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Well, originally, Pete Millett, the engineer behind the glacier and a lot of well-received amps from TTVJ, had a portable amp with a tube in it. The sound was said to be very good, but the amp would ring if you gave it a knock...so I think durability was part of the reason . The glacier sounds very good, so I've been quite happy with it.
 The Apex Glacier I use is tuned to emulate a high-end tube amp sound in a very portable form. I recommend it for the K10 and just any ciem I've tried it on.
Nice! Can you do a CSD graph, please?
Mine are like what you are describing hearing, too.If people are very used to the typical iem sub-bass anemia (plus variances in listening levels, fit, music types, etc.) , then the ie800's north of neutral sub-bass and punch can seem like a lot.
Congrats and best wishes, Dale! This is great news! I'm very much looking forward to this line and where Fender will go forward with it in the future.
Good review, Nathan. Sorry I missed it earlier.
I'm surprised he bucked what a number of other people found, and heard the layla having more details out of an iphone than the kse1500. Seems like something may not have been quite right, but it's hard to say.
You're welcome!
Okay, guys, could you go here http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/hearing.html and tell us how well the A8 extends and to where? That will give people a good idea of what's what in terms of treble extension. Thanks so much and much appreciated.
Hmm, so are other a8 owners finding treble roll-off? If so, is there extension (a shelf or a steady downward curve) or a cliff?
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