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I may buy the Vega, but personally, I'm waiting for the Campfire Audio Large Magellanic Cloud.
And the treble, should I be concerned that it is peaky and rolls off or is this not an issue at all? Let's say for one of the people who found the Andro's treble a bit brittle and a bit less than relaxing over time.
Any comparisons with the ie800?
@snk8699 Thanks, could you please share a further comparison between the ie800 and Vega in terms of treble, clarity, and everything?
Can you give your business partner a listen? We need his review as well as yours!
Sounds like you'll get the Mrk2, please let us know how you find the sound. Also, PeterHyatt has the secret special number that goes to the CEO of Beyerdynamic or something. Ask him about it.
Or....Satan?Or the band Santana, following you around playing whatever music you like.
Thanks for the update, it sounds like an ideal phone. I'd love to visit Japan for one, someday.
And water resistant sounds good, too.
Can someone translate to see what the differences are?
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