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will do just got to wait for the cord to arrive ^^
like i said it realy just a test to see if it would sound ok, as silver audio wire (and pretty much any decent quality audio components) are hard to comeby here in the UK, after contacting the seller on ebay they claim its a half-soft silver copper alloy as you say 92/8 ratio they have also started to sell fine silver wire 99.9%.   but all in all it sounds better than the one made from 18 gauge E-guitar interlink wire
a  little trial Ic to see how well jewlery silver wire works.     have to say it works pretty well.
here ya go Prog, a little delay in building it as i was waiting for some bridle line to do the sleeveing.     Dam my worktop is grubby     Well it sounds as good if not a little better (placebo???) than my other one made from E-gutair Interlink wire.     2*black dyneema bridle lines (decored and silver wire threaded through) 1* above with core still in (for a 4 line braid) 1*white dyneema bridle line with silver wire for core 3 strands of...
not real a highend audio project   I work in a warehouse where we have to ware a headset for 8hours aday they are uncomftable and to be honest badly made and since the site introduced them the counts of headaches and onter problems has gone way up.   So i'm going to try to rig up something with better qualty parts here is the ones we have to use now (first headset is the ones we have)   are these...
Would show mine but i'v just finished a clean up so nothing left on it other than TV, xbox, skyhd, blu-ray, an Amp connecting them all to some aiwa speakers i found in a skip, pc with its 2 lcds, printer my now tided away toolboxes a glass tank with 500 cockroaches a plastic tub with about 10,000 of a diffrent cockroach, 2 vivaraiums with 3 lizards inside a bookcase and a parts cabinet   I think i went a bit mad when i fitted the worktop not alot of room left in my...
just a quick question. how tight a braid is ok for wire? both of these are just tests made out of cheapie telephone wire are these too tight? will these introduce unwanted inductance to the cable? 1: 4 uncovered phone wires. 2: 3 phone wires sheeved in satin cord + 4 bits of cord with no wire its a bugger getting the core out of the cord.
well its not realy a skateboard but i got my Trampa Mountain board (made while they where still HillBillyATB) use it for kiteboarding with with my 5m ozone samari and 7m BusterII
this is the only one i'v ever owned was pretty good till the rechargable battery died and i cand find anywhere that still has them.
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