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I didn't even know that was possible. I doubt lpg will go bust under normal usage.
I am slowly getting obssessed with them. I have asked my friend to come over and take some picture with his fancy DSLR else I will post my pictures taken by my phone later. I do hope people try them, with the right cable this think shine.    They are very engaging without causing fatigue. 
Just wanted to report back by some luck the price of ALO Jupiter dropped to 1399 AUD that is down from 1899 AUD, magic. 
I think the quantity is masked because it has a forward tonality, that is coming out of ipod touch. Plug it into something like Hugo it scales up. From Hugo it sounds like a closed back headphone or supaural headphone like es10. Bass is very fast and I find the overall sound natural with no treble roll-off.
Mine arrived yesterday, I will post pictures and impressions later.
Thinking, thinking and thinking: To me HUGO is the better sounding gear where as mojo is just one step behind (just because of the soundstage) but honestly I have been thinking of selling HUGO as I hardly use it.  Mojo has taken over the job of calyx M and Chord HUGO (two gears that I have great admirations). However Mojo to me managed to find a way to combine the sound of those two gears in one size.  I think I have reached a point where I want to sale those two gears...
I wish I had the experience but there are people who have much more experience than me. I am not quiet good at writing reviews as I just dont know what to include. The people I talk to praise the Eshter and Aune M2 pro for their sound.  Thanks for your kind work, I have spoken to my local aune dealer and he is expecting to his stock in a near future.
I would have love to audition this, sadly they have no plan on doing a tour in Australia. Looking forward to your reviews. 
that is a very large price range. Personally I wouldn't pay more than 350 usd for portable amp. I tried most od the high end portable amp and I can say with confidence the higher end one rarely offer what their price is asking for.
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