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I also really enjoyed the IE800's bass. I'm thinking of buying them again. The treble was a little thin, but otherwise the detailed mids and sub-bass were great. For those who found the treble harsh, I wonder if the resonance chamber wasn't quite working on those sets? Because, it was a well-extended and fatigue free treble for me.
Those look great, minty! Thanks for the impressions on how they sound, too.
In my experience, both are fine straight.
Perhaps he misunderstood the discussion of the 846's bass and thought it was about the w60
I spent a three day weekend with the jh13fp demo and I'd say it's a clean, U-shape signature with a thinner sound and a spikier treble. The K10 has a richer, fuller, smoother sound. I like the jh13fp, but the k10 outclassed it in my opinion as I like the combination of a rich sound that doesn't compromise clarity and the smooth treble. However, someone wanting the jh13fp's sound will choose it, so each person should go with what they want to hear.
I have a good answer here. Sensaphonics, the masters of silicone shell custom iems, have a deal with Shure for making custon fit silicone earsleeves for Shure iems. I have a Sensaphonics ciem and I recommend their work. I also have a silicone custom fit earsleeve for my iems (this one is from future sonics) and I can say it's great, much better than the universal, in my opinion.
My order for the jh16fp is in as I chose that over the rox after a careful 3-day odyssey of listening to the demos. I think it's okay to expect decent service. I have received very, very good service from Sensaphonics, Nobe Audio, Future Sonics, etc. For JH, I went with Julie Glick here in NYC. She's a great audiologist and if there are problems with JH, she'll take care of me. Without her, I'm not sure I'd work with JH, given the complaints. That's just my opinion, no...
Finally heard the 846, used the reference filter. I liked them and I can see them competing with customs. Those whoo have them, enjoy!
Ha ha, awesome. I forgot all about April Fool's! As a guy who's had photosensitivity, I could have used these. I'll leave up the thread so people can share in the laugh.
I came across this and thought it might be interesting as it could point toward a future for audio professionals and audiophiles: Personal combined ear/eye systems. This is building on Sensaphonics' 3D Active Ambient System, where the CIEM has a microphone which allows you to dial up or down the amount of external sound you want. Now, they're adding a very interesting custom active "eye plug" to let you adjust precisely the visual information that is allowed...
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