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We all saw what happened to him when he tried to do it to the masses who are not ready yet. I think when head-fi companies try to please the masses the end product displeases their traditional head-fi crowd and that is scary for me.
I rather see someone like tyll wearing my product than a celebrity, head-fi celebrity and main stream celebrity are two entire different world, of course imo.
This exciting DAP has made its way to me, going to place it through some rigid test and test a number of different apps on it. Will report back how it performs against calyx M, lotoo, c4, ak120 and walkman a16.
It is made by the same designers who made the C4. I don't own it but if you check the obscure Chinese dap thread you can see how it looks and there is a member who owns both the c4 and L5P.
However transferring files to its internal memory is not as easy. It is both slow and unstable. I wouldn't recommend C4 now days instead I will refer people to LP5 or the QA360.
I think CKR10 paired with O2 offers superb sound. Anyone else tried it?
No via pricejapan. I paid 340 aud, still happy about it. Worth it for me.
Cheaper than what I paid.
to me they are open sounding enough. I wanted to purchase the ckr9 ltd but couldn't justify it. I am sure they are both great but I am not sure if the two pair complement each other.
Everytime I wear the ckr10 I am amazed on how engaging they are. their bass might not have the same thickness as dita truth which sounds more addictive to me but ckr10 has a better balance and depth which is so pleasing. To me it is certainly better value than alot of other iem out there (including dita truth).   There is something realistic about its instrument placement and how string based instruments sound. 
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