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How things has changed, from a dap that I must try valoq is slowly becoming my most used audio gear. The 627au upgrade made a huge difference. It is just scary to think that opa627BM and SM also exist. 
And the writing begins, should I keep it short or long? 
I read too quick, part of me wants to make this work so bad.  The easy solution would be a DIY back closure. 
I've asked whether I can trim the pins or perhaps remove the metal cap as it seem redundant to have the metal cup.
Dita already has a great cable, but ex1000 is the first high end dynamic IEM I bought and I will never forget it.Also Dita audio cable shielding of mine is too bothersome, I must run it over my neck or else I would not get a good deal.
There are many ways to do burin however the one I use is as follows:  Source: http://www.soundbysweden.se/nero.html Do that for 3-4 days and it should do the trick. 
But bare in mind it still has a dominate bass, however fast and detailed. Also please read this thread carefully before ordering, T8iE has batch issues that might effect you too later on.
Finally a setup that makes me happy and it is truly portable:   My obsession with Japanese audio never end. Valoq using opa627, ex1000, hybrid cable made using 4N silver cable ELEC and 6N copper.    
They both should pair nicely with the drier sounding AK240 SS. Both great IEM, one easier to find than the other. It really comes down to your preference. To me T8iE is more capable than 334 when it comes to resolution. 334 is too thick and rather slow, for a BA. However bare in mind I never had the chance to compare it directly. 
I also quiet don't get the name. Maybe aroma S stand for ER4S, I know I am just stretching my luck.  I will do my best to a tour for these two puppies once i am done. 
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