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I liked the UERM very much after a long-term loan with it a while back. The Noble 4C definitely has a smoother treble and more linear bass, though. I'd say the 4C tops the UERM at being a clear window on your music. However, the UERM has its die-hard fans and they aren't going away.
Wrong!   There was a special discount over Christmas/New year's.   The MG5pro had a discount as well.   The official price for both has remained the same, however.
They have to.
oh wow
I can tell you the Kaiser 10 is a very musical earphone. No worries at all there! Also, I wouldn't say that the process is expedited by sending directly to China. I've done both and I would go with sending to Noble in California if you are in the U.S.
Maybe his new hobby is saving money?
If you're willing to drive for a few hours, you could visit a certain Wizard...
Hi Wickson,   I don't think that other customers are responsible for the delay.     ...     I agree with Al that a custom product ordered online is a pay-in-full-upfront sort of deal.     I'm sure that those who are determined can receive a refund for a non-delivered product. I hope that all issues with the carbon fiber are quickly resolved or for that customers are offered a full refund or a chance to get an acrylic-shelled Roxanne with a refund for the price...
Nice picture, thanks for the assist buihia!   Here's a very nice MG6Pro review by our own bwhli!   He describes the MG6Pro just as I hear them. Good job, bwhli!
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