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I have the jh16fp and have demo'd the ue18 several times Both are nice, the ue18 is a bit dark sounding while the jh16fp's lower mids are a bit over thick ("honky" people say). Neither will have the midrange richness of the 846, the tuning is different. I would look closely at the Noble K10, these are warm in the mids, but with better treble extension than the 846, to my ears (I've spent a little time with the 846 and own the k10) You can also get a custom-fit sleeve for...
He hasn't replied to the two polite pm's I've sent over the last month.
Chartwell hasn't answered my pm and the ticket I opened hasn't been responded to for a week, so LH is really falling apart at customer service.
I've heard moedawg is working on his shield throwing as we speak.
Hi guys, have you pm'd chartwell85 and heard back from him with answers to geek wave questions?
I wouldn't recommend Craig, either. Everybody should be treated like Captain America in my book.
I'd say the ie800 has a different tuning than the 846, so comparisons about which is better need to be made in consideration of personal preference. I use the ie800 over-ear and it works quite well on the go. Having said that, I do enjoy my silicone and acrylic ciems, as well as my custom silicone earsleeves. It's a different feel and I know there are people who prefer universals over customs as well.
Definitely agree, she's the best in New York.
Playing at a middle volume does little to nothing, this likely remains true even after a hundred hours or more. Play at a very, very loud volume to help the driver, that's the advice I got from an audio engineer who designed a successful series of dynamic driver iems. I played my set loud enough that you couldn't hold the earphone 2cm away from your ear due to the volume and let the playlist continue overnight. You won't break the driver after 10 hours of that.   Then,...
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