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UPDATE: Review of the Galacy v2've heard both for extended periods and will compare in a review of the Galaxy v2. I'll start a new thread for it probably on Sunday. Then, a brief loaner tour of the Galaxy v2 will start and a few more reviews and impressions will come out.The short answer is that both are very good, the Galaxy competes well with it, but the tuning is different, so different...
He challenged Brannan to a triceps dip competition and is still in the hospital. Don't worry, though, doctors say the donor triceps are grafting nicely.
Briefly and from memory, Vega's have more overall impact all along the FR. The whole moving-air dynamic-driver thing is on steroids for the Vega. Music is super alive. The bass has more quantity and the mids are fuller and warmer. The Vega has monster bass and well extended and well controlled, edging the ie800. The treble peaks at something like 9khz (Ken's graphs are perfect for me in that they are exactly what I hear, which is not usually the case with all graphs) and...
I can say the Katanas are not fatiguing after hours (and months) of listening, and this is what puts them over the Andromedas for me.
The tia forte received bad reviews from folks at the NY CanJam, the dynamic driver is clearly different sounding than the armatures. That's a problem with hybrids which apparently 64Ears didn't consider at all. That's disappointing on a $3400 earphone. I think, by contrast, when it comes to coherency, Noble does an excellent job with bringing multi-armature designs together.
I had both the Andromeda and Katana at home for 10 days last month. I invited a few friends and audiophiles to come and listen. I wrote up the results in the Katana thread. It's a fun comparison for sure! Enjoy!
@crinacle Just wanted to check in, any chance to measure the Galaxy v2?
I don't speak Chinese, but perhaps young heroes will appear and take up the quest of emailing to politely ask for the gr09 FR response.
Can you contact the VSonic CEO and ask what the FR response of the gr09 will be? If he's willing to put that out, a ton of people will buy.
Tell me more, please!
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