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Except that Currawong directly compared them to Stax and said it had the same drawbacks for him. You actually replied to the post where Currawong said that, quoting him.  Speaking of which, I'll quote him as well: That is super helpful for me. But yes, we should all hear it and make our own assessment, sure.
 I haven't! Before you go in, look at the impressions again and ask yourself: "Do I like Stax headphones a lot?" If yes, go for it. If no, then no until you've heard the kse1500. If "huh?" then listen to stax and listen to the kse1500 before buying.
The driver size and the iem nozzle opening size are two different things and they both influence sound in different ways. Everything is a trade off.
Positive mental attitude?I was told to wipe my leather watch band down after wearing, maybe something similar for earphone cables is a good idea?
If you look up Tyll's first measurement of the ie800 (which, iirc, is behind a link rather than just being up), on one side of that measurement you get what I hear in terms of FR. Also, my cables are soft after a year. I'm basically never selling this set.
Yes, I tried the filter mod both with teabag material and again with a more specialized non-woven fiber. On my set, there was no difference with either.Oh, sure, thinner than warm, rich tunings I'll cop to. But a spike of death is something I don't hear.I should repeat that on my first set, on first listen, the ie800 was piercing, BA-like in the treble and basically unlistenable. Blasting the driver helped, but note that I still returned the set after the weeks of return...
Yes, I've felt for some time that measurements for the ie800 are very difficult to get accurately (to what I hear on my set, at least). Reasonances can definitely happen in different ways, I even had a sharp resonance with a ciem a while back and I worked with the manufacturer to remold and change that, which worked. So, I have an appreciation out of experience for this sort of thing.I will say that the spike of death the graph you posted shows is not the sort of thing...
As many of you know, higher quality dynamic drivers have lower distortion than BAs. What I like about the ie800 is that it really seems to have low, distortion to give clarity without the tricks that other iems use to give an artificial sense of clarity (a giant spike in the treble is a commonly used one which can be damaging to one's hearing).
Sensaphonics is having its holiday specials!   http://www.sensaphonics.com/announcing-our-2015-holiday-specials   3 offers, good through end of year: Bundle the 846 with SCS for $1000, incl free color. Buy any custom IEM, get choice of free Musicians Earplugs or  $100 off. Buy Musicians Earplugs, get free color and free T-shirt.
Not for me. I have a number of iems and ciems. When I switch to the ie800, there is no harshness.I don't like treble spikes in earphones, so it's something I would notice. But again, maybe my set is different. I also listen over-ear, so the fit may be different.
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