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The Nuforce estore will ship internationally. You can email them with any questions regarding shipping costs etc. I think it is better to buy from them as they provide good support should you have any problems with the unit.
  I recently upgraded from a uDAC to the HDP. I am really enjoying it with my D2000, I feel to have gained benefits in all areas of my music. I have noticed an improvement with the D2000's mids and bass.  
Does anyone know of a place in Japan that does headphone mods? I have some Denons I would consider getting modded if I can find a reliable place in Japan, thanks.   **nevermind, upgrading instead
I have the HDP with a pair of stock D2000 and I am very happy with this combination. Depending on the different recording levels of my music files, the volume range that I listen can be from just past 9 o'clock (vertical) to sometimes 2 o'clock or more if I feel like having a bit of a blast with some tracks. I had the same concerns as you because of the Denon's low impedance and thought I would not be able to use much of the HDP's volume range, but this is not the case....
Could someone please tell me the best (or only?) PS3 audio output settings when using optical to connect to the HDP? The options are: Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1 kHz Linear PCM 2 Ch. 88.2 kHz Linear PCM 2 Ch. 176.4 kHz                              Linear PCM 2 Ch. 48 kHz   Linear PCM 2 Ch. 96 kHz Linear PCM 2 Ch. 192 kHz I don't play CDs or DVDs through my PS3, I will almost always be using it for blu ray movies or PS3 games. I don't understand much about the...
Thanks for that. I live in New Zealand and the combination of shipping and an unfavourable exchange rate make it far too costly for me to consider. I will be in Japan for 3 weeks in March so if I could find a reliable place I would take that opportunity to at least get a recable done.
Does anyone know of a place in Japan (preferably Nagoya area) that offers some modding options for my D2000? Perhaps a recable would be my first choice of mods.
D2000 owners: do you feel your headphones match better with a 'musical' warmer sounding dac/amp or a 'neutral' revealing sounding dac/amp? I want to upgrade from my uDAC to a small desktop dac/amp that has more detail. I have narrowed it down to the HDP or Audio-GD NFB-11 on the neutral/revealing side of things, or the NFB-12 as a warmer/more forgiving option.
I wonder how the NFB-11 will compare to the Nuforce HDP? Although isao2k8 made a brief comparison to the ZeroDAC/2-C2, those characteristics sound similar to people's impressions of the HDP. I have a pair of stock Denon D2000 and was very close to buying the HDP, but I think I'll wait to hear the reviews of this now. If anyone could offer some advice I'd appreciate it
I got alot of value from this review. In particular I felt it was good that the reviewer used very different headphones.
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