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It took me over 30 emails to convince them on why they should sale to overseas market. To this day they are not fully open to worldwide selling. Their major focus is professional market. The reality of LPG creation is not a product made for your average music enthusiast, it is designed for music producers to listen to their mix on the go.  When I asked them if they will reproduce a new product the reply was 'when we have something truly better than LPG we will do so,...
While I had it I utterly enjoyed the T8iE and Valoq pairing. To be honest I wished Valoq was slightly more brighter but that is a minor issue. Paired with JH Layla it made me want to drop 3K on the JH Layla but I held myself back.   My only issue is perhaps the balance out is not really that much different than the single ended, at least the improvement isn't  as notable for me.
I personally blame AK, they always promise more than they can deliver. They release products half baked and always never fully follow through.
We can't blame Alo as they are not the one promising compatibility and not deliverying it.
I think chord HUGO, with the right IEM, is the best portable setup one can get and to me T8iE happens to be one of those IEM that pairs perfectly with HUGO.
I find mojo too warm but Hugo is just great.
No matter how much I tried to hate the T8iE, despite my luck I just can't see myself away from it.  Also for those who are looking for an upgrade cable the ALO Litz so far seems to be pairing a lot better than my custom 4N pure silver cable. 
Calyx M is still a kickass product. All the cowon and AK hasn't convinced me enough to depart from it. The m in calyx M truly stands for musicality. 
I had a very similar experience with t8ie when I paired with chord hugo, to this day I cant figure out why this pairing doesnt work. 
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