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I haven't heard the Roxanne yet (soon) and have only heard the jh13fp and jh16fp in demo form. However, I wanted to note that Al's comparison seems to correspond well with a few other private comparisons audiophiles have shared with me about their JH ciems--they found the JH13fp wins for those who like clarity.
 I'm sorry to hear that Al. I hope it works out for you soon.
Has anyone heard the ES60s?
I just spoke to a head-fi'er who ordered in November. He managed to get a full refund on the Roxanne after waging a campaign of emails and phonecalls. So, it's possible if anyone wants.   I hope to hear a demo as soon as Julie gets one in. Let's all email Angie about a demo for NYC.
A new universal froom Future Sonics is a ways away. I'll give them a call in the middle of spring and see if they are ready to share some news then.
Really? I've never heard of ciems being shipped with an extra mistaken hole drilled in the shell as a failed attempt at a sound tube. I think JHA is unique in that. Also, shipping an entire first run of flagship custom iems out with faulty cables is unique to JHA, as far as I remember. Occasional driver failures and small cosmetic flaws are common, though, yes.
As I've mentioned before, I spoke personally with Steve Guttenberg (who writes The Audiophiliac and for CNET) about his experience with both the 846 and the Roxanne. He told me he preferred the 846 over the Roxanne.   Several people have gotten mad about this and made various ad hominem attacks over it. I am simply accurately conveying what a very well respected member of the audiophile community told me of his experience. That's all.
The Wizard is well known for taking courageous moral stands on the most controversial topics of the day such as:   Is it okay to harm puppies?   "No." He says.           and kittens? You may ask?   Well, I think that one's obviously no as well.
Sounds like you might have a poor fit. Make a note of the "hot spots" where the shell is making your ears sore. You can send it back within 30 days for a re-fit (and, yes, more waiting, but it's worth it to have a good fit).
See my review (second post of the thread) for a very accurate, balanced take on the two.
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