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I did not over tighten mine. Just enough to prevent movement, then a dab of hot glue to prevent it from backing off.
Are the Solo HD's the only Solos' with dual drivers?
I have Audio Technica M50's which are my go to headphone. I use my sons Beats Solo HD when they are laying around and I do see the attraction. Comfortable, light, V shaped sound. I quite enjoyed listening to Apple Music with them. I have heard worse headphones for sure. The cost is why people bash them and how they are regarded, but they for sure serve their purpose.
Which models were dual driver? Just the Solo HD?
That won't really matter. I would just use 3 new small wires.
That was one heck of a deal!
Did you use the original wires? The coating has to be removed correctly and it's difficult. I used non-coated stranded wire-26g or similar will work. Makes the job SO much easier.
Re solder your connections.
Bluetooth anything is not in the same league as a wired connection. If the wireless beats sound good to you that's fine, but you can't compare apple to oranges.
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