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 Damping factor is not an issue with planarmagnetic drivers, because of the impedance being almost purely resistive. Have a look at "Electrical Impedance and Phase" in this pdf:
Haven't heard it with HD 800, but I would probably get the Project Polaris from Garage1217, if I were looking for a cheap SS amp. Lots of power and tweaking opportunities with adjustable gain, bandwidth and output impedance.
 In a similar example I've heard a Woo WA2 clipping with the HE-500.
 Do you have resistors in parallel to get the right impedance (I suppose the 500c uses output transformers)?
 The jumper settings on the Master 7 seem slightly different from the DSP-1. According to the M7 manual you can only choose 8x, 4x and 1x oversampling, where the DSP-1 also has 2x.Is this correct or is it an error in the M7 manual?
For inspiration here are some pics of my setup    Power amp: Yamaha M-4 Pre amp: Palmer Monicon (passive monitor controller) DAC: Audio-Gd NFB-17 USB-to-SPDIF: Gustard U10       The NFB-17 outputs 2.5 volts so the 29dB gain of the M-4 is a bit high, but I'm very happy with the result. My HE-6 has the grill mod and the felt mod, so right now I just need new pads. Then I'll probably start over and look for a better DAC  
 If you're getting the Bryston you might want something to control the volume. A DAC with variable output could be a solution.The HE-6 is very resolving, so I would suggest buying a quality DAC.
 I don't know the amp, but it seems wellbuilt. What are you going to use as source and preamp?
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