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Yes the Amazon option is a bit $$, I'll research the TaoBao option.After enjoying the A15's sound I look forward to hearing the HA2, although as I like simplicity/portability it will only be used with my overheads at home when I'm not at my desk/pc set up
Actually your response was very quick! I like the sound of the A15 and intended to use the HA2 's amp section only, but have heard good things about using the dac/amp. I hopefully can buy the HA2 this weekend. Enjoy your cookies
Can any Oppo HA2 owners (gerelmx 1986) please share any experience they have of using the HA2's amp section vs the amp/dac with the A15?
Actually I just read the guide to ordering and it seemed a bit of an effort - I've seen another cable on Amazon
Thanks for the advice - just followed the link to TaoBao, how do you order as it is in Chinese and I don't see an english language option?
The HD Tracks was FLAC 24bit/192khz
Yesterday I downloaded one of my favourite albums from HD Tracks. This was my first 24/192 experience - it sounds awesome - more detail, clarity, texture etc. Because the albums I would like aren't available yet, I thought sourcing the SACDs might suffice. I acquired the .dsf files from one yesterday to test before forking out for them. Probably better to save the money for when they are eventually released.
Thanks for your 2 cents. I haven't listened to the 'major error ' files yet to check if they sound ok. When I got my A15 I re-ripped all my cds to flac with foobar and had minor errors for most of them. I was so keen to get everything ripped that I couldn't be bothered to see why I was getting errors. That was a few months ago and I have not noticed any audible errors, I'll try unticking that box though.
It looks like I can achieve 24/88.2 using foobar, although when it converts it says major errors. I'll keep that program you suggested in mind if I can't get foobar to behave.
thank you, I was thinking about my CD rip FLAC rates and forgot it could go higher 
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