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Since neither Westone nor UE used their patents to inhibit Jerry's business, how could anyone say Jerry was "burned" via patents?
Hi gikigill, the story you are quoting is leaving out that the role Jerry's divorce settlement played in his loss of UE. That's why he formed JHaudio-not because of Westone.
Is it useful to know that things like iem housings can be sourced from the same manufacturer and bought by different companies for their own iems?   So, two iems can have the same looking housings without having the same cable or driver, etc.
People's ears come first, of course, but for visualization purposes, here is a compensated FR curve for the nt6pro from golden ears:
Definitely personal preference, not a limitation. Boosted midbass or humped midranges are not objectively better. I like the cleaner, less thick sound of the ie800, it sounds more accurate to my ears. However, for short doses, a warm midrange can be nice, although with some presentations, I've found it fatiguing. It's all about how the earphone is tuned, what you listen to and how you listen.
I have had 10 ciems over a number of years, including 4 made by the wizard and none have had this problem. And, no, you don't have to pay money each year. However, just as a side note, I will advise that changing cables on ciems is something that can easily damage the sockets, so that's something to avoid.Enjoy your k10s!
You can spend money on the 32, but it may never be available due to problems sourcing one of the components. Caveat emptor!
We'll all be sad to see you go, even if it's the best thing for your wallet. Be happy, man.
Have people come up with mods to eliminate the spike at 6.5khz for these iems?
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