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Vera Blue
Julien Baker   This woman is the reason i am subscribed to this thread, so many youtube channels, and basically only listen to Female Singers anymore.  just perfect!    
Marika Hackman     Halem     Mahalia       Halsey      Julien Baker     Margaret Glaspy
Only have apple earbuds. Customs r in the shop, so hard to say, but seems great.
Wasn't planning on getting Adele's new album. GLAD I DID BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!!!!! Way better than i expected!
The Wild Reeds   Really reallly really enjoyed this!    
Ava Luna This is so much better than what I thought it was going to be. As someone put it so well in the comments on youtube - it's like Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill and Nora Jones in one... Give this one a chance to get going.  It's quite impressive.   Update:  so, it seems they have 6 albums dating back to 2009.  Where the heck have I been?!  Sorry wallet, this one's going to sting.  
Hanna Ashbrook Really enjoying this woman's voice and singing style           Hemming And Hers...      
  Hey, this one almost slipped by.  She's really good!I like listening to women sing "thinking out loud" by Ed Sheeeran.  It's a good test.  I think she knocks it out of the park here... and yeah.. It's rare that I give a male singer the time of day anymore.  I'm a female vocal aficionado at this point ;-)   
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