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thanks for the suggestions :) more comments would be appreciated to make my stand stronger
Hi there Head-Fi   I want to buy headphones for a price of up to 200$ and in my small research I came to either buying Sennheiser hd558 [I will mod them like the pretty famous hd555 mod] or Audio-technica ATH-M50s and i'm having a hard time deciding which one to buy.   the headphones will be used at home all the time while my main wish is to get the most out of my cash for music like electro, house, sometimes dubstep and the like. which one is best...
da ya govaru, nu ya ni govaru ochin harasho [yest omina mnoga oshbiki] but I can understand
Thanks the Pianist I really liked your post + reference! More suggestions would be great :]
Hello there head-fi, I am new here as you can see and to the audio gear world. Before I would like to say that I did tried to search here in the forums for the ideal headphones for me but unfortunately my lack of knowledge made me confused with the wide selection and I didn't know what to choose. The price range is about 110$ +- . The headphones will mostly be used in my house connected to a computer. that's my sound card Audio: Realtek ALC888 Realtek I listen mostly...
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