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1.5 year since my last holiday. 
my holiday can't come quick enough.
It will be launched during Canjam Singapore.I also can't wait myself. I truly like the Dita house sound so for me it is a no brainier.
Would you recommend getting the calyx M modded or getting the dx200 and having that modded?
So 1A is better than 1Z ? :P It wouldn't be HF if there isn't at least couple of disagreements:D
Alright I also published my review on headfi too for those who like to read it here is the link
@AxelCloris Thanks for the pictures, this is one of those headphone that I really like to listen but are just impossible to find locally. Will Jude make a video about them?
what is the tape used for?
I just dont know why I like this darn DAP so much!
I don't see why not. As far as cowon concerned it is a flagship release and to keep the S owners happy a coflagship.Specswise P2 is promising to be better than S. The SNR is just one example.
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