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I'll be worried if the early impressions indicate sound is detailed, sounds of such nature will be fatiguing long term.
I think all this premature impression of the current walkman are unfair when in theory they only will sound their best when used in balance. I for one do not see the point of single ended users (those who will never used balance connector) to buy a balance source if they will never use it. There are arguably better single ended daps out there.  To me if I was to get this dap I will be making sure to use it at its best possible way and that would be its balance out. While...
I dont know where I read this EQ setting but I thought I post it here for you guys:   Diffuse Field Target Compensated   • -3dB @ 250 Hz            • -6dB @ 1.6 kHz (Medium BW) • +4dB @ 2.5 kHz           • -6dB @ 10 kHz (Medium BW)   I havent tested it but one of my friend did and he is very happy about it. 
As a new proud owner of HD800S, I am excited!   Meir Audio Soul is what Lieven from Headfonia considers best amp for HD800s Source: http://www.headfonia.com/report-canjam-europe-essen-2016-part-2/3/
I wish I had both to compare but currently I got neither one of them. My current saving will most likely go toward the upcoming sony one sound signature series. 
Great sounding IEM but on the larger side, however its smaller brother appears to have a better fit due to smaller housing.      Source: Jaben HK facebook, price is 3000 HKD
Looks great. 
I have found some impression, once again need to translate. I find bing to do a better job in translation.  http://www.erji.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1947789
Considering the price gap I am sold on WM1A. I rather spend the extra on TA-ZH1ES and kimber kable for my mmcx iem.   Thanks for your impression :)
How is that fair.....
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