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 Yes http://www.head-fi.org/t/786838/introducing-violectric-by-lake-people-cables I'm using their balanced cables between the V850 and the V281, but it's a purple non sleeved version 
Has Chord in any way reacted to the Balanced modification?
 I asked him to do a guest appearance but he wasn't interested 
Glad I/we could help.Say hi to Phil :D
 I didn't buy it though. Thanks for the link
AM5, Yay!     
 I'd just like to point out that the Headfonia Store and Headfonia are in no way related. Mike left Headfonia when he started his stores.
Ok, I'll play   
 Exactly, you should compare a review with one of the units you own yourself. I think the example of the GR07(Bass) is a good one to show what bass body is. The X2 also has full bodied bass, like the LCD2, etc.
 Yeah, I reported it with the L5Pro as well. Some days it's a good playlist, other days not so   The Cayin N5 shows the same behaviour, I can't say it is noticeable that much with any of my other players (about 15)
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