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Best to start a new thread for advice.
Didn't the 5800 song limit get removed a few revisions ago?
There is no normal. Some do, some don't. If the hinge is working don't worry about it.
Whether it clicks or not does not matter. If they produce good sound, enjoy em.
Similar but Studio have noise cancelling that introduce hissing. I prefer the Solo. They are much improved and very enjoyable.
 Looks like he didn't solder the wires, but just taped them. Should hold up. Where did you get that cable? Looks nice.
Get the Solo 2.0 from Amazon. If you get used, get it from Amazon Wherehouse with packaging. Then you can check serial number on package and headphones and make sure they match.
I am looking for a cable for my AT M50's that has a mic and volume controls that is of good quality.3.5mm on both ends. All I can find are Beats cables and similar. Is there any high quality cables out there?
I changed my tune on the Solo 2's. They really can't be compared to any of the old beats headphones. They have a glimpse of the M50 but with more laid back treble and narrower sound stage. Still if you can find them for $100 they are a decent pair of headphone. I hope that line continues to improve.
I wouldn't worry about it. I tried 4 pairs and they are were good.  I do love the binaural test. The knocking is the most realistic sound in a headphone I have heard. Scrared the crap out me it was so good.
New Posts  All Forums: