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The new firmware has been officially release, I have included the link here and to the first page. Enjoy! http://www.lotoo.cn/page/default_en.asp?pageID=80
I don't own the pha-2.
Yes they are, angie should be smaller.
Designing this new IEM must have been a really difficult task. Thanks for the link.
I am trying to figure out what exactly that crossover filters of 4th order is, there seem to be no information on this. Anyone knows exactly what it means?
Is it possible to post a picture of the two IEM worn? i like to see how much they stick out as I have small ears. Thanks in advance 
Unboxing video and UI run down:    
Some models seem to have the firmware installed already. There is a chance that different region might used different firmware.It is best for you to wait for the final to officially be released. The firmware they have emailed me is not officially released yet , I rather not share it with anyone in case that it might not be for the right region.
It has been incredibly hard for me to go back to other gears ever since I spend more time with ckr10.  I am still confused on whether ckr9LTD is going to offer any substantial upgrade from ckr10. Over all ckr10 with the right tip is one of the greatest purchases I have made this year. 
Carried a quick search but couldn't find anything, anyone in here owns both the pono and Z5? Does the balance work? thank in advance. 
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