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To get a sense of how an earphone will sound, reviews can be a good resource. I know I put a lot of care into my reviews with the idea of trying my hardest to give readers a sense of how an earphone sounds. I hope that care comes through in what I write. Best wishes!
Seems like an interesting option.
JH16fp vs MG5pro comparison is up! down past the pictures and k10 comparison Also, I'd like to point out that I went to Julie Glick for my JH16fp earmolds and it was a great experience resulting in great fitting CIEMs. I'll go back to her for all my CIEM earmolds in the future. If you're in NYC, she's the best.  
I've listened to the JH Roxanne for three days at home (with a universal, naturally). And I definitely noted that comparing graphs between different sources should be taken with a grain of salt, but, I disagree that graphs are meaningless or that there's no possible information that we can draw from them.   For example, these graphs, including the one you posted, show very clearly that the treble and mids are not flat. That could be useful to know for a prospective...
Sure, but the house sound is pretty clearly defined by looking at them all.
I guess I could walk over and take a look sometime
Hearing for one's self is the best, of course.   Here is a graph for the Roxanne to help understand what we hear and what others may be describing:   From     Frequency response:     You can compare it (taken with a grain of salt because graphs from different sources don't allow for close comparison) to the jh16 and jh13...
I think you were right to go with Sensaphonics' suggestion in terms of the 2MAX and your listening preferences.For cleaning my set, I just make sure to gently use the tool provided to remove earwax, with the opening facing downwards so no loosened particles of wax go further in. The other major concern is moisture. First, I allow my ear canals to dry after a shower before using my earphones. Then, I put my earphones in the case with packets of dessicant to absorb any...
Thanks for the update! It's always nice to see an earphone stand the test of time. I have a 3MAX and I like it a lot.
A wallet so light it practically floats?
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