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Thanks, Mr.86. I always appreciate your input.
Well, I'm glad this isn't a leather shoe forum. Because until those break in, ouch!
Hi there, The MG6pro is a stage monitor sound and is perfect for those who want that (boosted vocal range and subbass, non-fatiguing treble). The UERM is an earphone I've heard and I would recommend it as a reference, although, I did find some ear fatigue on the UERM--just my experience. For a dynamic driver, I would consider the MG5pro as a CIEM that strikes a balance between a stage monitor and a reference monitor.Here's my review of it:...
Well, several people have found that the ie800 really needs some power to shine. I find that as well and am currently enjoying it quite a bit. I'm certainly interested in the z5, though. Thanks to those who have provided impressions.
Hi there, it's been a while since I've heard the K3003. It definitely has its fans and I enjoyed the chance to hear it. I'll pm you, but I would say the K10 has a different tuning overall with a more coherent sound and a smoother treble that's still excellently extended. The k10's midrange is warm and full, yet detailed. The bass extends deeply, but there's more midbass to subbass to my ears. Hope that helps.
Sorry guys.
 Something about the z5 is really bringing out memorably wacky descriptions. I can see how "a little pregnant treble" plus bass like "a mega piece of coagulated phlegm at the back of my throat I cannot quite cough out" would indeed make a superior iem.  But, I ask you, dear reader, what is the midrange like? Is the midrange like a scent of a well-fattened goat, after a summer rainstorm? Is it like the turgid rippling of a segment of a tapeworm as it feasts on the...
Ah yes, treble that's "a little pregnant". Wouldn't want it to be totally pregnant, but just a little pregnant is good.
Cons: "sound quality is poor throughout"   Ha ha, awesome. I like this review.
Just F.Y.I. for people who come cross this post: Julie Glick is one of the very best audiologists around. A lot of touring musicians have her do their earmolds when they come to NYC. The day I had mine done, Lady Gaga had just had hers. Julie is a dealer for a number of CIEM companies (and can send molds out to any company, of course). A lot of head-fi'ers recommend her and I do as well.
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