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I took advantage of preorder deal and got it for 150. I'll ship you mine soon so you can check it out
I for one cant wait for z7, the walkman I'd a great bargain but it is not the zx-2 I was waiting for.
15 hours!
They are pretty big, mostly jazz and fusion. If you have time look them up. I enjoy their work, their album cover is a work of art.
Ie800 and calyx M are made for ECM label albums.
Licensing might have something to do with it .
That looks like just the xba-h3. Maybe they are just introducing it now to china?
I was not even aware of that, I need to contact ACS.
Here is my short take on Alien after a period of 40 hours of non-stop playback using IE800: First impression when just came out of the box, "why did I buy this?", 40 hours later, "darn this think sounds alot like C4, it has some nice treble extension".   Color me really interested, ipod 5G is retired now, I will still use it for podcast but IE800 and Alien is giving me one satisfactory listening that I can say if I was to live with these two unit for a long while I...
I am in market for a balance amp for HD600, read so many good things about this all in one unit, any HD600 users here?
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