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Really like Maggie Koerner!!!
Tamara Power-Drutis I cant tell which band(s) she is currently in if any of these...  The Seattle Rock Orchestra, Phinney Estate, or The Warm Hardies, but she has released a "solo" album called pacificana.          
Unfortunately the censoring function built into this forum won't allow me to fully express my feelings about the sweet nectar that is this woman's talent.  golly, gee, shucks is she good!   Doreen Ketchens         Tuba Skinny Also good ;-)             and if you've made it this far.... The Smoking Time Jazz Club come for the singing, stay for the dancing...  ;-)    
Jillian Edwards    
Grace Weber   Like her or not, this woman can sing!  She seems to cover a wide range of musical styles.            
 ha! yes!  I didnt even think to check to see if she was on here already.  ;-) 
Louise Marshall   great singer, great funky soul band!         Shook Twins -  found this band, and found this channel - Gondola Sessions - yes!  
I must have heard of Feist hundreds of times over several years. Somehow i never made the connection that this was a woman singer with a beautiful voice. She has been mentioned many times on this thread but she doesn't really have a proper video link.   I realize this is kind of like naming Norah Jones or Dianna Krall, but here we go anyway.   Feist      
Mahagony Sessions strikes again!!  Absolutely awesome artist!!!   Rae Morris         
 A quick google search turned up this.   As far as i can tell she's only officially recorded that one song, though she seems to be signed to columbia, so there must be more on the way. There is another Elin Bell singer so searching can be tricky.
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