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   I can easily get them ( RCA branded Tung Sol, mesh 6sj7wgt) but I won't go there for just one pair
according to iRiver and Alex it's only for the recorder. No other changes
 I compared both, these are very different
 Maybe I'll know after this weekend ;)
Did you see Alex's FB post?  
if you do quote me you should mention as well that I said I hoped it was a messed up DAP setting and that I needed it again at home for a better listen 😊
 The Picollo is an awesome unit and it's even great with a lot of full sized headphones. Do try an Audeze LCD-2 with it if you ave the chance, i really love that combination.
 With the B-Pads and the Picollo, the DT1990PRO has good body in bass and mids but not like the Erzetich or the 339 OTL, it's more in line and natural. Speed is good, attack is good, detail is good. Sound stage isn't the widest but the sound is very rich and musical. I like this combination 
 Thank you. I'll try the picollo for you tomorrow!
It are the older version of the pads which I'm talking about
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