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A wallet so light it practically floats?
Thanks, Wild! These are my everyday set of CIEMs for a reason! I'll try to have the jh16fp comparison up by the end of the week.
Exactly. There's a lot of bass, but you've got mids and treble to balance things so it's not a bassy signature.
Total respect, but you know the K10 and the 8C have the same bass drivers and same bass tuning? The Wizard's said that on HF a time or two, I believe (and in pm with me). The K10 have a lot of great bass, but you have to have a good fit to hear it. Great mids and treble, too, of course, but fit will definitely affect the bass, so maybe it was a fit issue when you demo'd the k10, possibly.
Hi Wild, yes, I have the Atrio (with mg7 --btw, anything with "pro" in the name is the line of CIEM drivers, without the pro is the universal driver line). I'll do a comparison with the Atrio and also MG6pro after the jh16fp... But the short version is that the MG5pro CIEM has a much more controlled bass with less quantity overall, more punch and much more balance than the Atrio. The MG5pro is definitely the king of chameleon-like bass. You've got it exactly. It's great...
Hi Wild, I'll definitely get to your questions later!
Glad I can help! Let me know if you have any more questions!
Thanks, Hawaiiancerveza! Yes, I'd say dynamic drivers are special, or at least this one is. The moving air quality does give the most real bass feel one can get from an earphone, to my ears. However, I would say that the vent system for the MG5pro is special as well. It offers good isolation, for one. I think it's a bit different in the end result from a home theater subwoofer, though. For one thing, check out my review and my comparison with the k10 one more time. If you...
MG5pro versus Kaiser 10 comparison is up!Let me know what you think of it!
Okay guys! I'll definitely do a comparison with the MG5pro and K10, that'll come first. Next, I'll be happy to compare my set of jh16fp (I got them a few months ago, but didn't do a formal review since I figured there a few of those out) with the MG5pro. If we don't go overboard with the off-topic stuff, I can even make a few comments on the K10 vs jh16fp. How's that sound?
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