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Looking forward to your update!
Hi Jalo,I appreciate hearing your take on these new items.Just f.y.i., Zirconium is not synthetic diamond. It's something like synthetic zircon (not exactly though, because natural zircon's structure tends to be degraded by naturally occurring radiation), a completely different mineral with entirely different physical properties from a scientific viewpoint.Zirconium is used as a cheap substitute for diamond in jewelry, but, again, they are very different with different...
Thanks! Please do give the Vega a second listen and report back! How is the detail in the mid and high between the two?
I have the katana and will hear the Vega in a while. I would say that you should read more about each one as already the descriptions of their tuning are quite different.So, if you are posting about one vs the other, it might mean you haven't done your homework. Also, you should try to understand what you want to hear.
When t8ie fans hear the CA Vega, please give us a comparison!
I may buy the Vega, but personally, I'm waiting for the Campfire Audio Large Magellanic Cloud.
And the treble, should I be concerned that it is peaky and rolls off or is this not an issue at all? Let's say for one of the people who found the Andro's treble a bit brittle and a bit less than relaxing over time.
Any comparisons with the ie800?
@snk8699 Thanks, could you please share a further comparison between the ie800 and Vega in terms of treble, clarity, and everything?
Can you give your business partner a listen? We need his review as well as yours!
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