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That's a good question. Also quite interested how K7xx compares to K701. I've really enjoyed K701, at recent meet, so:DT880 vs K712 vs K7xx vs X2Anyone?
Just FYI. I've got a pair of JBL LSR305 and they sound amazing. I'm using it with Audinst MX-1 DAC, with RCA-TRS cable. You will need a different cable (3.5 jack to TRS) but the rest is the same.
Hi all.   Looking to upgrade my current setup and add speakers. Currently I'm have Audinst MX-1 as source. In order to connect speakers I need to buy an amp or get active. I'm looking into buying AIO solution. I know, this probably have it's limitations, but I'm probably OK with that: I live in small studio, and I don't wanna interrupt neighbors. OTOH, I'd like to have a good headphone output, and I'm looking to upgrade my phones after that.   So I'm looking for...
Finnally found this thread to post some photos.   First of all I wanna say thank you to all the guys who make this happen, this is first event of that kind I've ever been to and I really enjoyed it. Wish I came earlier to the meet and be able to listen more carefully to headphones and take more photos, but this was enough to make some ideas about my setup and future upgrades. I thought mine is competitive, until I go back hope and was able to listen once...
Guys, just a dumb question: do I need to bring my own source, or I can bring dac/phones only?  Not that sub $200 dac or phones will get lots of attention, but just curious.
Never been to that kinds of meets before. If there's any place for a guy with Audinst MX-1, AKG K271, UE 6000?
Are those Philips really that good?
KEF Q100 may be? :) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CE3LHQW/ref=psdc_172563_t1_B00EPDMDZ8
I got it.Will see, I still have an idea of replacing my DAC with Sony UDA-1, which can drive speakers as well. This will be perfect for me then.
But this ELAC's B5 cost same as JBL 305's. And I will need an amp for them. So does ELAC B5 + Amp sounds better to satisfy extra $100 on amp?
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