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Yes, he is working on it.
Usb charging is possible however charging and listening cannot be carried simultaneously.
More info on SIT  source 4
Congrats, I cannot justify the price for the Layla currently however I did ordered the Kaede II (after many hesitation) and I have read that it is also a master at retrieving details. I am looking forward to auditioning the Layla in a near future once A2A opens their store in my area.
He pays a lot of attention his amps and more importantly from what I have read they are best for low impedance gears. Once I get the 07 I'll report back but the 07 uses Sit which is essentially a single chip which preforms like hybrid amp but lacks the need of tube. They are old and no longer made but those who can get ahold they swear by it.
Mine should be around the same time. I've asked for low impedance, rechargeable batteries, voltage version, what is your amp? From what I understand there is low quantity of SIT and once they are finished they are gone for good.
i can say ckr10 sound more open however the Dita Truth soundstage is different, it has depth and it sound 10/10 for things which it does fine and it is average for rest. CKR10 however is not as picky. 
The Kaede is coming end of this week. I will put it against ckr10 which is as of today I can safely say I prefer it more than Dita truth( in particular how much more comfortable it is).
I am still waiting for my TR-07hp, 3 months and going strong.  I have been reading about S.I.T technology and I am not sure why it was discontinued as all the work I have read (mostly DIYer) rave on how it is great for audio enthusiast products. 
The jh13 is better value and safer option. Hd700 needs amp and it must be the right amp to sound nice.
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