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I think the problem is Sony have been using their old cell phone parts for the ZX100 
This makes it hard to choose between a step up in SQ to the ZX100 or the improved functions/features of the A30. I would benefit greatly from the side buttons, playlist feature and screen off.
your 256gb formatted to 238gb sounds better than my 200gb formatted to 183gb
I got the custom cable and sometimes use the dac/amp - very nice with my XBA-A3, but it is extra weight and size I don't want all the time so the ZX100 might be good.
I upgraded to a 200gb card now so it is only from memory, but gerelmx1986's post at the top of this page seems to confirm that
Nice progression - A17 > ZX100 > WM1A + Z5
Was that using just the amp or the amp/dac?
I had a very quick listen in the Sony shop with their demo pair of MDR-1A (I think) and I thought it was a very nice step up from my A15, but I would need to try it with my XBA-A3 to know exactly what the improvements of the player were. Do you know what the album art size limit is? I usually stick with 500x500, but some of the 1000x1000 displays ok on my A15
I've been happy using my A15 + XBA-A3 for the past year, but as usual upgraditis has me looking for the next step up. Is everyone still happy with their ZX100? Apart from better sound, battery life and so-called DSD support, any other pros over the A15? Any negatives to consider? What's the navigation pad like? I really dislike the awkward triangle shape of the A15's buttons, and thin back button. Thanks in advance.
I didn't think so at that price. I tried the ZX100 for the first time recently and was thinking it would be a nice upgrade from my A15 as I don't really want a touch screen - although I could benefit from those side buttons
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