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Well, I can say that with a fully broken-in G10 and two months+ of listening that the G10 does very nicely with orchestral music. I'd never put down EDM as a genre, but I'm not an expert in it. I can say though, with my broken-in G10 that the midrange isn't intruded upon, partly because the G10's bass is more in the sub-bass. I find there's a difference between part of the frequency response being full, versus it intruding on other parts of the range. It has to do with...
Hey there, nice impressions, if you do a review please link to it here!If you have a chance to give the G10 a full audition, I hope you'll stop by and share your thoughts.Awesome!
The G10's are definitely a step up! If you're a fan of the Atrio, then the G10 is for you.
Got it, thanks.
You're welcome! The G10 has more sub-bass extension, no question, and you're right, the overall approach is different. But, that's not to say that the RD3 doesn't have good bass! I would love to hear your thoughts on which tips work best. I have a friend in HK who says that the Rhapsodio silver cables are a must for the RD3.
I'm sorry to hear that, my condolences. Whenever you're ready, I hope you'll post a few more impressions here.
reserved -- Also, I want to add that other people's RD3 impressions are welcome in this thread!
Synopsis: The RD3 is part of the next generation of earphones from Rhapsodio. Powered by a single high-end dynamic driver, it has a warm sound and a hearty bass response. The RD3’s design includes detachable cables and a strong metal housing. For $400, its sound and build quality make the RD3 a serious contender in the mid-level price range.     Please note that this review was written listening to an RD3 loaner set. I played this for 100 hours on a loud and varied...
I agree. A little more power in the source and the G10 will definitely scale up. Having the right tips for one's ear is key, too.
I recommend to play them a few steps louder than would be comfortable if they were in your ears for the burn-in process.
New Posts  All Forums: