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Sensaphonics' Gold Circle Audiologists are definitely the way to go for any earmold for any company's CIEM or custom earsleeves, in my book.
May I please have a link to rin choi's nt6 measurements?
Thanks for the very well elaborated review! I'm interested in the effects of the dual vent system on the sound.I had a set of ie800s and I'm thinking of buying them again to see if they can be modded a bit to compensate for the thin sounding treble.Oh, btw, could you ask Axel Grell about the microphonic cable? Why make an earphone with such a microphonic cable and then design it to discourage over-ear wearing by making the cable so short from earpiece to the cable...
Oi Paulo Mario, Sensaphonics is great and no, the custom silicone sleeves they make are not glued on. Furthermore, they know exactly what the Shure 846 is like, you don't have to send yours to them. They have a lot of experience. I would say, however, that you really need to get the very best set of earmolds you can from an audiologist who has experience making earmolds for musicians. In America, Sensaphonics even has audiologists have special training. So, do the best...
As graduate students the world over have learned, sometimes the way to get a paper written is by going bonkers. Maybe he just never went un-bonkers after? Dr. Moulton excepted, the audiologists I've met have often been a standard deviation from the mean or two...
"What Your Mother Never Told You About Earmold Acoustic Formulae" is pretty funny and informative.
Glad you are enjoying the w30, Spyro!
Wrapping the cables tightly is bad for the cables, particularly where the cable bends at the corners of the case.
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