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I misspoke on the reshell versus refit for sure. I do think it's odd that people expect a company to facilitate a second hand market. Why would gregorz want people selling his se5 so they buy some hyped competitor? He has plenty of work, I really doubt a few audiophiles really amounts to a drop in the bucket of his market (oh no, an angry post, gasp!). Remember, it's not a big company with a big overhead. People will either save up for his ciem or he will sell a bunch to...
I doubt it's hurting Spiral Ears, head-fi is a tiny, tiny consideration for all that it seems like our posts are earthshaking things. Silicone is different from acrylic in that a reshell always means remaking the ciem entirely, rather than a much more minor process of buffing down a few spots, etc. That's the reason for the high price. As for having a no 2nd party reshell policy, I think this does make sure you hear what gregorz intended. The 2nd hand market in ciems has...
Looks good . I like that it can drive headphones.
I heard the danIt seems like Katy Perry was dancing with Real Sharks at the Super Bowl. 
Thanks for your comments, John. I wanted to ask you about them further. The UERM is tuned to sound like the NS-10, a treble-boosted tuning that audio engineers used because it was a very well-known sound and so could be adjusted for. I've spent quite a bit of time with it and UE itself admits it's not a flat sound at all, but certainly one that studio audio techs will be very used to and familiar with. The NT-6 I haven't heard, so I have no comment but to look at the...
HI Duncan, you know he's talking about the SE846, right?
I'd like more information on it, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
Frequency response graphs of the 846 clearly show a treble roll-off. It's not hard to hear if you don't have hearing damage. The ie800 has much better extension. Oh, and I've heard both and would take the ie800 every time.
Oh, I see, Geek Out versus Geek wave. They are directly comparable? Hmm, I've pm'd Casey about it. (Looks like you work for LH as well?) Some dynamic driver iems really do like power. I don't want to end up with something underpowered like the A&K DAPs. Those would be wasted money for me. It's not about volume at all. It's about the power to get the most out of a 'phone at moderate volume. That's why I use an amp with my 5.5 gen ipod, for example. It does make a difference.
This is from people who have the beta test versions?Even though I found the A&K 120ii and 240 to be underpowered (a lot of people find this, given all the folks getting aftermarket upgrades to add power or using an amp with them)?
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