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I changed my tune on the Solo 2's. They really can't be compared to any of the old beats headphones. They have a glimpse of the M50 but with more laid back treble and narrower sound stage. Still if you can find them for $100 they are a decent pair of headphone. I hope that line continues to improve.
I wouldn't worry about it. I tried 4 pairs and they are were good.  I do love the binaural test. The knocking is the most realistic sound in a headphone I have heard. Scrared the crap out me it was so good.
I think these were just released today.
Did you get another pair? If so, how are they?
I have not had this problem. What are you using for the test, your ears or an SPL meter or microphone?
Look back at my work. Does this look bad? No, looks stock. Use my parts and info. You can do it.
Thanks. I will check it out.
Bump. Anyone?
I have been using and loving the S4i earphones for a couple years at the gym, I am looking for something a bit better. I like the sound profile of the S4i just want a bit better midrange and detail. Needs to have volume and mic controls for iPhone. Budget is around $125. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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