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 absolutely fantastic.  I'm going to reconsider buying their album..
So I posted FKA twigs a week or so ago. Then i saw her on Jimmy Fallon and was impressed. bought the album on a whim and it arrived today.  Better than I expected. Great voice, and Pretty awesome music.  She's got a pretty wicked sort of chill, almost dub-steppy, ethereal quality.   Reminds me of Oh land's first album fauna, or a much more listenable bjork, I definitely hear some portishead in there.     I'm giving her the official captain of outer space stamp of...
Clean Bandit         
Ella Rothwell      She is actually just calling herself "Rothwell" now, but searching turns up mostly MMA fights.  ;-)
I had to do a search to see if anyone had posted Sylvan Esso yet. of course someone had.. It was me.... ;-) .... Here they are again :-)    
interstellar - 6.5/10 I'd give this film a resounding meh.  I dont understand all the hooplah.  It was just another long boring hollywood love story.  I wouldnt say it was particularly "bad"  but nothing about it stood out as particularly original, or better than any other movie i've seen. most of the plot was drawn out and unnecessary.   the ending/resolution was weak.  The script and acting were fine but nothing special either. 
  My favorite movie EVER!  ...and a good song ;-)
Naomi Scott    
Alina Baraz      
FKA twigs    
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