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If you guys could enable all the filters it would be a big selling point. Even the valoq dap who worked closely with the AKM Japan, from what I read, dont have all the filter setting.
The FW01 requires a long driver usage at relatively high volumes. Still hearing changes and I am reaching 300 hours on them.
When will Shanling release their flagship Dap? Shanling is the only dap I care to follow now days after finally having my dap enthusiasm cured. M5 would have been in my position if I didn't have the Sony wm1a. M5 is a nicely tuned dap.
They should, I believe this is part of long term serviceability of product. I also need to know how I can get a hold of some spare tips. I will ask and if I do end up getting a reply back I will surely report back. 
I am trying to understand how the Sony MUC-M12SB1 sounds like. It is to my ears lacks transparency and slightly boomy in bass. It is either that or my WM1A balance isn't quiet there (under 200 hour) or worst case that is how the balance side of the WM1A sounds like!  I doubt the later is true as I find the single ended output of the WM1A more that what I could have hoped it would be. I will update you guys as I progress in the burnin of the caps on the balance side.   
How does one order one of these?
I have ordered few cables via him but sadly the one I wanted he couldnt make. Sort of couldnt fully get my point across. 
XBA-N3 sound has gotten my by a surprise. I was not expecting much but I was very wrong. N3 has excellent clarity with great impactful bass. Not the widest sound but still trying to burn them.    Very happy with them so far. 
Can I ask where did you place your order for your EX 1000 custom cable?
I finally can have a more confident impression (nothing solid yet as I am still trying to understand the entire portable balance on the go movement).    More power isn't always going to make thing sound better: Most of you guys might think, 'will it is just obvious' but my mind refused to accept it till now. I always assumed having more power mean driver is able to be driven better, just there isn't much headroom on fine tuning the volume. Will now I know more power...
New Posts  All Forums: