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Oh, I see, Geek Out versus Geek wave. They are directly comparable? Hmm, I've pm'd Casey about it. (Looks like you work for LH as well?) Some dynamic driver iems really do like power. I don't want to end up with something underpowered like the A&K DAPs. Those would be wasted money for me. It's not about volume at all. It's about the power to get the most out of a 'phone at moderate volume. That's why I use an amp with my 5.5 gen ipod, for example. It does make a difference.
This is from people who have the beta test versions?Even though I found the A&K 120ii and 240 to be underpowered (a lot of people find this, given all the folks getting aftermarket upgrades to add power or using an amp with them)?
Interestingly, when I asked for a black background with power to drive power hungry iems (not even headphones), Casey told me to get a 128xd (not iem)...Hmm...
Nope, wrong!
1964 Ears made a custom silicone set of earsleeves for an iem for me a few years back. They may still be an option. Personally, as someone who has a truly excellent set of full custom earsleeves from Future Sonics (made for FS iems only) as well as ciems, I would go full custom over custom earsleeves. Get the very best set of ear impressions you can and go for it!
You mean like delicious candy is inside?
I've had mine for 5 months and not even a trace of a problem. Burn in takes 8 hours at most if you do it right. Hardly a concern at all.
Actually, could you "drone on"? I would like to hear more of your experience since it's a nice balance to the more excited impressions.
I'd hold off on saying that the K10 is 90% of anything. Hype has a way of exaggerating things.Here's a review of the Layla that isn't getting much notice:'ll take time for the real word to get out and things to balance out. Meanwhile, people's take on the K10 has been pretty steady, I'd say, month after month.
I've heard at length the k3003, 846, ie800 and roxanne universal demo. One thing is clear, the k3003 is way better than the roxanne! I went with the ie800 (for the reason m13 noted, naturalness), but I'd like to hear the k3003 again. I think the k3003 vs 1plus2 (which I've also spent time with) is a good match up as they are both hybrids. I'll let someone else make that comparison.
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