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I have no idea how anyone can call the Burson "colored."  Smooth? Yes.  Clean?  Yes.  Colored?  Nope.  Just one guy's two pennies worth.
I've been running my TH900's through a Burson Soloist Amp/Resonessence DAC for the past year and have been in audio bliss with no desire to change anything since.  Perfect all-rounder system.
I can vouch for the TH900/Soloist combo as well.  It's pretty magical imho.
It absolutely is; across the board.  Much cleaner, instrument separation, soundstage is way bigger, highs are better, bass is way tighter and WAY punchier.  If you don't hear any difference, you are lucky and I envy you!  Save your cash.
So this was just the damping mod only?  Interesting indeed!
 Yeah, that's what I did (as well as the Recommended Amps For TH900 thread) and ended up deciding on the Burson Soloist.
Epic sale.  Good luck!  You can buy something reeeaaaallly nice wiht all the money that's gonna come in from this. lol
Just purchased a Burson Soloist to pair up with my TH900's.  I can hardly wait.
Up for sale is my beloved D7000's.  I upgraded to the TH900 so these must go.  I bought them brand new a year ago from Audio Classics.  Lightly used and babied since then.  Comes with the case, manual, cleaning cloth (unopened), and outer plastic sleeve for the case that came with it.   Smoke/pet free home and in Pristine condition.   Shipping is included in the price.  Paypal add 3% or gift.    For more of my positive feedback --> Ebay: KRB80   Audiogon:...
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