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Comments regarding IE800 and K3003: To my ears K3003 is more comfy and more natural sounding. IE800 impresses you in the few minutes you listen to it but long term it is no way what most consider as natural sounding but at time exaggerated and artificially clean. In contrast K3003 sound long time make sense. Short listen for some might indicate that the treble the problem causing feature of this IEM but long term the treble blends nicely with the rest of the sound using...
I've made up my mind and after hearing 16bit files out of chord Hugo I am no longer valuing the 24 bit files like I used to however DSD still has potential to my ears if your DAC is capable of it.
For me it does maybe perhaps I did use a add on. I haven't used foobar in well over 2 years, need to check again but before my Mac days I used foobar for conversion.
Earsonics really needs to improve its built quality, the left channel of my clear edition s-em6 has started to distort.
If I get a chance I will post some screen print over the weekend but if I remember correctly it was somewhere under the convert option.
For windows in use foobar which also works fine.
It is an outdate device and it will certainly not have anymore future firmware releases.  I kept it as it still sounds good and using XLD conversion of the certain special albums I like to listen on the C4 takes few minutes. I really doubt anyone is buying C4 these days. 
Using a program like XLD you can combine all the files as one large files and than create a cue sheet which you use on C4 in order to navigate to different songs. This way you will fix the gapless issue and the static noise. 
I've got the truth plugged in the Hugo and for the fun of it I will let it burn in for 300 hours so I can hit the 1K burnin mark. Doubt if anything is going to change but worth the try.
Colorfly c4 uses coaxial and ak120 used optical.
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