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Still waiting for it, however that cable is in 4.4mm finish. While it is hard for me to tell different cable apart in single ended, balance tend to be easier for me. I find the IEM and headphone used are far more important in terms of differentiating the cable than anything. Sometimes  certain IEM are offering all they've got and different cable will not make them sound better than their best. There are way too many variables involved, testing and reviewing cable is never...
As much as that truth pains me I am slowly shifting towards that conclusion. I guess what makes dita special is its partially modular design. 
How does the Dita compare to the Piccolino? I always wanted to own the Piccolino but they are now hard to find in reasonable prices and I am not sure the AK variety are the same as the old one you have (which is rumoured to be better than the AK model). 
Normally you dont want to do this with 1ES, it already has its own hardware for upsampling.
How would you describe the tonality? This unit appears too good to be true.
I hope this isnt an off topic post but I had to share this video:  
N3 is a bargain and it is also able to extract a lot of detail. Issue is the smaller soundstage added with noisy shop environment will most likely subtracts from its great technical ability. To me it is the first hybrid that sounds the least hybrid. Great comfort and I can't wait to see it's new sibling to be released this year.
Guys I highly recommend anyone who can to try to pair the XBA-N3 with A1 in balance format. It it to me poor mans CF Vega!
That's a good deal for the primes.
PW audio No.5 cable, 8 braid. For exact price best to contact him and I got a bundle deal with few other cables.
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