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^You are very right, only after switching back to other gears I learned to appreciate how open they sound for a close back headphone. 
I came across a twitter post that was about Marantz HD-DAC1. Here are the few key component of it: Has selectable headphone impedance (32-600 ohm) It is based on Cirrus Logic CS4398 (DSD capable) Comes in two colors of silver and black. It has a dedciated headphone section that is based on the HDAM-SA2 modules found on the other Marantz products already It has the ability to feed other amp as well as having input to act as an amp alone which suggest the headphone...
We are not sure if this is going to be a flagship or just a entry to a new line up that is going to be eventually leading to the release of a new flagship.
I spend the past week listening exclusively to T5p. I think the brain burnin is a very important factor, I can say I am contempt with the stock T5p sound. Glad I did not sold it. It pairs remarkably good with the calyx M. 
The target audience of certain Sony product is different globally. It seems that they are aiming this to be big in china/hong kong and eventually release it to other regions. The big headphone makers have a different tunning philosophy for different part of world. They believe the sound that the American market likes is different to the sound for the Asian market. 
Cardas IEM and Calyx M is just another lovely pairing, but it seems that it is destiny for me to never own a pair of cardas IEM without a problem. The IEM is literally three day old and I noticed there is a crack on the right ear piece. The first one unit I owned had the driver fail after it developed excessive driver flexing.    Cardas sound is so unique (for most in the wrong way ) that I like to own it for times when I want a sound completely different to all other...
I am getting the cardas iem again, i am getting a positive vibe from this too. ie800 and Hugo is great, dita truth and Hugo is even better!
They including different size tips and comply foams now.
Had to give them a second try after the first try did not go so well. Something about the sound kept calling me to it. I've read updates regarding improvement due to the new tip arrangement and how it has improve the sound. 
Cant lie, wagnus isn't quite what i thought it would be. I've considered getting the k812 for it.
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