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Nice picture, thanks for the assist buihia!   Here's a very nice MG6Pro review by our own bwhli!   He describes the MG6Pro just as I hear them. Good job, bwhli!
Steve Guttenberg's impressions are always welcome to me. I enjoyed talking to him. Even if I don't agree always (who does?), he's a nice guy who is enthusiastic about audio and he has a lot of experience.
Steve Guttenberg from CNET also put the Shure 846 over the Roxanne sonically when I talked to him in person at the last NY Audio meet.So, that's 2 people with that impression.
Thanks waxall! Very nice review and glad you're enjoying your MG6Pros.
Has Westone said what the sound signature will be like versus the es50?
Yes, that's definitely the clear color! I have a clear set and that's how it looks. It's just that Bwhli is a superior photographer! The other effects you mention are from unskilled photographers, the real appearance is what bwhli has captured.
Hmm, I'll second vwinter's question and add that this standard is for over-the-ear headphones, not earphones. Same with diffuse field and FF measures. Audio engineers now know that the ear canal has its own resonances and these need to be compensated for by canalphones in a way that over-the-ear headphones may not need as much. So, a canalphone that precisely matched the Olive curve (impossible, you may say), may not sound very nice at all!
I wanted to post about some neat news from Sensaphonics: There's a New Product from Sensaphonics released at NAMM! And there's a sale on Sensaphonics' ciems!   I'll quote from a well-known, handsome Sensaphonics rep:   The new product is a next-gen upgrade to the 3D Active Ambient IEM System called 3D AARO. The technology platform remains the same [kunlun note: The Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient has tiny microphones built-in which allow the user to dial-in the exact...
Just to continue with the idea that GE doesn't know something that actual earphone makers do--there's a resonance at around 2.7khz in the human ear canal. Audio makers in the know will drop a bit out of that spot or keep it flat in their earphones. You can see JH does it above with their dip at 3k. Sony (see GE's xba-h3 graph), FS, Sensaphonics, Spiral Ears, Sennheiser (see rin choi's graph of the ie800) and a bunch of others do as well. GE's target was made by people who...
Hi eke, great talking to you as always. Let me help: When I and my friend directly compared the Noble N6 and Sennheiser IE800, we found the emphasis to be as you say, with the IE800 shifting toward the sub-bass, while we did not hear the N6's bass getting in the way of the mids. Having different bass emphasis, however, does not mean they are therefore equal. We heard the IE800 having more bass than the N6. Overall quantity was clearly different, to our ears. "If only the...
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