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Supposedly the upcoming A+ V2 will have its own IOS app that will do exactly what you are asking.  The current Apple Remote, as mentioned above, will work fine with A+ in iTunes integrated mode, though.  I control things that way, and it works very well.
I'm waiting for the first impressions on the new Violectric V-281, supposedly available in early June.
To be honest, I never really researched other amps; the design, along with the metallo case for the iPhone 5 with the sliding rail assembly really caught my eye.  I'm sure there are other cheaper amps out there, but, the Verza is also a DAC, which allows me to bypass not only the iPhone amp, but its internal DAC as well.  I used to own an ALO Rx amp, which also sounded great, but it required rubber bands, etc., to hold it together with the iPod I was using at the time....
Today I used the XS with my iPhone 5 alone for the first time since I got them.  I usually have the Verza connected.  I think that the Verza helps the M100s a little, but it helps the XS a lot.  Without it today, the sound was a bit thinner from top to bottom, and the bass was not as defined.  Still a pretty good overall sound, but I realize now that the Verza has been provided more of an assist than I thought.
I guess I shouldn't have been concerned.  My V-200 is completely silent, and I would assume that an upgrade by the same company wouldn't change that.  I will be interested in getting one of the new models, with all of the options except the DAC.  I currently use my V200 with a W4S DAC-2, which I'm very happy with also.
I was interested in the V220/281, but the info a few posts back about the noise floor being a bit higher might be a deal breaker; a dead silent background is important to me.  Maybe I'll just keep the V200 I have, for now.
I've been out walking almost every day for the past week or so, with the XS, along with my iPhone 5/Vamp Verza.  I've gotten to like them a lot, especially after tweaking the bottom end up a bit using the AudioForge Equalizer app.   Today, with a cold wind blowing, I opted for the M-100s instead.  I expected, and got, better, deeper bass, but I really noticed the recessed midrange more than I ever did before.  This is where the XS shines; the mids are smooth and full....
There is a thread over in Computer Audiophile  with some discussion of version 2.  Damien Plisset, the author of the program, occasionally posts there.  Back in early March, he cryptically mentioned that spring would come a bit late this year.  Here's a link:   There are some screen shots of what the interface might look like, also.
Of course, you can use Audirvana in stand alone mode now, but version 2 will supposedly offer more in the way of library/organization features.  I use it in iTunes integrated mode now.  I like the look of iTunes, but enjoy bypassing it as the default music player.
Agreed; I'm anxiously waiting for version 2, which supposedly will eliminate the need for iTunes, and also provide its own iPad/iPhone Remote style app.
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