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I am having amazing synergy with CK100pro and ER4S, on the negative side I am suspecting slow battery discharge on my unit even when the DAP is off.
Looking forward to your impression. Also I had a very bad time pairing my F111 with Calyx M, how does the fitear you have there pair with M?
It is very much IEM depedent, I hear no change with ER4S but on EQ-8 it is total different story. But the change in gain when i change from low impedance to high is noticeable in almost all my IEM.  At no point I touch the slider when I change those setting. 
well I just leave it the same and all I do is change setting. this is why i am saying those setting are not hardware related but software. 
Man the impedance setting seems to make a different in sound greatly. The low setting is laid back ,the high brings the vocal forward and gives the background instrument more volume where as the mid setting makes the vocal brighter and sibilant.   The only way I can make sense of it is that those setting are nothing but preset EQ setting. Wish someone does can measure their FR chart. 
Any link for the album purchase is greatly appreciated, I assumed the original poster will update us but seems liked all they wanted is just people to back them up for kickstarted nothing more.   I blow into the ear-piece and it fixes the problem. I just dont get what causes this, there must be some loss part, maybe the silver wiring is just too fragile and it got ripped.
^just played that clip for the second time and my right earpiece (the one with no dot) just rattled non-stop. 
Lets all hope apple gets in this game, the only company large enough to built a great sounding DAP is apple. It will happen, it is matter of time. 
With a clip al problem is solved but yes it does seem to have it. 
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