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Thanks, need to test the silicon tips provided with NOVA, the comply dont fit me well at all.
Go with SpinFit ,I highly recommend it.
I will report back tomorrow, i am going to minidisc with my Orion to try both the AK300 and the Orion along side my NOVA. I will be taking both the stock cable and a balance cable to check performance changes. Orion to me is a purist approach to sound reproduction. WIthout comparing it to other IEM with multiple BA I will never say it lacks anything. Only when I heard a different sound my brain starts wanting a different variation on Orion. 
For toe of you guys who had to return your unit for repair how long was the repair process? I am craving my T8iE so bad, it is three weeks now. 
The hardware has support, which I guess require to be enabled. It is the same trick AK uses to make different housing AK sound different, they tweak it differently. Our valoq has the same SRC chip, which technically we can also upsample too but they most likely will not release that version for us. 
Ever since I got my balanced cable for ex1000 I honestly cannot let it down. I just cannot be bothered with my other gears.    Make by this ingenious cable maker, just look at the craftmen ship.    http://e4ua.jp/    
There was comments made before for limited release valoq. What makes this limited valoq special are three things: OPA627SM 200 GB microSD replaces the 8GB Maximum PCM upsampling that the SRC offers, PCM705.6/768k   While the first two are not a big deal that can be done later the last one is partially something that interest me. I do use the SRC feature, to my ears I hear enough difference to use it. For instance the DSD usampling makes the sound more warm whereas...
Okay please take what I am about to say with a grain of salt but if I was to listen to both Orion and Nova I quiet possibly will pick Orion merely based on initial impression. However I had neither of them for long time to know which will offer more long period comfort.   Orion offers a higher than average sound quality, a sound that almost half of my higher price multiple BA IEM will not offer. I think I will go to my local shop and try the Orion again now that I have...
My NOVA arrived, first thing that came to my mind was "how can I get more of the campfire supplied case for my other IEM?" Built and finish and accessories was as expect, complete and excellent packaging.  My initial thoughts will follow once I have more time with them, they are less than an hour old. I have to say I could not start my holiday better than this.
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