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Hi Wild, I'll definitely get to your questions later!
Glad I can help! Let me know if you have any more questions!
Thanks, Hawaiiancerveza! Yes, I'd say dynamic drivers are special, or at least this one is. The moving air quality does give the most real bass feel one can get from an earphone, to my ears. However, I would say that the vent system for the MG5pro is special as well. It offers good isolation, for one. I think it's a bit different in the end result from a home theater subwoofer, though. For one thing, check out my review and my comparison with the k10 one more time. If you...
MG5pro versus Kaiser 10 comparison is up!Let me know what you think of it!
Okay guys! I'll definitely do a comparison with the MG5pro and K10, that'll come first. Next, I'll be happy to compare my set of jh16fp (I got them a few months ago, but didn't do a formal review since I figured there a few of those out) with the MG5pro. If we don't go overboard with the off-topic stuff, I can even make a few comments on the K10 vs jh16fp. How's that sound?
pictures added to second post   comparisons to come   I think I'll at least add brief comparisons to the FS lineup, so comparing the MG5pro to the universal fit Atrio and custom fit MG6pro.   I might do a brief comparison of the MG5pro and Noble K10/JH16fp if there's interest.
Thanks! I found it was really interesting to think about, too.   You're welcome! I'd say it's definitely worth it!
Awesome, they've always treated me right.
When I had a set of ie800, I felt I got the best sound from an amp or a powerful source.
Glad to see you'll be seeing an audiologist. I've been told cumulative noise exposure can lead to hearing loss just as an acute event like you had. I would definitely give your ears a break until you see that doctor. Also avoid other sources of noise, wear earplugs if you are exposed to loud train noises on commute to work, for example.
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