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Basically yes. And I can't be bothered to pack all my amps from my listening room
I go by the rule: don't bring it of you don't want it being touched. Seems so simple
Chatham? you mean bendix or tung sol I suppose
you could just click "subscribe" in stead of posting "subbed" :p
 Saying this right after talking about dicksweat made this sound very wrong. Or I have a way to vivid imagination.
Have you read the 6AS7G tube rollers thread?
 I don't think it's that, right?
Only discovered this thread now     The only difference between the Claire and the Copper series is the 8 strands vs 4 strands? For the rest it's the same cable? Then what's the difference between the Claire and the Noir as they both use 8 x 1,5mm strands, FAW OCC Cryo 7N copper wire   I'm a bit lost, I'd appreciate if someone could explain   thanks
I'm wearing the blue RCA shirt right now actually
Did they have an old NOS stock we can have a look at?  You asked, right?
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