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I am interested in Lyra but I read that the price not going to be cheap.
Those iem aren't cheap, price start from 500 to 2000 usd.
Yea, there has not been any update but I did get confirmation from them that they have all those feedback lodge with their R&D team. I am keeping quiet as the product sounds really good and those things will solve overtime. All and all it is a great sounding dap which I wish it was cheaper so more people could hear it.
What you say is fair. I expected at least gapless by now. My guess is they are focusing on paw 5000 and good news is they both use the same firmware so a fix is due soon? Hopefully. For now using a cuesheet is the only fix, but only limited to a short track list.
I miss mine. I look forward to their future products for sure.
Where are the beta testers, I know you guys are out there......
I know this has been said before but I would have mind to see an amp alone of the same model without the DAC if it meant knocking off 400-500 USD from the device. From someone who uses DAP and is not planning to use this as a desktop unit the as good as it might be implemented is just not going to be used as often as it is deserved to be used.   Is the output stage pure amp? How about the headphone out? On the site I read that the tube runs in Class A while the SS runs...
Yea Kaede II is my favourite gear of all time, that includes DAC/amp/ etc.
Shipping forwarding sites like tenso or proxies like pricejapan which I highly recommend.
I think change is good and cardas is going to offer a certain change. If I was to ever get a unique IEM of its own it will either be the FAD FT IX or EM5813. While PF strength is piano notes cardas is just great at jazz, in particular the older recording. 
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