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Cardas IEM and Calyx M is just another lovely pairing, but it seems that it is destiny for me to never own a pair of cardas IEM without a problem. The IEM is literally three day old and I noticed there is a crack on the right ear piece. The first one unit I owned had the driver fail after it developed excessive driver flexing.    Cardas sound is so unique (for most in the wrong way ) that I like to own it for times when I want a sound completely different to all other...
I am getting the cardas iem again, i am getting a positive vibe from this too. ie800 and Hugo is great, dita truth and Hugo is even better!
They including different size tips and comply foams now.
Had to give them a second try after the first try did not go so well. Something about the sound kept calling me to it. I've read updates regarding improvement due to the new tip arrangement and how it has improve the sound. 
Cant lie, wagnus isn't quite what i thought it would be. I've considered getting the k812 for it.
I am still deciding between HA200 and P50. 
I am still battling out with T5p. To me its main issue is that is has too much clarity and lower end while goes deep it is not enough volume wise. I've way too many account of positive recabling changes to t5p inorder for me to dismiss it. I really want to like this headphone but i am struggling alot with it. It can go insanely loud with zero hint of distortion, the driver is top quality. Either get a new grado or send mine for recabling which will cost as much as a brand...
To my ears CKR10>IM04. I think AT really did great with their CKR lineup. IM04 is not there for me. Maybe with a cable mod and a balance setup things might be different but it lacks clarity. 
CKR9  seem to be a lot more popular an cheaper too!
I have been so impressed with ckr10 that I want to get a unit of ckr9. I am just hoping AK strikes a deal with AT and release the balance version. If they do I will pick up their ak100II despite my dislike if AK.
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