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Moving Sale! The amazingly beautiful sounding and looking Leben CS300XS. Mates perfectly with both my HD800 and Proac Tablettes. Euro-friendly 230v version.    Includes upgraded power cord: "supra lorad"   Price includes shipping within the EU. 
x2 on leben with the HD800. It cured me of my stax 02 lust. 
I emailed the seller and here is his reply:     "size:10*6.5*2.2CM (not included knob parts) weigh:225g"   so i guess it is a little longer if you take the knobs into account.
Funny, I was looking at this on ebay yesterday, but couldn't find anything about it on head-fi...   What are the dimensions? Any idea about the weight?
In France:
  Which setting is that on the old stagedac?   Thanks!
  Yes the sound of the Bose is just sorta ok, maybe. But the noise cancelling is amazing. So I keep borrowing my wife's when I travel. But when I am away for awhile I bring a second better sounding pair for when I am in the hotel or someplace else not so loud. I would love to find something that has the NC of the bose and the sound of something much better...
Anyone compare the NC version to the NC on the bose QC15?
Darko seems to like it!   He puts it in the same sonic league as the bitfrost, although one point in favor of the mydac is the async USB built-in.   He makes a sly comment at the end questioning whether it is a price killer of legendary proportions, as Robert Harley of TAS seemed to...
  Good point! Anyway I also keep the BCL at medium gain. I found it to sound the best, but I no longer remember why (it's been two years). I will play around with the gain settings and report back in the next day or two. Maybe this should move to the BCL thread?
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