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I have no idea what the world tour is but it says "not for sale" on the back of mine and it came with 2 letters: one with specs(I think)  and one with do's and dont's. I still need to read them and fire up the X1. maybe later
So many good DACs out there. I'm hooked to the Resonessence Labs for the moment.
Can't be bought yet. Well there's one store in Turkey that might...
My steam wasnt in it either. Phuh
 I rest my case  Picture taken before I removed the glue at the bottom. Lazy me
those drivers are everywhere. mine are close to 50. at least they are more or less balanced :D
I get the Everton part but it doesnt help either, Rob
Alright. Maybe one later
The Headfonia comparison is the only one so far?
Want to bet?
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