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precisely that is the problem, limiting the user to only the "right headphone"
Send my unit back for screen fix. I cannot believe how used to the navigation I got. Going to be a long while this short period of separation. Can the members who have the opa627 officially from VC please comment on the sound. They they say that they did anything in order to increase the performance of the dap to match the opamp or is it a direct replacement.   Regards Moe
Thanks for the update. Would you consider this a warm player?
Sorry for going off topic but when will liquid carbon will be avaliable again and more importantly for the portable head is there any eta for the release of the portable amplifier. Thanks in advance.
Sadly no luck, the only way I can get it turned on is using the reset button.
those who got their tracking ID do you guys have any luck tracking your products?
Just a question, does anyone else has difficulty  turning their unit off after the firmware 3.0? My unit seems like not to response to me pressing the off button. 
Perhaps stick to that till the new firmware comes out. I know there was talk about certain stability with certain language so I dont want to give you the wrong information. How much was the upgrade if you dont mine me asking. 
How is it sir? I still cannot apart from my unit or RMA purpose. If this shows to be a positive change maybe I should send mine back to get this done as well as RMA. 
My friends from Hong Kong and Singapore also wants to put dips. I think perhaps time to make an email account for them to contact you. I look forward to the tda1387 design.  PS: I think #004 is mine right? :D
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