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I'm Enjoying Aurora     
Robyn Sherwell I've posted her before, but this is too good to pass up.   hide and seek anyone?  
Echosmith   So far so good!  although her singing voice is a little... odd, in a good way ;-)     
Dom La Nena       Jessica Pratt  
 I don't know if these photos really capture it or not.    thanks. 
I've managed to "untwist" a large area of my cable.  I've tried several times to get it to re-twist to no avail.  Anyone know how to do this without taking it apart and re-soldering it?   thanks
Zola Jesus She has been posted once before in video form... 2 years ago.  She deserves another listen, because... she's awesome ;-) and KEXP always brings the quality.  A great channel to subscribe to.   Also for what it's worth. Just happened to find Dianna Krall's new album that apparently came out today!  So far I lOOOOOOOOVE it, but as this thread will show you, it won't be for everyone.  
Robyn Sherwell Everything about this is awesome! Great singer, great guitar, great sound quality. Beautiful woman!!     
POLYANA FELBEL i dont speak German, but with that voice who cares what she's saying! yeah, i found a new channel.  ;-)  ... sorry wallet.          LÙISA
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