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They are up on amazon and have a 5.5mm dynamic driver. There's also a bass-heavy earphone with a larger driver for "drums, bass and keyboards".
Someone else in this thread tried both and pit the z5 over the fx1100, so there's that.Could you compare the clarity of the uerm with the z5? Thanks.Edit: And you, too, joey99! How is the clarity and treble extention versus the 846?
Hifiman filters fit the fx850, something to consider for those thinking that the highs need taming.
Well, it's great that you're keeping optimistic about the A8's timetable!
Thanks Daniel, much appreciated!
A hook is baited!And there's a nibble!Oh, we're got a bite!You guys who got hooked by the joke need to know that there's the way some other guys do things and then there's the way Noble does it. Noble does it right.
Glad you're enjoying these. I'd say I hear them pretty much like you do and I'm very happy with them.
So, the only thing keeping you back is that it's the wrong earphone for you? Well, don't let that stop you!
The Thinksound Rain2 is quite nice with  a rich sound and excellent bass extension for the price. It does very well with hip hop.
Thanks, Daniel. Let me know about the treble extension as well, please.
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