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Lianne LaHavas   I'm not sure how i missed putting her up.  Amazing stuff!  
Ngaiire this is really cool... give them time to build.     
lots of good stuff lately!    It's actually more fun when we "loosen"  the reigns on this thread, let artists get repeat postings, and generally just keep sharing the great voices we love whenver we get the inspiration. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself ;-)   that said:  more Vallis Alps, because they are rocking my world lately :-D  
  WOW! How have I never heard of her?! Thanks!
Tamaryn not really my thing, but i'm sure someone will appreciate it ;-)  
Chaos Chaos I know I've watched this. must have forgotten to post it.  Thanks to Rick and Morty and their ultra dark ending for reviving my interest!   This band used to be called "Smoosh"        
Angelina Jordan WOW! what can i even say?  is Amy back? It seems she won Norway's got talent at some point  
:-( thanks for the offer anyway
Vallis Alps really digging this!  
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