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I'll wait until they are available in the U.S. That'll give time for more impressions from HK.
So, more subbass on the z5 than the h3?
Yeah, the ie800 will be a good match up with the z5. I'll look forward to finding out which sounds better to my ears.
Did the z5 have the same treble spike the ex1000 had? I didn't find the ex1000 to be problematic, but without that spike, I have a feeling the sound would be less treble and mid centric.
Great post, jant. Thanks.
I used the ref 1 with the uber and I have previously used a TWag. There's really no comparison. The TWag was a very usable cable with good flexibility while the uber is a very stiff, very microphonic, delicate mess. I would call the uber unusable for portable use, although people seem to use it that way. Just my experience and opinion.
I'm not telling you what to buy! But yes, dynamic driver is different, high-range armature is magnesium coated, cables different, housing is apparently different as well on the z5. We don't know about the tuning but it may be different, too.
I believe the z5 will have an aluminum coated liquid polymer driver will the a3 won't have the aluminum coating on its driver. That's just from reading Sony's info, though, so I can't say for sure.
Sounds like you're going to be an even more happy couple soon!
So, are we thinking that the sony will release these in HK at the end of this week and elsewhere after that?
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