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^how do you like the sound? better than AKG K812?
Yes you can listen and charge at the same time.
^but when it does it makes you feel that much worst.
I am sure it will but I wouldnt rush into getting anything, chances are we might also get a good deal on these new releases. Remember with ZX-1 we also could have got a free headphone. You are killing us NOMAX! :D
Aus is November.
I took advantage of preorder deal and got it for 150. I'll ship you mine soon so you can check it out
I for one cant wait for z7, the walkman I'd a great bargain but it is not the zx-2 I was waiting for.
15 hours!
They are pretty big, mostly jazz and fusion. If you have time look them up. I enjoy their work, their album cover is a work of art.
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