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i am interested in Sieve Sheep mini-mini.  
When I try to listen to a DSD the file sounds different when I use the cck+microUB+onkyo vs onkyo+micro USB. Maybe the onkyo downsample does not do a proper job? Or maybe I am just hearing things. I am just interested to see what Denon comes up with next.
On that I hate you or purchasing the last Z7 from Parramatta store :-P you literally got their perhaps few hours early, at least that is what i was told.  Jokes I am just glad Australia is actually getting some attention. Sadly Audio-technica still does not fully believes Australia is ready for the products their mother company is releasing in Japan. On the other hand Sony sort of is as we got the ZX-1 at a great price, we got the A-15 before everyone else and the Z7 got...
I respectfully disagree. If it is a one case scenario we will not see anymore reporting of such defects, hence all good, problem solved and people will happily spend their money getting the Z7 if that is what they want to do but if that is not the case and it is more than one unit than the only way we can know of it is for one person to say 'hey this is what is up with my unit, is your one the same?' and than someone else reports the same issue and than we see a snowball...
Appreciate your update, I also do not understand why cant they implement a three gain setting. I too cannot use the knob below that range as simply the imbalance is too much. The magic of DA-10 is the Al32 algorithm which from what I read is Digital to digital to analog kind of processing which to my ear is only working when used with the ipod entry. When used as a pure DAC the AL32 seems to be bypassed. Or to my ears when I use the ipod as a source the sounds is more...
I think we are getting too passive aggressive here, i am glad Lachlan pointed those things out. No one is saying Sony is not doing their job but than again remember how hm901 had all those issue after there regress 3 QC? As consumer I like to have as much feedback as I can get on a product .
Love to know more about what you think of PAW Gold.
The only way you can know is get your hand on the best you can get and do a blind test, that is the only way you can know. 
Anything 24 bit is considered to be hi-res. However that really does not matter, it comes down to the mastering and how good the DAC does its job. 
DSD works via digital out using DSD2FLAC, it is only good to feed to things which can accept those digital signals using the optional walkman accessory. It will not natively play on the device, nor will it be able to downsample it and play. 
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