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Another audiophile stopped by my office to compare the Katana versus the CA Andromeda. He liked the Katana much more, finding the Andromeda's highs piercing on some tracks versus the smoother treble on the Katana. He felt the Katanas bass was more punchy and detailed. Overall, the Katana was more balanced and was consistently better, track after track. For him, the Katana did better at everything. "I'm trying to think of a single thing the Andromeda does better than the...
I own the jh16fp and had the Vegas on loan for a week. I think if you like the jh16 and ie8, then the Vegas may be a good fit as you'll love the bass, although they have more treble energy than I remember the ie8 having by quite a bit.
Thanks, but bass extension is not simply bass quantity. Are you saying both bass and treble extension are lacking? Let us know!
Looks good! Some early reports were that the xelento was water resistant, is that true? I hope we can get further a/b with the t8ie to confirm they are the same in sound or slightly different. @kms108 how is the bass extension? How is the treble extension?
Now you are learning the Way of Sennheiser Product Cycles, young padawan.
Depends, probably will be 3-4 years at least.
A person only has to hear the k10 to know why it has won awards, no further explanation needed.
I asked a friend to compare the CA Andromeda and Noble Katana I have on hand. She used her 6th gen iPad and foam tips on the Andromeda (as CA recommends). The Katana won, hands down, with a more natural sound overall and a much smoother treble. The Andromeda had a deeper reaching bass, and she felt it was better than the Katanas (she likes bass and owns a jh16fp), but the Andromeda's treble was harsh and not realistic sounding. If she had to choose, it would be the Katana...
The 846 have a treble spike at 7khz and then fall off a cliff. So, no, I wouldn't say they more treble detail as there's no information given above 7k.
Thanks for the warning!
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