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These are TS for sure. These are getting very rare, I was listening to mine just yesterday. Good luck with the sale, the new owner will get some good tubes!
Here they are going for 25€/piece. cheapest I can get them anyway but all NOS.
Fiio's house sound usually is warm, fun with good bass, how could you expect to like it when you're nr1 amp is the O2?
Great "notes". thanks!
  They are plastic and part of the plastic front plate (1 piece)
I agree the new E10K is better than the first E10. It's more clear and has more detail while it's dead silent
I'm really liking the new E11K, I find it a lot better than the first E11
I fired up the 300B again last night, it is so incredibly good with the orthos. I keeps surprising me each time
It's holidays!
 The thickness of the that depends on your earcanal. Plus, if your audiologist would make it smaller your CIEM would not fit and sound would be bad.I can't see any good reason to do that
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