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Huh, I just got a set last week which had to be ordered from Sennheiser and it's 22xxx. Anyway, the good news is that Sennheiser seems to be quick about taking care folks when there are issues.
 Let's put it this way, the man who designed the Monster Turbine (a dynamic driver iem like the ie800) mentioned to me that he thought a new dynamic driver iem's diaphragm could use a relatively short period of high volume, beyond that he, as an audio engineer, didn't understand why people thought long burn-in times would have an impact. What I did with my new ie800 set is play is very, very loud (so loud that it was too loud to hold 5 cm away from my ears) music powered...
Wow, okay. I hope these will be available outside of Japan.
Shh, you're not supposed to think about how the measurements were taken.
Your input is always welcome with me. I'll definitely have to check those out.
Huh, the woo audio guy was hyping these to the moon. I think we'll need additional views to really help settle things. In the meantime, I'm glad I got an ie800 rather than waiting for the z5 as my universal fit set.
Hi Fritz, That's not what they should sound like. I hope you didn't try to get a low-cost set (fake).
Reports from RMAF are that Cardas has given up on the dark warmth for a more tonally balanced and detailed signature. Made a more wearable cable, too. Seems good at $300
Interesting review, thanks!
Acrylic shells allow you to hear some conversations, train noise, etc if no music is playing or if you play music at a reasonably low level. Of course, you may not have had a good seal, but that isn't related to the depth of the insertion. Silicone has better isolation, but unless you are deaf, you can still hear things with no music playing.
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