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The bottom port is actually quite important, it equalizes pressure in the ear, which allows the eardrum to move freely and your hearing to be unaffected. Really very cool. If there was no need to have the port, it wouldn't be there at all, so no need for symmetry.This is kinda what 64ears says the ADEL system does, so that's a little interesting.
I'm not putting wet fingers on any of my high-end earphones, which is exactly the point. When you discover the decreased resistance to shock and the very same or worse issues with moisture that BA based earphones have, will you complain about design flaws then? The point is to take responsibility and not to mistreat high-end gear. That's it.
If you abuse or mistreat gear and break it, that's not a design flaw. The ie800 wasn't made to be abused. The owner is responible for treating their gear well. My ie800 has been in use almost every day for two years with no problems. I take care of my stuff.
With proper care they shouldn't, as mine haven't.Just air humidity is unlikely and why would a person work out in high-end earphones or handle them with grimy hands?It's possibly a good lesson in higher end iem care.
I played with carefully and reversibly closing one or another of my ie800's ports when I first bought them. Rin choi's ie800 page has notes on what the top and bottom ports do. In the end, having a seal and fit which wasn't too deep but sealed well at a shallow insertion was the best with no need to play with ports, at least for me.
I've been listening to these for a week now. The Andromeda has excellent clarity, including in the vocal range. I didn't hear that the vocal range was either brought forward or recessed.
When are these coming out?
And the Campfire Audio Lyra is getting a mrk2 version as well, I've heard.
Mk1 broke all the time, every time. Mixed reviews on sound. Mk2 promises better reliability and a new diaphragm and voice coil with lower distortion and higher headroom which should mean better clarity and dynamics. We will see if it lives up to that.
Yes. It's a 3-star ciem, find something better.
New Posts  All Forums: