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i thought the new owners are getting a free case instead of the CD. Best to check with calyx M, mine had a cd which contain a full version of Audiophile jazz prologue III.
Does your box have a case?
Can you please pair it with your FitEar Fitear if time allows you.
Greeting, I have not heard the AK240 but I know of three people who tried the Lotoo against AK240 and AK120 II.  Two individuals used balance armature and agreed single ended Lotoo can edge over AK240(they like the tuning better) but the individual who used the dynamic driver based iem in balanced mod thought AK120II was substantially better in driving his dita truth which is a dynamic driver than PAW Gold. He also felt singled ended dita truth did not sound its best using...
Lotoo officially is introduced in Japan, it has made it to the land of high end portable audio.   https://twitter.com/eear_takuya/status/540821443869564928
thanks for the review and video. 
Great news for us
Thank you, any chance of pictures from the internals? 
Dita truth is my addiction and I am now thinking of getting the answer for outside use. I cannot risk taking and possibly losing my well burned in truth.   I hope the next model of dita comeout soon, something in line of balance armature. I am interested to see what is their take on such technologies. 
Darn 6K, I have been interested in this ever since i saw it. It has been incredibly long since I saw the pictures of them and they are still not out. The external looks the same, what is taking them so long?   I will find a way to purchase this at 2-3 K but at 6K I will pass. 
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