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How is the extension in the subbass and the treble extension? (Not looking for garbage comments e.g. "not for bassheads", thanks!)
That's how they sound, there is a treble spike for both truth and answer editions.
Any word about the tuning?
Thanks, @shotgunshane! In the end, we'll have at least five people's impressions on the Galaxy v2, that should be a good to get a sense of them.
Good impressions @Jackpot77, I'm glad there will be more Galaxy reviews coming out. When yours is up, please repost it here: I have my own, much shorter Vega vs Galaxy v2 comparison in the review at the start of that thread.
You've got to be kidding about the 846 being the top. They are several years old now and not at all at the same level as the k10e.The 846 has a peak at 7khz and a steep roll off which means poor treble extension, the k10 does much better with a pair of armature for ultra high treble. The 846 and k10 both have warm, rich mids and deep bass, with the k10 having a clear edge in detail and control.If you love the 846 and get it a substantial discount, then great. But as a...
Thanks for IDing the cable!I don't want to get into a cable debate, but my experience with a number of high end cables has been, in every case, that any effects on audio are slight at best.However, I do like Rhapsodio cables. They look good and seem quite well made.
I would go for the Andro, no question. Definite upgrade.
Yes, it's a good question. I didn't get many pictures and will ask people on the tour to take a few.The cable is braided copper and looks like it's high quality, the kind that people pay extra for as an upgrade on other iems.
That sounds very reasonable. And you're welcome!
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