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Good impressions metalmancpa and swnger! Thanks!
Could t8ie owners confirm the congested sound DavidMolliere heard on his set before returning them? Also, in terms of treble clarity and treble extension, could folks compare them to their top-tier iem/ciems please?
The g10 comes with its own foamies which are quite good.
In a few years the kse1501 will hopefully improve things further. Around the same time, hopefully Sennheiser will have an ie800 replacement.
I'm glad olddude got to you with good advice before somebody came along was like "just let your ears adjust to the pain, festering pressure sores improve the bass!"After you play with the fit (keeping the time in your ears short if there is any discomfort), then look into a refit soon--you almost certainly need one.
I had a long term audition with a uerm demo and found I liked it a lot, but it's the only earphone to give me treble sensitivity (I just plain avoid ones that are known to do this), and there was a bit of added harshness and roughness to the otherwise good treble. This is intentional to a degree as the uerm was engineered to mimic the classic old ns-10 (this is the famous monitor where people would put toilet paper over the tweeter as an early "mod" to reduce treble...
Well, originally, Pete Millett, the engineer behind the glacier and a lot of well-received amps from TTVJ, had a portable amp with a tube in it. The sound was said to be very good, but the amp would ring if you gave it a knock...so I think durability was part of the reason . The glacier sounds very good, so I've been quite happy with it.
 The Apex Glacier I use is tuned to emulate a high-end tube amp sound in a very portable form. I recommend it for the K10 and just any ciem I've tried it on.
Nice! Can you do a CSD graph, please?
Mine are like what you are describing hearing, too.If people are very used to the typical iem sub-bass anemia (plus variances in listening levels, fit, music types, etc.) , then the ie800's north of neutral sub-bass and punch can seem like a lot.
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