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If members are kind enough to use a phras that makes searching for comments easier it would be a lot easier. 
Iem alone 2k, amp/dac which is required is 999, altogether, you can do the maths.
Time for a separate impressions thread, this one is getting too out of hand.
As an iem user I can never go beyond red, quiet a beast.
Anyways back to a topic I mentioned before, the USB attachment. As you can see in the image the item is attached to Mojo with not much drop protection. More so the male USB 2.0 input is too small for things like the sony OTG cable, please make it larger.(The UBS 2.0 male I welcome, it is a very smart idea that prove to work as iFi Audio used it with great success).   I rather see something like the CEntrance HiFi Skyn where Mojo is securely inserted in the...
Lets just say sound is personal and end of the day if it doesnt suit you will it doesnt suit you. I started out the same, I was bitter against everyone as I couldnt get it. I ended up trying variety of different gear which either made me foolish or made me wiser about audio ( i like to think the later is true). I started to notice particular things which made me enjoy music more, things so minor that for a lot it is non-existence but with time it became larger enough that...
I am always the odd one out, I actually really like those spheres, easy on the finger tips. Quiet firm to press, just please release the possible future accessory list so I can plan for it. 
It deserves its success. I have seen the pictures of the usb dongle. I have on concern and that is mostly do with the design. The attachment appears to expose the usb pins to possible damage in case of accidental bending. How is chord going to tackle this matter?
I can show you cable that cost 2000 USD just for few inches. Cables can get crazy!
I am in the same boast however I rather like them to develop set of accessories that gets their approval. I would have loved to see some portable optical and coaxial cable. 
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