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I'm trying to imagine all the use-cases with E5. I'm now using a Audinst Mx1 and I haven't asked about a direct comparsion, but seems E5 is not only feature-rich but better in specs. I guess if I connect it via powered USB hub I will not worry about battery when PCc is off: simply listen from Bluetooth or Line-in.   Do you think E5 will be enough to drive Dt-880 headphones (250 ohm or 600 ohm) or AKG k271s(55ohm)?
And I will hear audio from Line in, if there's something connected as well? right? ps. I don't wanna hear my ringtone via my stereo as loud as I usually listen.
How do I choose a source with E5? Say I'm using this as USB-DAC with my PC, playing music, and also have a Bluetooth enabled and paired phone nearby. Imaging someone calls me - will I hear my ringtone instead of music?   I'm planning to change my Audinst mx-1 to E5, because of extra features: Bluetooth, portable amp. What are possble drawbacks in that case?
No need for Bluetooth headphones. I just find a E5 idea really cool: I can plug my stereo there and my PC: -I can use it as USB-DAC -I can play music from smartphone via Bluetooth and even talk with it as there's mic in E5. -I can use it with any device via Line-in. -I can take it with me and use as portable amp via Line in or USB connection or Bluetooth. *hope I got it right :)   The only thing is missing is player itself. I can connect any other player:...
Seems that Astell & Kern AK100 II can do it all. Even more it have Wi-Fi for something and may be can play music via Wi-FI or from NAS. Price is a bit off, but may be there's another product like this.
Hi all.   I was browsing a net and found a nice and new product to me, which was released couple of months ago: Creavite SB E5: it got DAC plus Bluetooth and headphone amp. So I can put there my headphones and home stereo and listen music from my PC(usb DAC), Bluetooth or Line in. Seems that it sounds nice and cost $200 which is afordable.   There's another product like: Filo X5. It have DAC and player: I can listen to my music, or use it as standalone DAC for my PC....
 Will check them out too. Never heard about AT advised for Alternative or Rock. People mostly recommend Beyers to that genres.I cannot listen to phones before I buy, so I'd stay with "safe" and proven cans.
Pretty much as I thought about DT880 and DT990. Do you think it's worth seeking D600 ($200-250), or better get DT990 Pro for cheap (I see they sell for $150-170 for Pro version) and save money?   If they're priced the same, what would you take: DT990pro vs DT990 600ohm vs D600 vs whateverelse?
Hi all.   Listening my K271S from laptop via Audinst mx-1. AKGs are quite flat and more suitable for studio work. I'd like to get something more interesting. 90% of my music is Alternative or some kind of electronics. On a possible upgrade list: 1. Beyer DT990 pro. 2. Beyer DT880 3. Denon D600 4. Denon D2000 5. Ultrasone Pro 900 and anything with about the same price tag.   Here's the questions: 1. Should I go for 600omh versions of beyers? I believe Audinst...
any replies? just interested if it's worth it?  
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