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I auditioned the dorado yesterday at a meet and it's nice, but I would say the treble is basically similar to the andro (perhaps a CA house sound, although the lyra2 didn't have it) and not really for what you described as wanting. Look elsewhere. Again, that's just based on what you said you wanted, the dorado is very nice, but nothing is for everyone so don't get the idea I'm trashing some awesome iems.
I would avoid both if that's the case, as neither is a good choice for you, given #1. The Andro has a peak at 6.5k and above 13khz, making it fatiguing over time to my ears when I listen for long periods of time. In fact, there is a tangible "relief" when I switch to other iems which don't have these peaks (but perhaps have other peaks, not as fatiguing for me). The Vega has some very mild sibilance reproduction and also has the 13khz peak. I would say that the punch with...
Enjoy your ciems. I would say for top choices, both the roxanne and 846 have been long since superseded by other iems. Look around HF and see.
Any further news about the dynamic driver in the fourté? I think that will be the make or break part as it will need to be a special dynamic to really match with the BAs.
That's a good take on the Vega. For the ie800, I think it's good to get a proper seal for the best sound on any iem. I already supported your review in the other thread so I'm giving my critique here
On direct comparison, the Vega has a fuller sound than the ie800, so I can back liquidsn up on that.
I'd say the Vega has more and the treble has more kick to it. I'll need more time to say more about it.
I've just begun listening to the Vega (thanks to an awesome head-fi'er). I really like the moving-air thrum it gives to the bass, and really every part of the range.
I wear the ie800 overear, but anyway, please just get the best sound you can from each (Ken Ball at Campfire Audio recommends heavy burn-in for the DLC coated drivers of the Vega), listen with an open mind and then share with us what you hear. Thanks!
I enjoyed the Noble 6, of which the Django is an upgraded version. It was a warm, relaxed, enjoyable sound. If that is what you want to hear, I'd recommend it.
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