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It's not actually a mastering issue, as the mastering is done with stereo mixes. It's a mixing issue. If the person mixing is not diligent the vocals can be left or right of center.
Your MSRP logic causes you to lose all credibility.
 Can anyone help me find some decent TRRS jacks? I need to replace a few shorts on my headphones and all I can find are really low grade jacks with large diameter bodies-which stink if using them with iphone, etc. I did find some on ebay that are nice, but they have very small soldering points-hoping to find some with the standard tabs and strain relief like the one below. Thanks in advance.  
Thanks. These OEM jacks have no clamp. Probrably used some plastic insert or something. I just put  a little hot glue on the solder area and filled up the free space with hot glue.
The cable on the headphones is flat, I should have mentioned that. Should I hot glue the wires over the solder points to help also?
I bought some OEM 3.5mm Sennheiser jacks to redo some of my headphones. They are really nice, but they have no strain relief. I tried tying the cable in a knot, but it did not work. Any idea on what I can use for relief?
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