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Hmm, thanks!Last Question, I promise: How do cymbals sound on these?
Hmm, maybe a different eartip will help that, I think people are using Auvio tips in the ie800 thread? Would you say that the micro detail of the t8ie matches the ie800? That's the big question for me.
Cool, thanks! I'm enjoying the ie800's detailed midrange, subbass, treble extension, and I'm okay with the timbre and even the cable is working well for me somehow. I'd like a natural sounding iem (dynamic driver) that still has that detail, subbass and treble extension. The T8ie is definitely interesting. From reading alone, it seems like the Lyra has possibly flubbed it a bit and I'm not quite interested in the Dita iems, again based on the reviews.
I have the Jupiter in my ears right now and they are quite good. Looking forward to hearing the Andromeda.     I'd love to see a high-end dynamic driver offering in the line-up!
The uerm can have a bit of treble roughness, the uerr is smoother and doesn't have the same treble elevation as it is more even above 2khz. The uerr is a slightly warm take on neutral, not so far from the noble 4, but minus the treble elevation. You might ask Full Circle about the Savanna, which a slightly retuned 4C. That might be exactly what you are looking for if he smoothed out the treble. Ask him.
There's more than one foam tip, the ones with a firm tube won't do that as much. You can also "trim" the tip of the eartip and that can help as well. Time to tip roll again for you. Try everything. The 4 has a rise at 6.5khz (iirc), you can eq that down. Another way to reach Problem Solved status. If you really want a new earphone, the UERR will give you that neutral sort of sound without the same rise in the treble. Right now people who own and like the UERM are...
Foam tips. Problem solved!
Interesting mod, thanks.
The 846, for all its good qualities, both to my ears and in every measurement I've seen has a peak at 7khz and then drops like a rock. The treble extension is simply poor. Again, it does other things, but the treble extension issue really has to be pointed out well. The ie800 and many other iems have far better treble extension.
Good impressions metalmancpa and swnger! Thanks!
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