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I'm a cat.
Hi there, glad to hear you're alive! Cables are a luxury item, I'd say. Maybe a lightweight, silver cable, but, honestly, Marty Garcia asked me not to use extra cables as it can wear out the sockets of CIEMs. As for new things, well, Future Sonics is very careful to only announce new things once they are well-tested and ready. That's the way they roll. I can't say anything further except that they have a long cycle between generations because they really do their...
You're welcome, Wild!
I'd love to have lunch and you should totally meet Julie!
I've heard Santa Barbara is beautiful place to do triceps dips.     Are you coming to CT where I think the next NYC meet will be held in November? Will some brave Noble rep be there?   Noble needs some east coast representation!   You can't see it, but I'm all making the "east side" hand sign right now. It's like making an "E" with your hand.
The jhaudio case is the best I've seen, other than an otter box or pelican case with padding inside.   Okay, ie800 questions for everybody who owns one!   1. Is there a mod to thicken the treble? A filter, something, anything to make the treble less thin? (see also question #2).   2. Have people been playing with the two vents? One vent (the top one if the iem is cable down) effects the bass, have people been blocking or limiting that (tape with a tiny hole in it is...
Dale himself only opens the vent 1/16 of the total (1/4 of the first quarter marking), iirc. So, it's not as though the vent is meant to be a 0-100 type of range.
Oops, you broke it.   Seriously, though, you can look at vent itself with a good light on the earphone and see it close/open as you turn the dial (at least on my custom as-2), so that should give you an idea how to set it for yourself.
Good review, how's the sub-bass?
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