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Thanks for the nice review. As a counterpoint, a friend and I both returned our sennheiser ie800's after a week with a prototype Noble 6. The ie800, to our ears, had more bass, but the overall tuning of the N6 won out, in particular the treble. I think as we hear more N6 owners chime in, we may find few who think the N6 is as overly bass-weighted as you've heard. Although, it certainly has some heft to it's lower end to balance the treble. Thanks again!
Hi spook, acoustic filters are coded by color in the audio industry, I think that's the reference here. Different companies are basically all choosing from the same mix of Knowles and Sonion BAs and using the same set of color-coded acoustic filters. The "black, white and blue" is window-dressing after the fact by Shure.   I haven't heard the 846 and would like to, I'm just trying to clarify so the discussion goes without misunderstanding.
I have the AS-2 (and the asg-1.2) and I'll have a comparison to the Rocket eventually.
 And Aurisonics' hit their kickstarter goal in the first day it went live.
Probably not more than the actual cost of shipping with a decent, reliable-for-business shipper (i.e. not USPS). In fact, shipping to different countries almost certainly has different costs (whereas a cheap, flat-rate can be found for CONUS and still be reliable). 30 USD is likely a ballpark figure that insures Aurisonics won't lose much money when Rockets become popular in Nauru.   Edit: Rockets are waterproof, making them almost ideal for Nauru.
 Generally speaking, head-fi is a very, very, very small slice of an audio company's sales. It's never been more than a tiny, tiny part of Aurisonics' sales. That share will go down, not up, with Rockets. The amazing thing is that Dale is here and talking to us--it's pretty cool that we get to be a sounding board and provide some input. Let's not let it go to our heads, though.
I think it's all about sound, build quality and ease of use. An earphone that's got those down will compete against anybody. Aurisonics' kickstarter video makes it clear they put a lot of thought into each of these key areas. We'll see how they are when they are shipped, but I'm looking forward as all the signs are positive so far.
I'm sorry to hear that. I think we can say it's a serious quality control issue. That's too bad. Let's hope JHA is quick to find a real solution.
The $129 is still $120 off the standard price and there are plenty left. They look well on their way to meeting their goal.
That seems reasonable.
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