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Well, that's one way to describe how the K10 makes a person feel!
Look back a few pages until here and you'll have the beginning of an answer.
Very helpful again, thanks!Some good consistency in the early impressions!
Very helpful, thanks!
@Jude and @Currawong     I know you are both very busy, but any word on the sub-bass extension of these earphones would be much appreciated. Just how deep do they reach when the music calls for it?       I'm so looking forward to hearing these myself sometime! But, until then, please let us know about the sub-bass, thanks!
@jude Hi Jude,  Could you please comment on the bass response, the bass extension (particularly this, please!), and bass dynamics on the Shure K1500? Thanks so much and much appreciated!
Hello, I thought I would contribute to this thread, since I have significantly more than 2 posts here on head-fi!    Here is my story with Rob at In Ear Central and a few brief impressions:       I like dynamic driver iems and ciems and so InEarCentral's triple driver ciem was very interesting. I reached to Rob back in February about buying a set. He was quite responsive, telling me about the company, his design philosophy, etc.   So, I pulled out my credit card, I...
And how did those henchmen become burly?The answer is triceps dips.
The K10 is great! Glad you found the right top-tier ciem for you.
No, actually, they definitely cannot, at least if you believe some of the people who make the measurements. Measurements are not reliable over 10khz, they cannot be used to compare high frequency performance among headphones and iems. Sorry. It's a pretty important point. Some of the most honest measurements on the web actually cut off around 10khz just to prevent giving inaccurate pseudo-data.
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