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that's pretty much what he's going for ;-) the all star cast just ads to the farcity of it all.
Her - 10/10 - absolutely the best movie i have ever seen.  A Masterpiece in every way.
I would love to buy one of these, but without eq, no way.  also, if it worked with rockbox that would be awesome!
damn, now I wanna sell my es5's and get these!  curse you head-fi!!  (sorry, that was my wallett, not me) 
^ ooh she's nice!
save some money and end up with the best out there.  get an 02 amp and objective dac.  I've been through thousands of dollars of equipment and eventually gave it all up  for this combo and never looked back.
one would think that the number one priority in marketing the 60's would be how they compare to the 5's.  As a very long term and happy es5 owner, I would truly consider making this upgrade, but with no information on what to expect...
ha! that was me.  bummer, they look like a good live show.   speaking of which...   Kizzy Crawford         
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