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can i ask what cable you are using for your asg-2?
Perhaps I am a little to cynical when it comes to reading reviews from sources who also make a living by reviewing products from their site sponsors but honestly I do not really understand when high end gears get praising. In my view if someone is buying something that cost much more than the main stream gears they should not be all that superized on why it sounds this good. To me the real magic is when cheaper gears sound as good as their high end counter parts, that is...
With all due respect i don't really trust most magazine where they making their living based sponsorship funding. Not that i do not like my ak120 but for its current selling price tag would we expect less? We should not praise expensive gears which perform good.
Ie800 works great with all daps however paired with something like 627x or mhd q7 the sound scale ups considerably more. With 627x sounds becomes very organics and midrange becomes as thick as it can get where as with mhd q7 sound becomes more u shaped. All and all beside the ergonomic issues mentioned out of the box it sounds very similar to ck100pro with ie800 having more relaxed highs.
too broke to experiment lol. But we all got to thank RWA, his mods normally becomes the next upgrade that iriver includes with their revision. I am interested to see what he is going to do with the next gen DAPs.
Regret not pre-ordering, what kind of a sony fan boy Am I?
Yea perhaps wait a bit as ive heard a number of other companies also releasing flagship DAP. I for one looking forward to colorfly new dap which is due out sometimes next year.
I thought it is only going to be a different color that is all.
The plan was always ces 2014 from what ive heard.
No fixed guide just post away.
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