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I can only find two of her songs, but they're great!   Elin Bell      
Mikaela Davis This is pretty different.   I think i like it!              
 A while back i posted this track from violet skies.  At the time it seemed to have been all she had released, and yet i kept hearing about it as if she had already been, or become some major artist.  I figured she must be one of those women's voices that immediately melded its way into the electronic music scene, and was never to be heard from again as an independant artist, but would rather be heard on countless popular electronic music tracks as that obscure yet...
Not sure this is something i could personally get into, but its pretty cool and she's got a great voice!   Sylvan Esso    
Under the Skin - 2/10  - Awful!  This movie reminded me of "Tree of life"  I know some people like movies like this but i don't at all.      Scarlet was good, as always, but that's it. 
 I try not to do this too often, but this singer/band that I posted the other day really got me.  I ordered their album and have been listening to it for a few days and I love it.  This singer, Monica Martin, has become one of my favorites. I hear so many other singers in her voice.  The band is excellent too.The recording/mixing quality on their album is also very well done. I highly recommend giving them a listen
also fwiw:  Steve seems to be have been an open fan of the ES5 for some time now.  So, its no surprise that he would like the 6.   It is a shame though, that Westone is not better at describing their monitors sound signatures, or how one differs from another.   
I dont even know what to say about this....   Hundred Waters    
that's pretty much what he's going for ;-) the all star cast just ads to the farcity of it all.
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