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Or....Satan?Or the band Santana, following you around playing whatever music you like.
Thanks for the update, it sounds like an ideal phone. I'd love to visit Japan for one, someday.
And water resistant sounds good, too.
Can someone translate to see what the differences are?
The Andromeda certainly has very nice sub-bass for a BA iem, but I would say its treble is what really puts it way past the 846. The 846 has a jump at 7khz and then falls away rapidly.
Katana thoughts: The Katana really handles drums well, any and all drums. Kick drums in a drum kit, timpani, tabla, all layered, realistic bass goodness. Not boosted, but very good bass presence and depth. It handles heavy metal, symphonies, ragas, pop, and string quartets all excellently. Clarity is very nice and the Katana does it with a nice, natural note weight, avoiding the thinness you often find in detail-oriented earphones.
I'm using the blue core tips with the Katana as well, although I haven't tip-rolled. The blue cores have worked very well, so I've stayed with them.
My Katana's are in. Very initial impressions: These are great. Seriously great. Uh, more deep insights to come, but for now, Katana = great.
I would recommend avoiding ingesting earphones from any country or company.
I've had both the Dita Truth and Andromeda on two-week loans, so I think you will enjoy comparing the two.
New Posts  All Forums: