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I was comparing the G10 to my jvc fx-850 and senn ie800 the other day. I can talk about that in an addendum to my review (when I write it). How's that?
The mids are great! If you want a monitor-like sound, that is. If you want an earphone that adds warmth and thickness to the presentation, then maybe a shure 535 or something. It's all about what's right for each person. I would say the added detail and balance of the G10 is a definite plus over the Atrio in terms of involvement, However, both the G10 and Atrio are stage monitors so they try not to add to the midrange beyond having a small boost necessary to bring the lead...
 The FS custom silicone earsleeves are full-custom, they fit just like my silicone ciems. My set is 4 years old and still fits perfectly. You can see my ear has its own shape and how the FS silicone custom sleeves go beyond just the ear canal for a true custom fit. I like them a lot. Sorry about the cell phone picture! 
The G10 and custom silicone sleeves are a very good combination, that's for sure. Thanks! Well, one earphone at a time!I'm slowly and politely bugging Marty Garcia about ciems, though!Thanks!
INITIAL IMPRESSIONS!   Okay, I've spent a few days listening to these (and some burn-in time on a playlist set to very loud) and going to my old set of Atrios to compare.   The FS Spectrum Series G10 has the Future Sonics DNA for sure. The basic tuning is like the Atrio, they are clearly and immediately related to one another. That means real sub-bass really filling in the bottom end of the sound and a monitor realism in the midrange and treble, with no artificial...
No word yet on the connection type and no word on when it will come out, only that a detachable cable version with mic will eventually be out. Future Sonics really makes sure things are right before releasing anything.  And There should be a few places soon and Handheld Audio in London will have some in stock this week!
Part of what's neat for me is that Future Sonics engineers their own earphones, so it's really true to the vision of the founder, Marty Garcia, the first person to put in-ear monitors on stage.Pre-initial impressions are very good! This definitely has the Future Sonics DNA. I compared these to the Atrios for a few hours last night and will do so again tonight.
I've been waiting, too! Future Sonics really likes to make sure things are right before they release a new earphone. Their first run went out to professional clients (and that's where their market is, mostly). In terms of cost, I think one can go cheap, but then there are quality control issues. I'll give a few initial impressions soon, but for now, I can say that this is a pretty sturdy earphone.
New thread for the Future Sonics Spectrum Series G10 here
Entirely new driver, new housing, new cables, new strain relief. The driver size remains 10mm, but there's more to drivers than just size, as you know! Price as mentioned at $219.
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