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It's really not about whether you believe the Noble line is great. I'm not attached at all to whether people like or don't like the earphones I happen to enjoy. Nor are Noble earphones the only ones I enjoy. Each person has to consider what they want. My take on a good review is actually has little to do with whether the reviewer likes or dislikes the earphone. Think about that. I know there are plenty of reviews that are basically about that. While I respect each person's...
It's really easy to see just the opposite happen quite frequently. People who spend a lot of money are then pressed to justify their investment. Truly, while I think it's great to have full disclosure, it's the quality of the review we should look at, not the person or the means of obtaining the earphone. I notice that people who claim bias seem completely unable to make specific critiques of the review itself. That's just a personal attack. I think it's time to put...
I know someone who is buying these. I'm looking forward to hearing his feedback.
This is true. The MG6Pro CANNOT be reshelled.
Hi there! Well, I'd say the treble was a definite difference. While I enjoyed the IE800 a lot, the Noble treble was fuller sounding for me with my source (apex glacier backing a 5.5gen ipod). The ie800's dry, very clear mids are very nice, while the K10 has a warmer, richer midrange which is still very well detailed. The ie800 has nice sub-bass while the K10's bass is nicely balanced between the mid and sub bass. Overall, they have different sound signatures, with the K10...
I wore them over-ear and had a secure fit for a run. I couldn't promise everyone could wear them that way, though.
I would consider the Noble Kaiser 10 and Noble 8C
I also really enjoyed the IE800's bass. I'm thinking of buying them again. The treble was a little thin, but otherwise the detailed mids and sub-bass were great. For those who found the treble harsh, I wonder if the resonance chamber wasn't quite working on those sets? Because, it was a well-extended and fatigue free treble for me.
Those look great, minty! Thanks for the impressions on how they sound, too.
In my experience, both are fine straight.
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