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Hi Fritz, That's not what they should sound like. I hope you didn't try to get a low-cost set (fake).
Reports from RMAF are that Cardas has given up on the dark warmth for a more tonally balanced and detailed signature. Made a more wearable cable, too. Seems good at $300
Interesting review, thanks!
Acrylic shells allow you to hear some conversations, train noise, etc if no music is playing or if you play music at a reasonably low level. Of course, you may not have had a good seal, but that isn't related to the depth of the insertion. Silicone has better isolation, but unless you are deaf, you can still hear things with no music playing.
I am Spyro's biggest fan. Okay, discussion over, let's get back to the w60. Can more people who own it please talk about the sub-bass and also the clarity in mids and treble, please? Also, is it differently tuned than the es60? I thought I read that somewhere.
Are these a purchase and, if so, where are you gettting them in the states?
now your post is a poem
Yeah, real ie800s the tips come on/off with a little click--the sound is even described in the user guide.
Thanks, Spyro, much appreciated. Do you refer to a lack of full detail or of clarity (relative to top-tier iems) when you say over-smoothness?
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