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I have done exactly that but had no success, I will try again as it is possible I had interrupted the recharging process. I'm glad it's not android, but if it was I could reflash the rom
Dang, still have the flashing 1 bar indicator
I originally did the menu reset and the rear button reset - and I also updated to 1.2 (I realised I was on 1.1) but it still had the very rapidly depleting indicator issue. I don't know if a reflash is possible, or if there is access to that service menu.I have just fully recharged the battery after a complete drain, and done all resets, plus toggled the battery care on and off (I'll try anything) - so far the battery seems to be back to normal, I'll post again if there is...
It is beyond the warranty period and I don't think I would like to hear the cost of repair/new battery. I have left it playing to drain the battery, so it is good to know that there is still 25+ hours left in the battery (flac files @15 volume). At least it is usable now as it seems to disregard the low battery warning and cut off. I can live with this.
It there any code to get into the service menu like some of the previous Walkmans had? If so, would there be any setting that may reset the battery information? I feel my battery has power, but the indicator is playing up. Would that most likely be an issue with the actual battery or does it sound like another issue?
It was this morning when I tried to use it after charging overnight and it would flash, beep and turn off - this evening I tried again and the indictor was all over the place - full,1 bar flashing, 4 bar, 2 bar 1 bar flashing - but I was able to play for a while. I am trying for a full charge at the moment. I had thought about trying a different cable this morning, but had the same results. After a full charge I'll try again to play.As the battery was showing absolutely no...
The charging indicator is showing that it is charging, and sometimes still shows after disconnecting the cable. I left on charge all night but the indicator shows full, then 3 bars, 1 bar, then dead in about 10 seconds. The battery has never shown any signs of failing before, maybe there is an issue with the way it's being read by the player? I did try all reset options in hope of it resetting something.
I don't think so, it should be plug n play. I was wondering if a solder gets stressed when you twist the cable to sit the player on the ha-2.
I've had it for about a year and a half. I only use it about an hour a day maximum, minimal use really. I wonder what Sony would sting me for a replacement battery.
I think my battery just died. It was playing fine 2 hours before, then I just relabeled an album, left it to charge for an hour then went to listen to it and the battery indicator started flashing - dead. I did a reset and it's still the same - has anyone had a battery fail?
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