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It should in theory. The sony plug has a tiny lip near the base that may be needed for a good connection.
I agree. Taming the bass is much easier than creating it. I think the more I listen to bass heavy headphones the more I like them. When I go back to a flatter headphone it sounds like something is missing.    I think it's the cable. If the plug is not long enough or seating correctly like the OEM sony, it will be mono. I looked at the plug ends on the OEM Sony cable and a different audio cable, the shaft is the same length, but the the base needs to be so narrow as to go...
Both actually. I will mess with this this weekend and report back also. I will try partially blocking the port from inner enclosure to outer as shown in the mods.   FWIW, the XB950N1 coming out this spring will have adjustable bass via an app and noise cancellation. I am not sure to what level you can adjust, but that would be a welcome design.  I don't think it would have taken too much to make our bass boost adjustable via 3 levels-low, med and blow your brains out.
The dampening got rid of any resonance there may have been. I am concerned blocking the ports will change the tune of the bass. I don't want to lower the bass amount without boost on.
 I did the dampening mod only. I did not cover any of the bass ports. Do you think simply dampening changes the quality of the bass as well as the amount with the boost off or on?
 The rattle comes from the bass boost button. It has quite a bit of play. You may be able to open up that side and tape it down a little bit some how.  I couldn't find any foam pads online.
Does anyone know how to put back the left cup with the two clear LED pieces? Mine can't seem to fit correctly to put the enclosure together.
Thanks. I also have the XB650BT-these have more bass that the 950's without the boost turned on. I like the amount of bass of the 950's without the boost, hopefully the dampening will improve the mids and highs.
How much bass does the square piece of foam inserted into the exterior bass port block?
Does anyone have an opinion on these bluetooth headphones? Seems to be the little brother to the XB950BT.
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