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I've heard the Noble 6 and they are among my favorites, very nice indeed. They come custom-fit as well.
A friend with the z5 is finding that an amp is really making his z5 very enjoyable. Just passing that along.
Sounds good, Scott. If you haven't, consider the MG5pro versus the MG6pro, one may be a better fit than the other for you.
On a side note, another ciem maker had a case where someone ran over one side of a set of ciems with a car. I think it was actually mentioned on their website fine print for a while as a kind of in-joke. "We can repair most damage short of running them over with a car" or something like that, with most readers no knowing it referred to an actual incident.
It's a little strange that you are believing every word of the seller, just eating it up, when she said she didn't notice cracking on the earphone or when she sold you and claimed there was no dropping or mistreatment.Jumping to twist Dr. Moulton's words and attacking Noble publicly (which, as Warren noted, is weird) when you are taking unquestioned every word of the seller who admits she "isn't the type" to notice damage seems highly questionable.If it were an issue, we'd...
Unexpected snafus can always arise, but they seem to be keeping to their internal timetable on the A8.
Hearing protection is the primary thing. A little education is key. There are earbuds called "Loud Enough" that are a good choice.
Yes, clean and dry each night.Actually, that's good advice for ciems or ears!P.S. there are gentle ear washes that can be used weekly, available in any pharmacy.
Thanks for contacting Knowles.
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