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q-jays are small and fit should be easy for all ears. I have ordered a pair of medium comply tips that they sale. I will certainly comment on fit and microphonics for sure. 
I have been in market for a good dual BA for along time. I am looking forward to pairing first with the A series walkman and later with AK Jr for complete portable setup. Ofcourse I will pair it with my other not so portable gears to test how much it can scale up.For now the waiting has begun.
I couldn't resist, placed an order. I will likely make a separate thread of its own for it once I have my unit.
Ahaa, just found out today.I am just trying to ask for the contact number of the guy who is selling him his weed, must be some strong stuff.
Great news,Tera-Player Legacy Standard -> EUR 672......I forgot a zero at the end of 627.
I tried to place an order this morning but got some sort of error, do you ship to overseas market? Will you guys have any early promotional code for Head-fi.? Thanks
Haha, I love Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel. I have lately been listening to Tom Waits works and just decided to change my avatar. He has a rough exterior but his music is so emotional.
No I haven't, give me a full size keyboard and I will be back to normal. My fat finger and this tiny screen don't pair well
Yes dita can be certainly bright with Lpg.
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