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The dead silent background of the QC 15 and QC 25 is sooo seductive!
Based on what everyone has been saying I got the QC25s. I have the QC15s. These are just a bit better in every way: sound quality, noise cancelling, fold smaller, plus if the battery runs out I can still use them. So, I put the QC15s up in the for sale forum. Thanks to everyone for the recommendation!
I upgraded to the new QC 25's. These are a couple years old and were only used on trips. There is a light scratch on one headcup and very slight wear on the earpads. Price includes Paypal and tracked Colissimo shipping within the EU.
 +1 Vocals are one place the HD800s especially shine.
Actually, you reminded me I need to change my sig. I sold the Leben, I am listening through the Lehmann BCL, I does have slightly more treble energy than the Leben, but also tighter Bass. An interesting compromise seems to be the vintage NAD 2150 power amp I have, which is a wee bit warmer than the Lehmann ( and doesn't have an L in its brand name unlike the other two amps). But it has a wee bit less air than the Lehmann.  Anyway, I don't find that the Lehmann makes it...
I had the HD650 for years before getting the HD800. Yes the HD650 is warmer, but it is an artificial warmth. I don't find the HD800 more fatiguing than the HD650. I can and do listen to the HD800 for hours on end.    In exchange for the HD650s warmth, you get detail in spades from the HD800: Clarity, air and a spaciousness that is almost like listening to speakers. Well worth the trade...
Anyone know the best place to buy pads in France or Euro-zone?
I have an old NAD 2150 power amp, which I feed with a Lehmann Black Cube Linear headphone amp and the preamp. It sounds pretty sweet. As for the headphone out, it has more grunt than the lehmann. It's slightly warmer and bassy. But the Lehmann has more air. I like the NAD for rock music and the Lehmann for chamber music and jazz.
 I wonder why people also don't mention the weight of the planars? I am unable to wear an Audeze or Hifiman for more than a half hour. If I do, I will have neck pain the rest of that day. Ok, so in my case I have a whiplash. But years of wearing those heavy headphones for hours a day has got to do something bad to your neck/spine. Whereas I can wear HD800s for 8 plus hours and never have any pain. My sensitive neck just unmasks what I am pretty sure will be a problem for...
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