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I agree, the M50X sounds different than the M50. Slightly, but different. I actually prefer it.
Thanks. Does volume control work? I can only get the track pause/skip to work.
Can you adjust the volume via inline remote?
Thanks for the reply. Got it.
The crossfades are not in the same league as the M50X. They have a very veiled sound. I did not like them at all. Bass was also not detailed. Not sure why anyone likes them.
How is this done? I see you can unscrew the small pcd board, but couldn't see how to remove it or the locking tabs without damaging them.
Has anyone found the 2.5mm locking plug for these? I want to make my own cable but can't find the plug anywhere.
I have a new pair of M50X and M50s that I have had for 2 years. They use the same drivers. The m50X is noticeably brighter. My M50's were just like this but after 250+ hours they have changed. I actually prefer the slightly brighter 'new' sound but when it tames a bit I will be happy.
I guess this the same tip as the Sennheiser HD598's and possible others.
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