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I'll be needing this for Mojo. 
I like to find out more about the Litz cable, in particular whether a future 2.5mm trrs will be released.
Dpx1 allows me to access all my music anywhere and that is powerful. Balanced out is the way to go, worth the price, every cent!
That is always the problem with them.
I have a feeling nova will be a hit if it follows the Orion sound. Great built, accessories, customer support and by the looks of it ALO didn't shy away from giving sample to reviewers we trust.
Always love reading your report.
The yellow foams work great for me, I don't know why i dissed them early on.
I am personally saving for a denon flagship DAC so to me it is not a bad thing at all.
Joined , glad I didn't have to go through my local dealer. Great price!
I am falling out of love, I hope the accessories bring anew purpose to mojo,l. It's too thick for portable use, and for home use well i got Hugo.
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