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 Will check them out too. Never heard about AT advised for Alternative or Rock. People mostly recommend Beyers to that genres.I cannot listen to phones before I buy, so I'd stay with "safe" and proven cans.
Pretty much as I thought about DT880 and DT990. Do you think it's worth seeking D600 ($200-250), or better get DT990 Pro for cheap (I see they sell for $150-170 for Pro version) and save money?   If they're priced the same, what would you take: DT990pro vs DT990 600ohm vs D600 vs whateverelse?
Hi all.   Listening my K271S from laptop via Audinst mx-1. AKGs are quite flat and more suitable for studio work. I'd like to get something more interesting. 90% of my music is Alternative or some kind of electronics. On a possible upgrade list: 1. Beyer DT990 pro. 2. Beyer DT880 3. Denon D600 4. Denon D2000 5. Ultrasone Pro 900 and anything with about the same price tag.   Here's the questions: 1. Should I go for 600omh versions of beyers? I believe Audinst...
any replies? just interested if it's worth it?  
Hi all.   I've asked a question about changing my AKG k271S to something a month or two ago. I was asking if it's worth to change it to something like Beyer 700/800/900 or AKG k701/702 or anything else. Decided not to change phones that time.  Now i man sells Ultrasone Pro 900 fairly cheap. A bit more then $200 in immaculate condition. That's even cheaper then it sells on ebay. Don't ask me where it is: it's in Kazachstan.  I know that Pro 900 aint a best...
So you mean there's no reason to change k271 to q701 for example? It'd be pretty close in terms of quality.    I just wanna decide if i need to sell hedphones and et a new one, or this is just a christmas, when everyone needs new stuff )     
Hi guys.   Here's what i got: Audinst mx-1 AKG K271 studio Koss porta pro AKG ip2 and some other stuff. But question about first two.   I'm thinking of selling the phones and getting something a bit more interesting. I'm listen to alternative rock or club music mostly, however got time to listen a jazz or lounge records in a good quality.  Doesn't matter how much i can get from my old phones. Just interesting, how much i shoold pay for phones to get a...
Here's a big thread about it. Check this out first. BTW. I got one and i'm happy =)
LT1364 hard to find on ebay. only 2 lots and all from china or hong-kong.. two rest is easy to gen in us, i'd try them first. 
Thanks! It's goot i can install all the OPAMPS without the adapters and easily get then on ebay. i'd order them soon.  
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