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I'm surprised he bucked what a number of other people found, and heard the layla having more details out of an iphone than the kse1500. Seems like something may not have been quite right, but it's hard to say.
You're welcome!
Okay, guys, could you go here http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/hearing.html and tell us how well the A8 extends and to where? That will give people a good idea of what's what in terms of treble extension. Thanks so much and much appreciated.
Hmm, so are other a8 owners finding treble roll-off? If so, is there extension (a shelf or a steady downward curve) or a cliff?
How are you finding the treble extension?
Well, for example, the shure 846 has very poor treble extension, so totl iems aren't necessarily good in this regard. Thanks for telling us about your experience with the T8ie..
I can confirm the treble spikes you've heard, they are present but not too bad at all, as you said. They go under the radar for some music, unless you listen for them. For those wishing to hear them, the ultrasone test cd is a good reference: http://www.head-fi.org/t/212720/ultrasone-test-cd-in-flac-free Chakraphon-Improvisation I and II are places where you can listen at medium loud and find a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Also, the treble doesn't extend well in...
The Futre Sonics G10 might be a very good fit if you like subbass.
I hope to review one! I've been in touch with Cardas Audio for several months as they have gotten ready to being the A8 to the market.It's an earphone I'm really looking forward to hearing.
I don't believe they are shipping yet, although I could be mistaken.
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