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I have been testing the PMEQ setting that @cooperpwc so generously shared with me. I really like what they do, the changes are very subtle but with time noticeable. I don't know if he is planning to share them or not but I do hope he does as it really is that good. 
I know it is a silly question but I am going to ask it anyway, how is the price for each product is decided? What is the process of pricing a product?
Congrats, leave the gain on medium but you might need high gain at times.
yea at times that is how I feel.
Hd600/700/800 seem to be great with marantz, in particular the later two.
It works with my mac, have you checked the manufacturer instructions?
I love to see headrooms own amp/dac back.
Thanks for your input guys but is there an official measurement for it, I just dont want to take my unit back for a checkup only to find this is quiet normal. I am an IEM user and with almost all my IEM (except the one with an already bass oriented IEM) i notice this. IE800 is one of those IEM I do not hear the bass problem as they already have a lot of bass but Kaede II or the EX-1000 a different story (or the ckr100pro)
Just checked my local prices, $2199 AUD, ouch!
As a stand alone for now, the only reason why I use an amp is because of the phenomena i mentioned above. The amp allows me to listen at lower volume, I cant do the same with HUGO as a stand alone. 
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