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    Like I said, I wonder what the differences are. Could you communicate on that?
 (Again) Shipping is from September 20. You might get lucky.
I just installed the new firmware, version 1.0   I wonder what the differences are
Negative. I was sick a lot though and didnt eat much. I am finally better since last friday
 I haven't been eating any cookies and deserts and haven't had a beer since I met clayton in Amsterdam one month ago. It's pretty boring but I did loose a couple of kilograms and I can get back in my "old" pants
I tried that combo before on my 339. Glenn made me 6sj7 to c3g adapters for it but I did not find it to sound good.Of course it might be a whole different story in another amp that was designed for that combo
 The problem I see with a lot of younger people is that their standard listening volume is so high they don't even hear or encouter channel imbalance issues.The imbalance of most pots with the correct head- or earphone is as good as always audible (imho)
Clayton uses his like that, Pre amp as volume control
Those are 300b tubes
 It's certainly not bass week, it's just less than the E10
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