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I hate lying to myself and just because I spent a lot of cash on a product I will not try to comfort myself by lying to myself that my purchase is a good one simply because I spend a lot of cash on it. I think as a consumer and an enthusiast by keeping quiet long term I will be hurting this hobby by not expressing my thoughts. There have been few members who own all the DAPS (non pro line) and they preferred the AK240SS more than PAW Gold. I haven't heard it so I cannot...
A friend of mine who heard it said the coherency of them made him forget that this is a hybrid IEM. That is some high praise from him. 
What I am saying is based on my own research and I tried to fact check as much as I can, I have included links at the end of my statment. Lotoo is a sub-branch of a larger company, Infomedia who caters for the professional market in Asia. That is their main focus and they develop product for broadcasting and recording sector. As a result of that they are in close relation with another well known company Nagra. Nagra has two teams, the professional side (which is...
thanks for your kind words, they are other people more qualified than me but I will gladly share my view as honestly as I can. Two of my sources whose view I trust has assured me that paw 5000 going to offer the biggest bang for the buck factor, I will wait till I hear for myself.
I am not going to defend them or attack them publicly. It is that based on the discussion I had with them I respect their marketing and product development. I think paw 5000 going to bring alot of fan for lotoo. What I mean is they put the same care into their lower end model. They just don't use part which looks good on paper but they select part which they can optimize in their performance.
It comes down to preference. I liked lotoo more than ak240 but ak240 wins on design. All and all I apologise on my end for any derailing. It is rude to the owners.
In our hobby we were pretty safe. Daps were all under 1K, flagship product all under 1.5k or less for along time till AK showed up.I don't necessarily see their influence a positive thing, for large they seem to be in competition with their own product and I really don't know how they managed what they managed!
My problem with AK is not that I cannot afford it but it is that they are influencing other markets. What that means is alot of other product selling more than what they actually cost. (worth)
I think concerns regarding them disappearing is maybe too pessimistic. They are a very large company and in terms of their product line paw gold is cheap as they have a DAC selling for 40K. While certain concerns are legit some perhaps a little over the top.
Dis you try it with your C4?
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