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Under the Skin - 2/10  - Awful!  This movie reminded me of "Tree of life"  I know some people like movies like this but i don't at all.      Scarlet was good, as always, but that's it. 
 I try not to do this too often, but this singer/band that I posted the other day really got me.  I ordered their album and have been listening to it for a few days and I love it.  This singer, Monica Martin, has become one of my favorites. I hear so many other singers in her voice.  The band is excellent too.The recording/mixing quality on their album is also very well done. I highly recommend giving them a listen
also fwiw:  Steve seems to be have been an open fan of the ES5 for some time now.  So, its no surprise that he would like the 6.   It is a shame though, that Westone is not better at describing their monitors sound signatures, or how one differs from another.   
I dont even know what to say about this....   Hundred Waters    
that's pretty much what he's going for ;-) the all star cast just ads to the farcity of it all.
Her - 10/10 - absolutely the best movie i have ever seen.  A Masterpiece in every way.
I would love to buy one of these, but without eq, no way.  also, if it worked with rockbox that would be awesome!
damn, now I wanna sell my es5's and get these!  curse you head-fi!!  (sorry, that was my wallett, not me) 
^ ooh she's nice!
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