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When are these coming out?
And the Campfire Audio Lyra is getting a mrk2 version as well, I've heard.
Mk1 broke all the time, every time. Mixed reviews on sound. Mk2 promises better reliability and a new diaphragm and voice coil with lower distortion and higher headroom which should mean better clarity and dynamics. We will see if it lives up to that.
Yes. It's a 3-star ciem, find something better.
A new moving coil is a big deal, far more so than a cable. Lower distortion has been pointed to as a factor in microdetail/ clarity a.k.a. "plankton".I'm glad to hear about a mkii, I think I may well pick one of these up.
There have been many, many studies on the effects of cables on audio performance. They almost always show no difference. That's not to say that settles anything and there is a Sound Science forum for cable debates, I'm only pointing out that there is very, very, very little data to back up claims of cables making any difference in sound quality. If you can find a study that shows a difference there will be 50 that don't. People do hear what they hear, of course. Just...
I wouldn't recommend it unless you like a dark sound with a treble preak and poor treble extension.
My experienceThat was my experience as well.
So both of you found the ie800 to be much clearer sounding?   I'm still interested in what AK and Beyerdynamic have to say about things.
I appreciate your response.Has there been an attempt to reach out to AK and Beyerdynamic for an official statement?
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