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while we're at it, what other sort of tips fit on them? I'm guessing there's some sort of standard for tips that makes them all interchangeable?
  Are you wiling to somehow share that eq curve with us so that we could implement it when using the normal cable?   I want to make sure i get the same sound out of these no matter where i use them. also do you know or will you release the efficiency ratings? thanks again.
 to be clear about the cipher lightning cable eq:are you saying that your "house eq"  is now the baseline sound and that any eq'ing we do or save onto the cable with the app will be "on top" of that, or do we also have to option to start with only sound of the headphones and eq from there? thanks
they sound different with the lightening cable because the EQ settings that audeze tuned for them are saved in the cable's memory.  Their app lets you create custom eq settings and save them to the cable.   When you demo them with a standard cable you are getting the stock sound, when you try them with the lightening cable, you are getting the custom audeze eq'd sound.
Yeah, I have different circumstances, but the open aspect is probably going to be a plus for me too.  Between that and the potential sound quality to price ratio, I'm certainly still planing on buying them. The "trial period" if you buy direct is also very nice.  It's one of those things that I don't think I'd use, but just knowing I have the option is great.  Most return policies in general are pretty absurd, but that's a whole other story.
thanks! awesome to know the actual units are ready!  as delays go, its been much worse. :-)
yeah, and they come with both.   Plus, in cable dacs w/ programable EQ.. this is the future and i'll take it!
 when will you begin taking payment for pre-orders?thanks for the update.
for some reason they don't respond to us asking for release updates..  We've brought it up multiple times.. their site still says early november, as far as I know nobody has gotten any reply from their email sign up thing, and there's been nothing else at all.. kinda weird since they seem to be on track...  Maybe they just don't want to take any money until they actually have product.. though no updates at all...  I dunno.
Brooke Sharkey   OOoooh this is really nice!  
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