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It's a little strange that you are believing every word of the seller, just eating it up, when she said she didn't notice cracking on the earphone or when she sold you and claimed there was no dropping or mistreatment.Jumping to twist Dr. Moulton's words and attacking Noble publicly (which, as Warren noted, is weird) when you are taking unquestioned every word of the seller who admits she "isn't the type" to notice damage seems highly questionable.If it were an issue, we'd...
Unexpected snafus can always arise, but they seem to be keeping to their internal timetable on the A8.
Hearing protection is the primary thing. A little education is key. There are earbuds called "Loud Enough" that are a good choice.
Yes, clean and dry each night.Actually, that's good advice for ciems or ears!P.S. there are gentle ear washes that can be used weekly, available in any pharmacy.
Thanks for contacting Knowles.
Many thanks to Piotrus-g and to Barra for making the tour happen.   I listened to the H8p using the Apex Glacier as an amp connected to a 5.5gen ipod. I listened to a wide mix of classical, Indian classical, with pop and rock, plus a little dubstep. It's a very nice earphone, stands with other high-end multi-BA earphones, and it's clear Piotrus put a lot of care into it. I found it had a very good coherency to the sound and good timbre for instrumental and classical...
Do the people working for LH speak english? If they were putting everything through google translate or something, I think it would explain a lot about their customer service. For example, I had a problem with my survey, there was only one option (gw32) and no way to correct it. The response? "Okay, just choose the right option on the survey".
I think you are forgetting the part about accusing people who like your favorite iem-but don't like it As Much as you do-with having an "agenda"
Me neither. I wonder if people who have treble issues aren't having a seal issue or some other thing influencing the sound? Having said that, I did hear treble issues in my first set of ie800s bought and returned a year and half ago.When it comes to burn in, I don't people know how to do it. I've seen people say they just play music at a moderate level. Burn in needs to be at a very high volume for a relatively short time.
Ha ha, thanks guys.
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