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I see, I agree with you as I am a consumer and I will always side with the consumer. However I feel Nova will offer the highest bang for the buck. I have yet to try a multiple BA IEM in flagship status that I like. I have been eyeing the CDM for a long time. I am stuck whether to go with that or the WA8. Both great sounding. Looking forward to your findings. 
Truly looking for your opamp finding, cant wait to hear more from you. 
The more I used this DAP the more I tend to lean towards two things, this dap is quiet neutral and that it might have a high output impedance. I find valoq using the opa627au more engaging than the stock opamp which might make it sound dull. Using something like dita truth this dap really shines well above its size.   The UI is fast, very fast, I get to where I want to go quick. I just wish there was a dedicated FF button, i hate double clicking, it doesn't work well...
I honestly think missing on the massdrop deal is a great mistake. The cable alone as a standalone cable for other mmcx is a great-deal. I am sure ALO will offer the future variation of that cable at a fair price. I personally have a number of great single ended amp so I like the single ended cable but it would have truly been sweet to have that option. My guess the new cable cost the same as having both of the tinsel cable. 
I'll be needing this for Mojo. 
I like to find out more about the Litz cable, in particular whether a future 2.5mm trrs will be released.
Dpx1 allows me to access all my music anywhere and that is powerful. Balanced out is the way to go, worth the price, every cent!
That is always the problem with them.
I have a feeling nova will be a hit if it follows the Orion sound. Great built, accessories, customer support and by the looks of it ALO didn't shy away from giving sample to reviewers we trust.
Always love reading your report.
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