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Great! I'd suggest to play 'em super loud in a drawer overnight to get the diaphragm to flex a bit and then to play around with the fit--get a vacuum and see what that's like (bad) and then break it and get a much lighter seal (what you want). Enjoy!
I'm looking forward to hearing scott's impressions after he has a solid amount of time with them. As for soundstage, I am oriented toward the sound of live music, which is just one preference. In a live setting, you have all the instruments playing and their sound is subtly coming together and playing off the elements in the soundspace. There may be amplification (with speakers that are dynamic drivers, of course) or unamplified. For this, I think a single dynamic driver...
Well, I find much of the audio cues for soundstage come from the recording. I don't comment over-extensively on soundstage in my reviews for this reason-and I do have a 10 driver ciem as well as an 8 driver (and I used to own another 8), and a 6 and a 4 and a 3.... I personally find people's descriptions of soundstage attributed to iems or ciems to often be a bit exaggerated-just my experience. Not that I don't respect other people's take, of course. It's very often a...
Tyll said the prototype was less dark than the previous model.
So, single armature with copper or silver cables?
That's right, the new universal is coming out. Pretty exciting.
 I may not be an fx850 fanboy (I do like my set, though), I agree completely that dynamic drivers often just sound more real than multi-BA designs. It's telling that the best multi-BA earphones are basically trying to sound like a dynamic in timbre throughout the frequency range. I would probably take the 850 over the 846 because I didn't care for the 846 when I auditioned it (I stuck with the white filter).
Yup, it looks like this is their first official sign--they really, really like to wait till things are just right and ready before they make announcements of new products. Should be very exciting. I'll certainly buy one when they come out and review it on head-fi.
For me, at least, it was a real eye-opener to see exactly what was "too loud" and what was "safe" with my own music, my own gear, and my own earphones in real time.
They aren't really close in quality or signature to my ears.
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