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I unfortunately still haven't gotten a lot of time with the Sine, but it does sound really good on the WA8 Eclipse. Dave has been listening to the Sine for several weeks though and I just published his review. It would have taken too long if I'd have to write it but I think Dave did a good job Review is here: http://www.headfonia.com/review-audeze-sine-spot-on/    Of course we'll be commenting and answering to questions on the Sine here as we have been doing.
 Good luck buying outside of the EU. I've done it several times already (Belgium) but in the end you just end up with +21% VAT + 3% import tax + 1% Fee which makes it 25% more expensive than your US price.So in the end you wind up paying just as much as in a local shop. And the advantage is you get local customer service if something should be wrong (no shipping to US)
I see where's he's coming from and for the level the L5Pro is at the UI should have been better. But I kind of like the minimalist L3 UI, even f there still si (a lot) of margin for improvement
I like it more with the HE1000 and the Edition X than with the HD800
 How much would you say the latest V5 is better? Should I get one to try?
Why choose? (I'm kidding)     If I had the K10 I'd help you but I don't, sorry.
Even I understood his review this time 
Forget about the Picollo, go Duet, balanced if possible
 We always mention that, I don't think that has to be a secret. It also doesn't mean the review will be any different.
I'm sending in my H8P for the upgrade :)
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