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it is good value in my view. I wish I had the ability to test this unit against HUGO but I do not have any connection and I really cannot afford to experiment anymore. I will be hoping others can soon chip in for more info for the community. 
Not for overseas, only US of A.
I used to, a really handy thing for lazy me who don't like making playlist.Their new Sony media go is not bad either, only if they had mac support.
If it had an optical it would make the purchase blindly easier, lack of digital out and the price tag makes it this much harder.
Thanks, I must find a way to try this. Going to try my luck by emailing them.
Does lotoo have a digital out?
Buy one, leave head -fi problem solved.
I am going to order schuits decrspifier and experiment with that. I am honestly very happy for ak120 to be my source once I can get a cable that works with it. I am happy with redbook quality and honestly I had some mix result with DSD on Hugo. I do not think it is that forgiving with bad recording, in particular when the recording is old 70s jazz remastered into DSD. I would not call Hugo musical or natural or anything. I wouldn't call it bright. It is just a dac that...
Good point.
Ted from computer audiophile likes the USB more than spdif, rob watt recommends the optical and rudi and other well seasoned hifi'er like coaxial more. So yea?
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