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Very good, please share more about the difference between mk1 and mk2
That really sounds great! Please tell us more when you've had them a little while.It reminds me a little of a much more precise version of the UE PRM process, which I found a little over simplified the two times I tried out their tuning process.
You're doing great work for audiophiles, thanks!
Hifiman re-00 should be it.   Problem solved!
I'll look into it, thanks!
Huh, people have told me the lear is disappointing, so I'm surprised, but of course different strokes for different folks. Has the lear been upgraded or a 2.0 released?
I'd like to see an improved version of the Andro!I've been listening to the Andromeda on a 2-week loan and my impressions are quite positive. I like it better than the Jupiters (which were very good as well), with the Andros being cleaner, less warm in the lower mids.I like the overall balance, love the detail and clarity, pretty good timbre and coherence for an armature iem, too. Subbass extension is passable, could be better for use during commute, but I like that the...
Good call!
I'll follow up with my comparison between the ie800 and Andromeda. Although the ie800 isn't the most air-moving dynamic driver perhaps due to its smaller size, I really feel that the air moving quality gives the ie800 a leg up in terms of real bass feel over a multi-armature iem like the andromeda, as capable as it is.
Well, yes, I do hope the cable changes lead to better reliability. However, the driver is (or is also) a sound issue. Jut making a change is going to lead to a different sound, no matter what. Here, BeyerD is specifically talking about a change to allow better travel for the transducer. That should mean better headroom, meaning the speaker can play louder without the sound breaking up--it may have some audible repercussions at lower volumes, too. Furthermore, the info...
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