 works fine on my Lenovo, but I'm having some issues with the Pi 2. Below are some results from a simple speaker-test.It seems my problem has something to do with the buffer handling. The samples are played around 4 times faster on Pi2 (that's also what I hear). I also did some...
I think the buffer settings in Deadbeef are a bit strange. I use Mopidy and the default GStreamer backend settings are 200ms for buffer and 10ms for period. This means that the buffer and period are sample rate dependent.   For a 16/44.1 file the buffer size is 8820 (44100*200/1000) and period size is 441 (44100*10/1000). For a 24/96 buffer size is 19200 and period size is 960. If you set the buffer size in GStreamer to 1 second (1000ms) you will get a buffer size of...
 Very interesting! Just want to point out that it is not 'resistor to resistor', but a description of how the ladder is designed:
 Would love to see some pics and a description of the rig  
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