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So I was able to get more answers today. BD has stopped making the first generation models and any units which has been sent back for repair is highly likely to be replaced with new unit. I asked the dealer "what highly likely means?" he replied "the last two unit which died before me all got replaced with the new model so mine should be too"   I am too disappointed on how the entire situation was dealt with. But than again I am glad they openly partially agreed with...
For most of us perhaps that is good news, we didn't mind the sound, the built is what we are worried about.
My only wish is to get a similar UI as the sony/AK dap on onkyo. Onkyo stock DAP isnt music friendly, it lacks the flow that my sony DAP has. But boy is the usb out and other freature of dpx1 well implement or what! 
yes and yes. However why use folder view when you can navigate using cover art? This is why I bought the AK70. I like cover art browsing. 
I don't know whether this is the right place to post this or not but since I have read this thread more than the other chord thread I like to share few things here, hopefully I am not too off the topic. While I have not had the luxury to try DAVE I do currently own the MOJO and HUGO and I have extensively tried the TT despite my early bias that I had towards the creation of TT prior to listening to it which had stopped me really paying attention to TT. Here are my take...
Now that I have more time with Ak70 I can provide some early impression. To me AK70 is a solid low entry DAP with features appealing for those who like to have of a 'higher end' DAP without really wanting to spend that kind of cash. Locally AK70 is priced 750 USD, to me sonically isn't worth that price. If one is aiming for sound alone options like dpx1/opus 1 dap provides a far better sound, a sound that to my ears best the even higher price AK300, which is position as...
But please dont underestimate the AK70 sound. I think its major plus is its form. Pairing it with the FAD or T8iE can bring about great result for its size. I shouldnt get too carried away, I have a lot of listening to do but the AK connect feature and UI already has made me ponder on the next AK flagship despite on on my negative view on AK after sale service. 
AK300 has thicker midrange, more lush to me. AK300 is for those who value midrange.
^vaoq is great but opa627sm is a picky opamp and needs proper design to sound its best. While I am happy with opa627au I dont see myself spending 800 AUD on just opamp.
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