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Brannan's the best. Ask him about the right form when doing triceps dips while you're there and you'll come away with both perfect impressions and a more muscular physique!
On the professional audio side, here's another brief review of the FS MG5pro which was posted by Tom Pesa on the FS Facebook page and addresses Marty Garcia, the owner of Future Sonics, directly: Tom Pesa is a pro audio engineer who is a three time Emmy Award winner for live sound mixing as a member of the audio mixing team on the 50th and 51st Annual Grammy Awards. He's worked at the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards and The Academy Awards.
Hi there! You're welcome. Indeed FS does publish an isolation rating for the MG5pro: "26db+/- Ambient Noise Rejection (A.N.R)". Interestingly, this is higher than the 20db+/- that they publish for the MG6pro, which has a very different vent system for its 13mm driver. While I can't confirm their numbers, the MG5pro does come out ahead in isolation to my ears.
reserved, I may do a few brief comparisons.
 Synopsis: The Future Sonics MG5pro is a professional stage monitor for audiophiles. It offers a different tuning than its brother, the fully stage-oriented MG6pro, by offering a brighter, more overall tonally balanced tuning. The MG5pro lifts the vocal ranges and matches this with an accurate, well extended treble. The bass is very well controlled and yet has one of the most real low-end sounds of any earphone. Using a single, full range 10mm dynamic driver, it competes...
Thanks, sq3rjick, good comparison.
 I think you'll find the K10 a good fit for your next step. It doesn't have the exact same tuning as the se846, but certainly has warmth and detail in full so I think you'll really enjoy it if my review describes what you are looking for.
I like how Dale is making sure things are right before shipping them out. That's pretty much how it should always be.
1. New York City area   2.Mostly Sony and Sennheiser headphones. I'm looking into orthos and have heard the Abyss and Audeze headphones. I enjoyed the HE6. I have a lot of high end custom earphones.   3. I'm serious about really listening to my music and have been for years. I like to listen carefully to what a headphone can do in bass, midrange and treble.   4. I agree to the terms of the tour!
Don't forget the triceps dips, watagump!
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