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 Yeah, as the Demo unit is mine (for now) they couldn't sell that of course 
 I was under the impression you ordered the WA8 at the shop? Or did you go direct? Or haven't you ordered yet?
 Yes, it's the standard Two Pin cable. What kind of cable and sound sig are you looking for? I have tons of cables but it depends on your budget and expectations
 I already have the HE-1000 
 For those who come across this post on a later time, this is solved.As the internal memory was also acting up, I contacted AK who immediately arranged a pick up and sent another unit
 Waw, are you sure that isn't an error?
 One screw, as far as I can remember, is located behind the warranty sticker. So opening up would mean voiding the warranty. Unless that's just bad luck on my part with an unfortunately placed sticker on my Woo sample.
I seem to be having a different problem, my AK keeps (r)ejecting the microSD card automatically (64GB Samsung), when it doesn't I can access all files via Folder but not anything is showing up in the album/songs, etc. It just starts scanning the library and then says SD card safely removed at the same time. This is a demo model on 1.24   Is this the famous AK - Samsung Sd card issue? I won't have my Sandisks for another couple of days. I hope it's just a matter of an...
I try to let mine cool down first, it actually cools down really quick if you lay it on its side. But I have had to put it in the Pelican when it was still warm as well, seems ok.
Not my thing but I noticed Belhifi.com is doing a €100 discount on the AK JR. if anyone is looking for one
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