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I am having my impressions done this friday for the Maestro 
 Shipping to Belgium only took just over a week. The cable has good build quality but is extremely hard to connect to Neutrik plugs, I doubt it will last long :(
Thanks man, part 3 tomorrow. You should hear the new Lime Ears Aether with the sub activated straight out of the L5P, my gawd!On average I always have 2 to 3 months of gear lined up for review, and that's one article a week. Will get back to you by pm but I have to run now.
 I already tried. I have to say I prefer my customs straight from the L5P as well.
 Obviously the Hugo, with the Luxury & Precision L5Pro DAP (don't think it's out yet)http://www.head-fi.org/t/760848/new-and-improved-luxury-precision-l5-pro-32bit-dsd-dap-with-akm-ak4490-touch-screen-rosewood-blackplate
  Oh the things we have to go through to test gear 
Just got the tracking code for my Lycan, can't wait to share impressions on it.
Yeah, wall charger. But unless I'm suddenly colorblind, it keeps showing a white battery :)
 Weren't they in the hearing aid business? Not sure though
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