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Guys try this album with your IEM, it brings the best out of dita: Babatunde Olatunji - Circle of Drums
HD800 was truly an emotional experience for me. I gave myself a full three months since I last audition it and I had been using the TH900 which is my own for a while. Still HD800 is stuck in my head. I am going back there again and I might make the first payment for the H800. Just the endless upgrade potential of HD800 scares me but I think it is worth it. I know the pairing with HUGO will be equally great but I cannot see myself going back there tomorrow just so I can...
When you say redbook how do you play it back? Optical or coaxial?
Here is the future, 256 GB iPad mini with moonaudio cck usb cable. i for one looking forward to ak120 cable. Looks like zx1 is off the hook for now.
Dr Dre looks more like 50 cent....
For coaxial we have colorfly C4 as an option and also the AK100 coaxial model. 
@AnakChan Can you comment on how ZX-1 pairs with MHd-Q7? Is it a nice combo? Sadly I couldnt get to the shop on time to get to test the pairing myself, they have one unit left and I think by this weekend changes are they are going to sale it. 
One of the Hi-Fi M8 supports iDevices.
30 to 50 cm is the right length for me.
i will contact them as it seems they are the only one out their suitable for Hugo.
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