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Dave or Rick, Could you please speak a little to the Ety target curve and how that came about? I'm sure there's some research and a story behind it which we'd all like to know more about. Thanks!
Hmm, AK sounds like a bit of a garbage company when it comes to really being up-front about things. Still, it's nice that they honor the warranty without any issues.   Thanks for digging a bit with your questions.   That number seems like a handy thing to have for a t8ie owner!
Me, too!
Many thanks to you and everyone in this thread for giving great info on the sound and keeping up on the QC issues.
Huh, they basically say the t8ie have poor sound for the price. Interesting.
I haven't heard the SLA version, sorry. I don't think you can go wrong or that any differences will be other than very minor, though.
Please give us an updated and elaborated report after you have a few days with your set of t8ie, thanks and looking forward to it. Oh, and Yuin have some earbuds, their flagship might be good for your wife if she doesn't fall for the t8ie!
You might look at quality earbuds (i.e. not in-ear, but still earphones). There won't be isolation, so watch out on the volume, but it might help her to be comfortable. Also, look at Normal brand, they make custom fit earpieces for earbuds (look them up to see what I mean).
You might get one of the bad batch that way...
I've just spent a week with these, they are overall very nice. Fairly balanced with warm lower mids and a reasonable amount of bass. They are technically quite good with a very nice amount of detail and overall the frequency range is well represented, with some small deficiencies here and there. There's something in the treble that doesn't cause fatigue, but isn't entirely right with my ears, a slight peakiness or roughness. The warmth in the lower mids was okay, but over...
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