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I think you are forgetting the part about accusing people who like your favorite iem-but don't like it As Much as you do-with having an "agenda"
Me neither. I wonder if people who have treble issues aren't having a seal issue or some other thing influencing the sound? Having said that, I did hear treble issues in my first set of ie800s bought and returned a year and half ago.When it comes to burn in, I don't people know how to do it. I've seen people say they just play music at a moderate level. Burn in needs to be at a very high volume for a relatively short time.
Ha ha, thanks guys.
Is Manny still working with LH? The surveys had incorrect info (listing me as down for a vaporware geekwave32, whee) with no way to correct it. Manny hasn't responded to emails. Just checking if other people are having difficulties, too.
I'm looking forward to more news on these, for sure.
I have both the ie800 and kaiser10 and love both.
Since neither Westone nor UE used their patents to inhibit Jerry's business, how could anyone say Jerry was "burned" via patents?
Hi gikigill, the story you are quoting is leaving out that the role Jerry's divorce settlement played in his loss of UE. That's why he formed JHaudio-not because of Westone.
Is it useful to know that things like iem housings can be sourced from the same manufacturer and bought by different companies for their own iems?   So, two iems can have the same looking housings without having the same cable or driver, etc.
People's ears come first, of course, but for visualization purposes, here is a compensated FR curve for the nt6pro from golden ears:
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