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^vaoq is great but opa627sm is a picky opamp and needs proper design to sound its best. While I am happy with opa627au I dont see myself spending 800 AUD on just opamp.
I think what impress me the most about AK70 is that it is truly portable, a lot more portable than my valoq. I classify it on the same portability level as the A17 walkman. Impressive! The sound is inline with the AK240.  I wonder if Vinnie from Redwine audio can improve on the AK70. 
I will do so later, just have to relax a bit and take my daps out for comparison pictures. 
Very clean
AK70 arrived, the positive so far are light weight, more portable than AK120. Good idea, black background on my most sensitive IEM. Negative that I say and please note this is just based on less than 1 hour listen, classical music sounds flat and boring. It also feels slightly more plastic, compared to AK120/Ak280.
Yes but each channel is operated by one slot. So technically one slot with muses 02 will deal with tight and the other with left.I did ask if I could just get one opa627sm and use a muses02 for the other but I think the ground is separated differently so not possible . I should ask again.
As a owner of a dozen high end dap I can say with confident that with the right app/dsp iPhone is no way as bad as people make it . I hate iTune but that is different story for a different day.
It is but if you want to have a broader audience iPhones are important. Not everyone is willing to carry a dap.
yes it is
Well their target audience aren't us, i personally don't understand why most reviews don't include iPhone and things of similar nature.IPhone can have many great apps with quiet sophisticated DSP. NePlayer and can opener comes to my mind.
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