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Good answer.Follow the more modern NIOSH guidelines, based more more up-to-date research.Keep in mind that some people's ears get damaged much more easily than this chart suggests.
Could say a little more about this comparison, please?
Just a heads-up, Sensaphonics is having a facebook raffle where if you like their page and share the raffle post, you are in the running for both a Sensaphonics 2-XS CIEM and the awesome ear-saving dB Check Here's a review of the dB Check
Both the N6 and the K10 are favorites of mine. The 6 is less warm and a little less full sounding to my ears. The k10 is warmer, richer, yet still detailed, that's what makes it special. There's a discussion in the thread I started in the k10 about synergy with players and amps so feel free to contribute.
Interesting discussion, guys. Keep sharing what you've found to be a good synergy with the K10, thanks.
I have a glacier and I'm very happy with it.More comparisons between the z5 and 846/k3003/ie800 are welcome as I've heard all three (just went back and spent another hour with the k3003) and own the ie800.
I've heard the Noble 6 and they are among my favorites, very nice indeed. They come custom-fit as well.
A friend with the z5 is finding that an amp is really making his z5 very enjoyable. Just passing that along.
Sounds good, Scott. If you haven't, consider the MG5pro versus the MG6pro, one may be a better fit than the other for you.
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