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My feeling was always that Tyll's measures capture how the helmholtz resonator is working versus without it functioning. That may or may not be the case, but it seemed a possible explanation for the two measurements.
Hmmm, the UERR Should have that little downward tilt in the upper mids. I'm reading this on my phone, but did your compensation make the graph less accurate by smoothing out something that's in the earphone? To my ears, Ken Ball's graphs are very accurate, so I think Paul's approach of trying to get as close as possible to those is good.
So, you like them?
They are different, why not read some reviews of the ie800 to get a sense of how it sounds?
There's no ie800S. People have been making up their own fantasy about a replacement to the ie800 for over a year now.
Senn has good CS, I bet if you explain that they've been in storage since before warranty expired and you were looking forward to hearing them, they would take care of you.Worth a try.
We need more info on the sound!
Rhapodio Galaxy v2, please
Another audiophile stopped by my office to compare the Katana versus the CA Andromeda. He liked the Katana much more, finding the Andromeda's highs piercing on some tracks versus the smoother treble on the Katana. He felt the Katanas bass was more punchy and detailed. Overall, the Katana was more balanced and was consistently better, track after track. For him, the Katana did better at everything. "I'm trying to think of a single thing the Andromeda does better than the...
I own the jh16fp and had the Vegas on loan for a week. I think if you like the jh16 and ie8, then the Vegas may be a good fit as you'll love the bass, although they have more treble energy than I remember the ie8 having by quite a bit.
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