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They always say that.
I have been cable swapping my NOVA and to me the stock cable is really a great match. I tried going balance for the NOVA and no balance connection that I own is quiet enough and low impedance enough to not to alter the sound of NOVA.   Chord HUGO, Mojo and LPG proven to be the best matches so far, however mojo is the quietest. 
I am thinking the same as you. I do wish for a 128GB version. For me all the AK models after the AK120titan were just too large.The AK70 size and price is actually portable and wallet friendly, for once!
Longest I waited for a unit to be repaired was 2 weeks and that was because I had to send the unit via a third party proxy who bought my unit .Asking the very people who are both dealer and distrbutors about information which they can't find find any answer is a joke.Glad I just didn't drop 5 k on ak380cu. When my ak120 FF button died I never took for repair despite been under warranty as I used it a lot. I never used my t8ie beside letting it burn in indoor and use it...
No word what so ever. I was told informally by Alex that mine might be replaced but the dealer has no clue and they aren't helpful at all.This entire thing has been a joke. No answer no explanation, nothing .Shall we start a petition ?
Thanks to shozy more prominent. Nova can feel lacking at those frequencies.
A celestial pairing,  nova and alien.
if I find any more information I will share it, sadly best I can do is that link above. 
Full Armor case for dpx1   http://www.e-earphone.jp/shopdetail/000000094267/
Yes tips do impact the sound. Dita audio provides three different tip bore sizes with there dita IEM. Each enhances the sound differently. 
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