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Robyn Sherwell Everything about this is awesome! Great singer, great guitar, great sound quality. Beautiful woman!!     
POLYANA FELBEL i dont speak German, but with that voice who cares what she's saying! yeah, i found a new channel.  ;-)  ... sorry wallet.          LÙISA
 Ont Sofa just posted a new session of hers and she killed it!  oh heck, might as well post it ;-) 
Lindsey Saunders   Not really my thing but she has talent for sure!      
I've been meaning to post this for a while.   Many of you may not realize it, but some of these pop stars can actually sing...   I give you...   Miley Cyrus       
Jilly Riley   I'm really diggin this woman           Thao Nguyen This is a sweet little ditty sang? sung?...singed.... by Thao of "Thao and the Get Down Stay Down."  They have been posted before (by me for all i know)    
Grace Vardell Wow, this girl can really sing.  I was picking my nose and playing video games at this age.  Dang!        
I bought the bax 2 pin for my westone es5's about a month ago.  It was an impulse buy.  My second spare stock cable had just stopped working and I was sick of paying $75 for new stock cables that kept failing in the same places, and were not worth even a third of their price.   I am far from rough on my IEM's or cables but I clearly needed something stronger so I bought the linum. I am not "a cable person" in the sense that i do not expect the sound quality to change,...
The Theory of Everything 10/10 This movie is truly flawless in every way.  A beautiful story told brilliantly!  A masterpiece.  I cannot reccomend it strongly enoughThe acting is outrageously good.  The only acting that comes to mind in this moment that rivals Eddie Redmayne's performance in this movie is Joaquin Phoenix in "The Master"   Eddie is so convincing in this role, you really forget you are watching an actor at all. Whether this movie, or eddie win any awards is...
Lisa Mitchell   I'm still on the fence with this one, but she has such a unique voice that I had to post.  
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