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I own a macbook pro and I use that to transfer file to and from my lotoo paw gold. I will try to get my hand on a macbook air but it really should make no difference as the OS is the same.
It always comes down to synergy. Once you have found the right pair their is no need for improving an already good sounding pairing.With th900 I have a perfect pairing and to be honest I haven't compared my other gears critically. I enjoy music too much with th900 too really want to do that.
Happy to report mine is perfectly okay, I guess I'll contact FBI some other day.
Depending on the female, some don't like adapters.Jokes aside I wouldn't spend too much money, I would rather wait see what chord has got to offer.
Name it anything, I just want the darn thing in my life
I am certain by the time Mojo batteries dies 90% of us are already busy with new toys CHORD has released, having said that the battery inside Mojo is plug and play. So it will not be hard to replace it.
I just carried a quick amp test and my results are as follows:   Portaphile 627x: Sadly this amp proves to be the worst offender. Mojo has out classed this amp by a large margin.  Meir Audio quickstep: This amp did not alter the sound but to me there is no point in pairing it with quickstep as Mojo alone offers far more volume than paired with quickstep. Wagnus Epsilon S: Expanded the soundstage which was nice but like the other amp the amp section is just nowhere as...
Th 900 and hd dac1 is my hidden secret.
sorry, star wars reference
They are joining the dark side.
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