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Good luck guys
 Too far & too close to holidays :)
Very nice!
I bid on those bendix but I didn't want to go higher as they are used and the pins looked fairly "used".Well that and I have 10 already Congrats
 Manbags! I have to admit I have one too to carry my laptop, phones and amps around.
I'm still a big fan of ipods, amps, iDacs and DAPs. No phone as DAP for me thank you, not even my S4
correct, but that's been known for quite a while. Tyll and Headfonia have reported that last year already. Too bad we can't go Platinum!
How much did you pay for that box of Russian tubes? $5? I have to say my russian tubes work perfectly and they sound pretty good too   So far I have had only one 5998 giving me a fireworks and pop show. No harm was done though. I did have two 5Z4G tubes arcing over in another amp though.
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