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For those who want to experiment with the balance cabling the sony XBA-Z5 comes ready with a pair of 3.5 mm balance cable, ready to be used with your pono. 
Yea I am happy that it works with Hugo but sadly no luck with demon da-10.
I can bring the IE800 but only with one set of tips, i cannot find the other tips. Hope they fit.
I have kept quiet on what I will bring, it really depends on whether my friend can bring me on that day but even he can't I promise I will not disappoint, in short I am going to bring a few product that I am certain it will please few of you.    If all goes well I will bring an early engineering sample of a new IEM.    I'll do my best to stay as long as I can but I might not be able to stay they entire day. 
CK100PRO is a strange IEM. I took it out for test last Saturday after nearly one year of not using it, I pressed play and I felt the sound was nothing like I remembered it to be. It was very detail to the point of been bright and distracting with extra micro-detailing. I ended up using it for an hour just to refresh my mind and now ever since last Saturday I've use it as my main IEM. I was listening to the TH900 and HUGO last night and after 40 minutes I got the urge to go...
I have what I consider a flawless pairing with CK100PRO. A16 maintains all the important sound feature of CK100PRO while been able to have plenty of headroom volumewise.
Maybe the cause is your gears having poor synergy. Try.getting the objective 2 amp, if you don't like what you hear out of it chances are you don't like the se846 and lcd2. The only thing wrong with da-10 is that the bass is not as tight as I heard it from Hugo and maybe the volume knob could have been better implemented.
Got to give it to the Lotoo crew, we overcome the language barrier, they were really patient and I know I tested their patient. Item is shipped 6 hours after I made the payment, it should be here on Friday.  Now I need to calm my brain so I do not have an unreasonable expectation. I know nothing about the overall planning on who they are targeting this product to, what they used to tune the sound and I will not ask  them for an answer till I hear it for myself, hopefully...
Hopefully you get your M plug in a near future. Love to know your view on that.
They got a new album out? Nice. It's a shame roger waters isn't there.
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