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I am not just bumping an old thread for no reason , some of you might have noticed that Cesar has announced the future release of his Shohin amp back in may. Specwise I have no idea what is inside it and I have not opened it yet. I will leave those information for later as I want to first listen to this unit without any part bias.   The model I currently have is not the final product, i am just listening to this unit to give a final feedback on the unit. Size and how the...
Got a good deal and couldn't turn it down. I got a good friend to try his fx750 with it and he really liked it. He didn't like the ckr100pro rating. After further reading it has a high OI which work well enough with dynamic drivers but not with BA iem. I'll find out soon. I am planning to pair it with ak120. There is no healing for this disease.
105 is s great price. I miss my Rocoo BA both for navigation and sound.
I have been testing the PMEQ setting that @cooperpwc so generously shared with me. I really like what they do, the changes are very subtle but with time noticeable. I don't know if he is planning to share them or not but I do hope he does as it really is that good. 
I know it is a silly question but I am going to ask it anyway, how is the price for each product is decided? What is the process of pricing a product?
Congrats, leave the gain on medium but you might need high gain at times.
yea at times that is how I feel.
Hd600/700/800 seem to be great with marantz, in particular the later two.
It works with my mac, have you checked the manufacturer instructions?
I love to see headrooms own amp/dac back.
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