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There's an element of truth to critiques of balanced armature, although, of course, technology on all sides is progressing. I'll hear the Vegas soon, but thank you all for sharing your impressions.
Uff-da, now you're just taunting us! Is that a hint you've put something up somewhere?
I'd love to hear if anyone has a comparison between the t8ie and the CA Vega.
I guess we'll just have to agree to agree, then!
Well, the implication is that Mrs. Wizard liked John because of his ethnicity (a general trait) rather than the cold fire of his eyes, which are like to set a soul ablaze (a trait specific to John). Getting back to audio, have I mentioned the Katana is very good for listening to music?
@audio123 Hi, just so I make sure I understand, are you saying that you found: 1.the dita truth to have totl detail resolution? 2.you found the dita truth to have better detail than the Vega? Thanks, much appreciated!
One Easy Tip for driver flex is to pull on the ear while slowly inserting to the right depth where a seal would ordinarily occur (but doesn't, because you are pulling on your ear with the other hand). Then, let go of the ear and the iem seals without the change in air pressure that leads to driver flex. Might take some practice, but it can be worth it.
Just my own update after a month with the Katanas: These are great, of course. The balance for me is in the midrange and treble with bass that has some real power when called on. There is very good detail, but some warmth to leaven it as part of the Noble house sound, just not nearly the amount of warmth as in the k10. It's a coherent, very enjoyable overall sound. It reminds me of how some high-end chocolate is advertised as "eating chocolate" (as opposed to for...
If anyone can compare the CA Vega and the ie800, I'd appreciate it.
@DuncanWhen you hear the Vega, could you please do a comparison with the ie800 (and t8ie, if you've heard it)?
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