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I own the jh16fp and have heard the jh16 demo. It's not a bright sound and the bass is the same in amount as it was. It seems odd that you are considering it, given that it's not what you say you are looking for. The UERM, which I also have heard, is more neutral with a brighter treble and is much closer to what you say you want.
Can you buy and review the z5, too?
Yeah, I would wear the cable over-ear if possible, that ends the microphonics issue. Or look into James' dongle. I'll never get tired of writing that. I felt the treble peak the 846 has with the white filters threw the timbre off with the classical music I played on it. Well, any music, really. You could try the other filters, but then the already present roll-off may be more of an issue. Just my finding with the 846 as a classical music listener. I liked the ie800...
Hi DeepGroove, I've been thinking of re-buying a set of ie800s for myself. When I had a set, I played them overnight with varied treble and bass-heavy music at a very, very loud volume. I figured that would loosen the diaphragm once and for all and was worth any risk. The treble went from peaky and twfk balanced armature-like to something well-extended non-fatiguing but a bit thin sounding. I was wonder if I could ask you to try this as an experiment and then add the...
Thanks, thatonenoob. Much appreciated. I'm glad to hear the magnesium earpieces are light, they should be very durable. Can you say more about the clarity of the z5? I know it's hard to talk about detail when listening in a noisy room. Was the isolation sufficient to block out the envirommental noise? Also, how did male and female voices sound? How was the timbre, did instruments sound true to life?
Maybe this will turn things around for them.
The z5 already comes with "Silver-coated OFC Litz Wire", but the balanced cable will be nice with balanced amps like the new sony pha-3.
You'll feel a little silly when you figure it out.I can help if it still doesn't make sense.
Should be interesting. Also, I hope they are reliable.
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