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https://mobile.twitter.com/MixWave_Inc/status/784985101960564736/video/1 A short clip
It isn't cheap to patent things.
Maybe change your battery? It could be that.
I believe the V1 has more cores, technically some might consider it better but as a result less portable as it was too stiff. This is more inline to make it more portable. I find the supplied cable to make a huge impact on the overall sound of Pristine. To the point that without it we cannot talk about the final sound of actual IEM itself. 
More update: HUM Pristine: It lacks fun factor, meaning it is recording related, where my dita truth has this fun impactful sound to my ears HUM sounds more file related. I find the cable to be making a huge difference. With the stock cable HUM Pristine becomes far more revealing, it brings all the that is there to hear. I find changing to a different cable does fix certain issues like hissing with my chord hugo. Overall for me once I get used the CIEM fit I can see where...
it has finally arrived and she is not alone, she comes with her new sibling! I dont even know its name! I can't wait to get to know and review this amazing IEM, I truly am jumping in joy!          
From what I understand the design if can be copied will not be the same as it comes down to the algorithm that used, that can never be duplicated. 
As much as I love my Hugo sometimes I like to amp mine for various reasons. A while ago an amp designer told me he is working on a unique amp which is more or less designed around Hugo. Here is a bit of information about the amp: Portaphile NOK aka “Nude Overkill” I thought it’d be a good time to release a bit more information on the Portaphile NOK. The Portaphile NOK will be based on the three channel amplifier architecture found on the 627 line of amplifiers. It...
I personally look forward to pairing it with HD800s, the sony own headphone appears to be in lust to be paired with a SABRE based than anything. 
I'll be worried if the early impressions indicate sound is detailed, sounds of such nature will be fatiguing long term.
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