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It is that the idea of taking 400 GB of my music library, which is basically all I own (excluding my SACD) is alluring. I personally could not tell a difference between optical and USB in when it comes to Mojo, I am yet to try coaxial. 
Just a quick question to onkyo dp-x1 owner, are you guys happy about your pairing?
I haven't owned the windowsX but in large I like calyx more than lpg. I still prefer for dsd payback the sound of lpg over calyx m but for the rest calyx M does it for me.Chord mojo is also on the same family of sound with calyx M so that is a pretty amazing dac for me too.
no, cck drains too much battery hence why apple disabled it.
Broken record here: Any more information on mojo accessories, please :D
Finding the right tip: What at end worked best for me is the small spin-fit tip. I used the smallest one and push the IEM as deep as it can go ensure to still have a good seal. None of the provided tip worked for me, specially the comply.
C200 looks good to me.
The progress in portable iem is rather too slow, specially when it comes to iem. I am not fond of multiple balance armature design. I'm fact the best one I heard are the single or double BA design. While our DAC and portable sources will arguably improve such progress rarely take place in iem hobby. I am certain kse1500 will remain a powerhouse till someone else dares to challenge them and it can only be done using the same technology.I do wish Shure venture into high end...
I cannot enjoy my kse on the go anymore, mostly because A) I am too paranoid to loss it and B) I poisoned my ears today by pairing it with some exotic SACD players.  Let have one thing clear, i probably was too excited to hear things the way they are, lets face it a kid in a candy shop finds all candy a great as far as he get to taste it. Having said that I trust I know myself enough to at least be able to know what I am hearing is not just a random feeling. I had a...
Today I had a chance to test out an experiment that I could not make sense of. Here is a summary of it:   A redbook file was played back on a chord hugo tt which was connected to a korg MDR-2000S analog input The korg than recorded the analog input using a DSD 128 format It was than played back on various DSD enables sources, including the chord hugo and hugo TT To my surprise I like how this process sounded compared to the original file. While there are many...
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