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Ok. I caught brent jessee on the phone before he shipped them. I will come up with something else....Thanks for the reply.
Anybody verify use of E288CC yet for Mjolnir 2??? I just bought a pair but don't want to roll them in until i know smoke won't emit from the amp. I know Lyr users in the past had no trouble..... Thanks in advance.
Jay-z to buy tidal..... ...making jay-z the only musician to ever make money off a streaming service.
I have found in my experience though, that tubes can be microphonic or noisy with the APV, and silent through other gear. I am not sure why that is... I believed for a while, heck maybe still believe, that the tube socket was to blame. The socket isn't the tighest i have seen, thats for sure. Because, the tubes i have had problems with all fit more loosely and/or had chipped or corroded pins. Anyway, finding a silent tube is not too hard. Still enjoying the APV very much.
i can't imagine doing that.adding just one gram of additional weight would be enough to snap the neck.    besides, I don't find the XC lacking in any way that damping material would fix.I don't really find them lacking much in any way, actually...
I'm not sure that's even a possibilty with my set up, sandab. After all, the auralic is streaming pcm cd-quality music directly from a usb networked drive. There is no intermediary. So 44.1 stays 44.1. And 16 bit stays 16 bit. The sound over ethernet is better than wireless at this point. Which, i'm not surprised to say, tells me that wireless streaming is not quite ready for end-game level of scrutiny. We will see. The aries is at least good enough to replace a cd...
Usb. Tried spdif with a different dac and the results were pretty similar.
Got my Aries today. And i know it is quite early.... But, i tried it wirelessly with my main rig, and was quite disappointed. This is vs a stock macbook pro running usb to the PS Audio directstream. Wired, it seems to be a touch better. But the kicker is that i bought it to be a wireless streamer. I went to the trouble of buying a dang $300 enterprise class router, and usb 3.0 NAS. I read all the hype about how the aries is supposed to smoke a macbook. So... i am...
jose i know you are dying to hear the headphone made to pair with the mha100 !!!
Just joined the club. took delivery of the LCD-XC from Headroom. so far, i must say that i prefer the way the XC images over even the LCD-3. closed headphones just "do it for me."  the bass presence, the way they pressurize the ears. the way the edges of the soundstage have more palpability.     so, i may have a new favorite...   need to start the neck exercises now...  
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