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1. New York City area   2.Mostly Sony and Sennheiser headphones. I'm looking into orthos and have heard the Abyss and Audeze headphones. I enjoyed the HE6. I have a lot of high end custom earphones.   3. I'm serious about really listening to my music and have been for years. I like to listen carefully to what a headphone can do in bass, midrange and treble.   4. I agree to the terms of the tour!
Don't forget the triceps dips, watagump!
Or, over-ears if it works for you.
What a nice chance to pick up a set of Noble CIEMs or IEMs. I am still impressed with the Kaiser 10. The Noble 6 I've heard and the 4C which I have are also excellent. Some earphones I enjoy for a while and then lose interest in. These are different.
And for guiding your listening volume
I know it's not Aurisonics' but the Livv headphones (designed by Dale) look neat. Headphones with their own song storage, bluetooth, etc. Should be very interesting to hear them when they come out.
Other head-fiers have gotten a full refund. You have to keep demanding and demanding it. Tell her other people have gotten a full refund and you want one too.If you keep at it, you will get it. Good Luck!
 Hi there! Most definitely. I did a lot of playing around and serious listening and the balance stays the same no matter the dial, at least to my ears. Same with the Roxanne's tonality issues in the upper midrange and treble--to me, they are a result of a dip in the upper midrange, so changing the bass doesn't effect it. Of course, as I listened for a long time, I found things like the veil become less noticeable as my ears adjusted, but other things starting bothering me...
DependDepends who's doing the rating  If you've never heard a high-end CIEM before, then it's great. If you have, then it's still quite good in my opinion, but a little disappointing to me in terms of being slightly veiled, having a slightly unnatural mid-bass to sub-bass balance, having a dip in the upper midrange, having continual quality control problems, poor customer service and a massive wait time far beyond competitors. Of course, for those who have the Roxanne,...
Other people on head-fi have gotten full refunds from JHaudio for a roxanne which hasn't arrived. You just have to keep emailing and demanding and calling and demanding a refund. Tell them other people have gotten full refunds and you want one.
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