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Hi Trance, just f.y.i., these sorts of graphs are not accurate above 10khz. That's an important thing to remember and certainly should be part of a discussion of roll-off for any earphone.
 Any relationship to your legal team: Dewey, Cheatum & Howe?
Sure, I have the 850. First, in terms of usability, the G10's cable and overall fit are much better for day to day wearing. For the sound, while both have full, strong bass capability, the 850 has more of a midbass bulge, making its bass more fatiguing to my ears versus the subbass followed by more monitor tuning of the G10. I see why people use mods on the 850 for that, but at the expense of the already light isolation. The G10's isolation is much more usable on the go....
"it’s one of the better musical mid-tier IEM’s out there"Ha ha, no, the Lyra doesn't look to be in the same league.
Agreed on all points!
It's a black tube with a wax spring guard... :/ https://www.oaktreeproducts.com/site/items/items-3-S1-lV1FitSup-lV2WaxGrdWrp-lV3.aspx?store
Take a bus/train to NYC and go to Julie Glick http://www.musicianshearingsolutions.com/ Lady Gaga had just been in one time when I was in for a set of earmolds! A lot of musicians go to her when they are in NYC on tour. She really knows what she's doing.
That sounds good, I'll try it!
The supertips are a good idea! Let us know as you spend more time with the RD3 if you have any updates.  The copper cable is a good idea. You like it more than the Rhapsodio silver on the RD3?
Hi there, here is what you need to know: Fit is key for the right sound. It is completely worth it to get an excellent set of ear impressions from an audiologist who makes earmolds for musicians. Julie Glick here in NYC is one, there are others in major cities. If your customs don't fit, you have them adjusted until they do. Seriously, what were you thinking? A $1200 set of ciems and you didn't get them to fit you? Any brand of ciems can have fit issues and you need to...
New Posts  All Forums: