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The folks at Airport Inmotion in JFK let me listen to their 846 for an hour. They were really nice--and also interested in the K10s I was comparing them to.
I was talking to an audiophile in Hong Kong who had 3 (three) of his friends buy the Ref1 and all three had what they thought were driver failures. Perhaps they had cable failures, but the end result is that their Ref1's had serious quality control issues.   That's really too bad. I had a chance to listen to a set of Ref1s for 10 days and it's not bad to my ears. I may do a super brief review later.
Good advice, Coupe.
I like the apex glacier as an amp that suits Noble ciems.
You're welcome. I have CIEMs from different companies and what is usually done is that you print out a CIEM company's instructions and bring it to the audiologist. What you find in practice is that, at least in the U.S., an audiologist who does musician's earmolds will be an official dealer of several different CIEM brands. For example, Julie Glick here in NYC is a dealer and audiologist for UE, Sensaphonics, JHA, and Westone.To your point, I have also worked with an...
What is best in life? Listening to good music through high end earphones wearing comfortable underwear.
Boxer briefs 4 lyfe
This is indeed true. They really do have a special training program and only those audiologists who attend get to be a Golden Circle member.
Well, if you learn about how the ear canal shapes sound, you'll see why that is.Learning is something I like to do.It's okay, you don't have to mock something that's not right for you.Different strokes for different folks.
Sure! Well, I think it's important understand the context and history. Balanced armatures were developed as hearing aid technology and while we can now enjoy ones made for music, hearing aids are what they were originally made for and hearing aids are the primary reason audiologist make earmolds by a huge, huge margin.The fit standards are not nearly as precise for a bearing aid. And getting that right fit on CIEMs or custom ear sleeves is very important for the sound...
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