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It is but if you want to have a broader audience iPhones are important. Not everyone is willing to carry a dap.
yes it is
Well their target audience aren't us, i personally don't understand why most reviews don't include iPhone and things of similar nature.IPhone can have many great apps with quiet sophisticated DSP. NePlayer and can opener comes to my mind.
Better than 999 Aus for a 650 aud.
It will basically be one channel sounding clean and the other sounding warmer.
Just an update on M4U4, I certainly like the M4U4 that i will need to make time to write on them. I am full certain that I have put it into enough scenario that I know its strength and weakness. The major weakness of it is not sound related but more fitting and wear related. The housing doesnt isolate too well and it sticks out too much. The over ear design tend to keep slide off and it doesnt secure too well. The big strength of M4U4 is its bass definition. I really...
Just be careful your dealer probably going to give you old stock ask for mkii model.
A product is as good as the after sale supprort. The blames are slowly been shifted towards BD for slow warranty repair processing. Honesty of it was not such a good sounding product I would have long forgotten about it.
This wouldn't work he needs mini to USB B.The only option is to get it custom made .http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/vertere-micro-usb-to-usb-b-usb-otg-on-the-go-cable.htmlHere is one that I can think of on top of my head but there are many great cable makers.You can for now just use an otg cable and a normal USB to test it. Dpx1 works with anything I paired it with. You can play around with jitter setting of you have stuttering .My issue with dpx1 is how UI, it isn't made...
I've placed my order by ever so helpful minidisc . I will provide my take once it's here
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