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Is anyone able to compare any of the Zero Audio range to the Denon CK710?
No they have been around for a while, I think they were their top iem for a while. I was looking to upgrade and maybe spend a few $$$ but was recommended Zero Audios
Does anyone have experience with the Denon CK710 and can please tell me how they compare to the Douza and/or Doppio?
Thanks, saw there is headphone meet in NZ this year too.
Thanks, I'll read reviews of all your recommendations. I'm actually not dissatisfied with my current Denon C710, but just as my A15 was a BIG leap in sound quality from my A846 (partly going totally FLAC), I was hoping to take the same step up in iems. It is hard without testing them, as with reviews there are always conflicting opinions and so many factors that can change a persons perception of the sound, such as source, tips used, depth of insertion, burn in,...
I'm looking for some iems for my A15. I live in New Zealand so I have to factor in exchange rates and shipping so I would prefer to buy locally. The problem is that locally I am quite limited for choices and I cannot try before I buy, and we can only return if an item is faulty - not because we don't like it. I don't mind to spend a bit of $$, but it is risky if you can't try first. Some options available to me are: Sennheiser IE8(i) & IE80, Sony XBA-A1 & XBAH1, the Shure...
Do headphone amps purely increase the volume, or do they change the sound as a dac can?
Thanks Zolti, just wondering if another plug might be a weak link in the chain. Just to confirm that this line-out bypasses the A15's amp so the player volume is not active?
   Thank you for the info and advice, I don't think I'll try it myself.Was looking at either the FiiO L50 WM port to 3.5mm jack - or do you think one of the e-bay adaptors: WM port with 3.5mm input (female?) as I have a good quality iBasso 3.5mm-3.5mm connector?
Thanks for that, I was wondering if it could be converted to something useful. Would that mean the line out from the wm port of the A15 into a headphone amplifier would be better that the headphone out? Would it be possible to use the wm port end of an old charging cable?
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