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wow :-D
Marriage will, making the best of it while I can. To my defence I did stop the temption for a period of two months but than again each time i listen to my music the thought of "What if I had HUGO here" just ruined the music. Hopefully I can get my peace back again.   On other hand shout out for apollo hifi, great customer service, they literally checked all the cables they had in the store one by one for me over a simple phone call (they called me) to conform which cable...
We cant, the CPU does not support it, it is just not powerful enough. That is what the official of colorfly has told us. But on the other hand it has been conformed that C5 is due this year.   Not sure what the final name will be but the DAP department of colorfly finally convinced the company to carry on with their audio line and it should be released by the end of this year.
Good news, maybe this year we can have a rep from HUGO to come with the show. Can't promise anything but see what happens. I will email them a link to this forum page and wish for the best. 
Order placed, will worry about paying it off later......
Seems like the last unit in Australia was sold by headphonic, I dont really want to order from overseas as I need to get this unit before the easter break. Perhaps it is a good thing that I cannot find it locally, but than again I know it will eventually have to get this down the track.
Not a wizard but did do some stat courses what is the problem?
Holes in my wallet dont concern me, I have become a complete void 2 years ago :P
Karelin Birch wood?
I think I might need to order this one. I waited and waited and waited for one bad review to discourage me away and non was found sonic wise. Built wise I think I am willing to live with those USB issue as it appears to be more of a user negligence than built quality. 
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