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 I wouldn't say that but the X5ii is smoother and more relaxed than the more energetic X7
 That's correct :)
Chinese is 8, I think
the X5iii hasn't officially been released internationally, so the Chinese fw is a little ahead.
I finally got the X5iii working as DAP with the Chinese FW update. NOw trying the X5iii USB OTG to AK380 
 Fiio uses a specific 3.5mm coax "wiring", so you need this adapter piece to couple it to your coax cable and then to the device you want it to connect to, such as a desktop DAC, Hugo, Mojo, etc...Coax never goes to an amp, it's a digital signal to bypass the X5iii's DAC
 Does the Chinese update have English as an option as well?
Besides the "no USB-DAC" issue, I'm loving the usability and form factor of this X5iii  
 For some reason I can't update my review sample so do tell us how the latest FW is doing.FYI, I also posted the L3PRO review earlier today, you can find it by clicking here. If there's any questions or requests, just shout.
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