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  Hmm, more mid-bass? That's not so good to hear, I'm glad I went with the fx850 first. I'm thinking of putting some hifiman filters on my new fx850 just as an experiment as that should tame the treble a bit. Has anyone else tried this?
To be honest, the AK120 and 240 are really underpowered for the price. That's my experience with testing them out over several days.
The Rain2 came today.     OFFICIAL KUNLUN REVIEW:   These are good, they are made with wood.   A slightly warm, balanced sound, they have good timbre, I've found.   I think these will be a hit, at 100 dollars, you should get it.   -kunlun, age 6
A single well-done dynamic driver can really do things very nicely. The sennheiser IE800, the Dita Truth/Answer and Future Sonics' custom-fit in-ear monitors are examples of high end dynamics. Speaking of of Future Sonics, if you haven't chatted with Marty Garcia, you should sometime. I think you'd enjoy it.
Hi Aaron! A high-end no-compromise in-ear monitor. Look at the Sennheiser ie800, Shure se846, AKG k3003 and Sony xba-z5 as examples of different takes on a high-end iem. I can be more specific if you'd like to pm or email about it.
 It's cool Aaron, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing the Rain 2. P.S. Please put out a higher-end, no-compromise model sometime. I'd love to hear it.
Could you tell us how you found the jvc fx1100 and also what drew you to the z5 over the 1100? Thanks.
More 1100 impressions, please.
Hmm, based on how people describe the sony xba-z5 and your description of the 1100, it seems like this kind of very warm sound is what the Japanese audiophile market prefers?
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