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Have people come up with mods to eliminate the spike at 6.5khz for these iems?
Here are two, both are specially trained in making earmolds for ciems! your k10s!
Hmm, the most honest answer is that no earphone sounds exactly like another. However, the Noble 6 is the one that I'd say is the closest, it's a 6 armature design. For a less bright, slightly fuller sound with a bass that reaches deeper, there's the Future Sonics MG5pro with a custom 10mm dynamic driver.
"The iem version will have lower max output than the non iem version"
Yes, that could be. Casey may have been mistaken as well. Consider this, though: I've asked Casey, Jody, and Manny the same question about whether the iem version of the wave would have the power (with gain switched on high) for power hungry stage monitor ciems. They all advised, each separately, that I go with the non-iem version. Manny just today confirmed that the iem version will have lower max output than the non iem version. So, I think with that, you get a better...
Yes, I'm providing the latest info.Edit: As of today, at least, this is what I was told directly from Manny after he checked up on it for me.
Important notice: I just received confirmation that the "iem" versions will not have the same max output power as the non iem versions. Again, even with the gain switch, the iem versions will have much less power.
   Sounds like we agree on the K3003's poor bass extension (not really sure the word "light" works here, but however you want to say it)!  It's cool, man. :)   Hi Dragonsan, perhaps this chart of the k3003 will help you see what people are hearing: You can see the k3003's bass rolls-off. You can also see the treble burst followed by a lessening in the treble. The ie800, thanks to the special venting system with helmholtz resonators, is hard to get an accurate chart for,...
Than Thanks, Jack! Important info.
In fact, the k3003 measures with poor bass extension. It's been a while since I've heard the k3003, but people have pm'd me asking for something with better bass extension to replace their k3003, so it's definitely audible. The ie800 has better sub-bass, by contrast.
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