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FullCircle is completely correct. I just wanted to add that the best audiologists (and you can ask for this) will check your ear canal as you open and close your mouth to see how the canal is affected. Some people's ear canals change with open mouth, some don't! I've owned 12 ciems and I get the best fit when impressions are made using a bite block for a relaxed jaw with open mouth, but that's just me.   The K10 has two of the biggest bass armature drivers there are,...
Hmm, I've compared new dynamic driver iems with the same model burned in and there are audible differences, but these are often minor. If the t8ie mkii really does have a different voice coil, I'd expect a difference, just that here you found that it is worse than the mki. That's super helpful, I don't think if it already had a week of playtime that it is going to improve, but, of course, if you do later comparisons, that'll be welcome, too. I was waiting until your...
Well, that's a disappointment! Less clean than the mki is a no-go for me. Too bad. But, thanks for the impressions! You may have just saved me a $1,000!
Tell us more and whether you feel there is any difference in sound quality as the mkii breaks in, please.
Very good, please share more about the difference between mk1 and mk2
That really sounds great! Please tell us more when you've had them a little while.It reminds me a little of a much more precise version of the UE PRM process, which I found a little over simplified the two times I tried out their tuning process.
You're doing great work for audiophiles, thanks!
Hifiman re-00 should be it.   Problem solved!
I'll look into it, thanks!
Huh, people have told me the lear is disappointing, so I'm surprised, but of course different strokes for different folks. Has the lear been upgraded or a 2.0 released?
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