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You really want the G10, it sounds better and has more durable construction.
Please do!
That will almost certainly never happen. Other companies don't want it. That's not saying anything bad about it, just that it's not something other companies want because they have their own ideas about how to go forward. Talk to the heads of ciem companies. You'll get a polite but definite no, at least, that's what I've gotten.But we may we 1964 going forward with adel in the future, we'll have to see.
Back when I spoke to kwkarth about it (who helped design the Monster line of dynamic driver iems), he said burn-in for dynamic drivers was something would work best at a quite high volume for a relatively shorter amount of time. He didn't see the point in the usual head-fi moderate-volume-played-for-1000hrs type of burn-in. For burn-in, I set a varied playlist at a volume louder than is safe or comfortable for human ears (+1205dB) for several nights to about 100hrs. That's...
Please keep the impressions coming, thanks!
The housing is actually metal, with a coating over it. They are quite lightweight, too. Agreed on the sound quality being a definite step up over the Atrio with no veil at all.
I'm sorry you're having fit issues. So, in terms of fit there's the seal where we need a light seal for bass. Unsealed earphones will have a cutting treble with little bass, for example. Then, there is air pressure. Pressure in the ear canal will cause dark or veiled sounds. Pull up on the top of ear to gently break the seal and release any pressure, then let go and allow the seal to reform without pushing the earphone in. If it's done right, you'll get a seal without...
   Helpful comments on your experiences on which tips work best for you.  Navmau, I hope you get to hear the G10.
To my ears, there is definitely more treble presence in the G10 versus the Atrio, it's a welcome addition to increase the tonal balance in the G10.
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