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In your review you mentioned the treble extension of the v2, could you talk a little more about it, please?Also, is the bass quantity sufficient for traveling on a train/plane/subway?Thanks.
I think "hint of sibilance" with spiral dots on rare tracks was my experience, with the 6.5k peak on the andro being more fatiguing. The Vegas have a lot of energy at all places in the FR due to the dynamic driver really moving air. This energy is a good thing, but since this is the first time this driver is being used, it could use more control and tuning for future iterations.
@KB Just to follow up with James444's comments, I would like to highlight the part about the ringing resonance (with helpful waterfall plot) on the Vega as a serious thing to consider for further iterations and new products. It's a big deal and eliminating those resonances will lead to an even better product which sounds better for more people. Best wishes!
Hmm, the problem with this list is that I've heard the Dita truth and answer for a week long trial, and the Vega the same. There's no comparison at all, the Vegas are clearly, objectively, obviously technically superior. They just extract more detail from music, period.But, sure, if one person likes a given tuning, then they might pick any iem over another. I don't think that's what Ken was asking, though. And I say that not being a big fan Ken's treble tuning for his...
If you love the Atrios, it's hard to go wrong with the g10. I would pick up a pair.
Just to understand better, could you explain more about how it has no microdetail, but sounds "too clean"?
Could you post them here?
But what kind of music are you listening to?
The flc8s wasn't very good, I think it's best described as competent mid-fi. So, you must not have liked the Dorado very much in your brief audition?My own brief audition of the Dorado left me enjoying it, although the Vega would still be my pick.
No. Imagine having a stiff new pair of shoes that you only wear sitting down. They wouldn't break in, either.But, maybe it's not really important for soft piano music.
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