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It's important. I use ear swabs to gently dry the ear canal before using a ciem in the morning.Again, the people who make the CIEMs (not one, but several companies) mentioned moisture damaging acoustic filters and loss of sound quality over time.I keep mine dry and so it won't be a problem on mine.
Just to be clear, from talking to multiple owners of CIEM companies, moisture WILL damage the acoustic filters in CIEMS and, over time, reduce the sound quality. The good news is that you probably won't notice the loss of quality as you'll get used to it over time. Just like the hearing loss most people get from listening loud...  Keep your CIEMS away from moisture, don't wear them right after you get out of the shower, store them with moisture absorbing materials if you...
  The patent was the problem at the beginning. Jerry took people's money to develop a product he knew he couldn't deliver and then stalled and stalled and blamed others. The final product ended up being totally different than the vaporware original. And the quality of the final product was low according to lee730, a jh3a owner. For the Roxanne, Jerry merely took people's money for a version of the product (the carbon fiber) he didn't know how to make in any quantity and...
Very interesting!
Yeah, I looked up your impressions this morning after I had taken my final notes. I think we hear them basically the same way.
In other news, I spent the weekend with Roxanne, JH16fp and Jh13fp demos. I'll post impressions in a day or three, but for now: While they are all good and would be very nice for a person who hasn't had a ciem before, I won't be getting the Roxanne--I'm choosing the Jh13fp or Jh16fp over it as the tonality is a bit off on the Roxanne compared to other ciems. That was a problem over time for me. For those who have the Roxanne, please enjoy them, it's just my ears and I'm...
Just be aware, it IS possible to get a full refund with JH Audio. They have terrible customer service and will try to deny you--but if you insist and insist and call and email--you can and will get a refund.   I know of at least one head-fi'er who has got a refund for his Roxanne order. He hasn't posted in this thread, so I'll keep in anonymous, but it's good to know that, in spite of JH Audio, if you want a refund, you can get it. He just kept calling and emailing.
I've spent last night and will spend the rest of this weekend with the Rox demo, jh13fp demo and jh16fp demo.   So far, it's interesting.
Wow Al, you're a poet.
Yes, excellent point!
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