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Well, it's possible that my first, and particularly my second, keeper set of ie800s just have perfectly working helmholtz resonators..? Because I'm not into treble spikes and my set seems to be free of harshness.
According to audio engineer KWKarth, moderate volumes and long hours do very little for a driver.  Instead, far louder volumes for a relatively short time will have an effect on flexing the diaphragm.  I played a varied playlist including both bass and treble heavy music tracks at 135 dB (far louder than would be comfortable or safe in-ear for any period of time) for 12 hours. Yes, just 12 hours. Not 100 or 500 or 1,000,000. The sound on my first set, which I had for just...
What makes you say that?Same bass driver. There's no indication the bass is any different.If you didn't like it (I also found the uerm to have roll-off in the bass), then the new one likely won't be for you. We'll have to see if there's improvement when people get a chance to hear it.
FutureSonics.com has a special discount on the G10 until 11/30! This is a nice chance to pick up a set of these for a good discount. Just use the promo code FSG10 at checkout for 20% off.
@warrenpchi and @jude, Would you please speak to the idea that this new earphone does not occupy quite the same role as the UERM? Do I have that right? I'd like It's more for higher rez audio? Thanks!
Is it a bad sign that VO hasn't posted more?
Well, Jude declined to complete his review of the t8ie, so they must not have impressed him (just an assumption).    I'd like to read other people's impressions and get a sense of the sound.
 I heard you had to go through a rubber tree plantation and then pass by a poultry farm--uphill both ways--just to obtain those shells!
I've got a Savant in my paws and it sounds great straight out of my ipod classic 5.5gen.
@Jude Thank you for taking the time to follow up with such helpful and detailed impressions! I appreciate it and now I look forward even more to hearing these earphones with a set of Sensaphonics custom-fit silicone sleeves!
New Posts  All Forums: