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No. Imagine having a stiff new pair of shoes that you only wear sitting down. They wouldn't break in, either.But, maybe it's not really important for soft piano music.
Piano music at 25% volume does nothing and shows that the person doesn't understand what they are doing.KWKarth, an audio engineer who was an administrator here at head-fi, told me that you need to flex the diaphragm and low or middle volume did nothing for that, even hundreds of hours of nothing does nothing.He said a much shorter time at a much higher volume makes much more sense to him as an audio engineer.That's how you do it.I usually play them with bass heavy music...
Thanks!So, a 5k peak on the galaxy v2 isn't sibilant?
The dita do have some spikes and they are not as resolving as many at that price point. Hopefully, new models will address these issues.
The Vega has more bass, Fuller lower mids and the treble peaks differently. The ex-1000 is not far from the Vega in clarity, although I thought the Vega came ahead. Besides the 7khz peak, which people have different ways of handling, the ex-1000 is pretty great. Mostly, besides the differences in tuning, the Vega gives you a much more wearable and useable form factor, with better isolation and fit.
I'm sure people have posted this (and I asked in the Vega thread), but could anyone give a comparison with the Vegas?
Has anyone compared the Vega with another top-tier dynamic driver iem, the Rhapsodio Galaxy?
  I'm interested in the new universal fit version of Sensaphonics' 3D Active Ambient and I'm hoping to see some reviews of this pro-audio gear.    Here's the info available so far (and why I'm interested):   The 3D-AARO, as its called (the RO is for Record Out) is an earphone with a big difference: It has its own microphones, allowing you to pipe in outside, ambient, sound for conversations or the needs of a musician or to block it out completely. You can also do...
When new owners of the gr07x get a chance, I'd love to see some comparisons with higher end dynamic driver iems. Just to get a measure of them and their clarity, Etc. Thanks!
Thanks! So, did the driver bottom out or crackle or explode? Or did you just feel like it didn't do the track full justice as a super high end speaker system might?
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