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Listening to this album currently using the internal DAC of KSE1500, I highly recommend you guys to try to listen to this if you can:  
How would you rate Nova coherence? Does it act like a single driver or do you detect certain disjoint in the sound? Many thanks in advance. In terms of size are they all the same? Did you get to try it with CDM?Andromeda looks better and better by each post. I think I have to try it?Many thanks in advance
I sent over 20 emails I cant find anyone who can sale one.
Please don't apologies, I need to thank you for reminding me about the importance of remaining professional. Lately thanks to social media I placed a lot less care into making an effort in proof reading my comment. It is a good reminder for me to remain as professional as I can be otherwise what is the point of making a contribution when no one can understand it.
I will not blame google translate or anything else, it is just I am too casual to proof read my post. Half of the time the thoughts aren't even properly process and they clearly show when I am trying to type them as I thinking them.  Going back to the post the point I was trying to make was that I feel campfire audio represent what ALO has learned in the process of hand-picking and selling products for over the period they had the 32ohm audio, that was the origin of ALO...
CDM pairs great with dp-x1, arguably more portable than Mojo+V5+source. 
I will not be repurchasing all my music using MQA, I just hope MQA streaming library expands, that is the only time I will care about MQA. 
What got me interested toward ALO audio is the products which has attracted ALO to sale on their site, the so called there possible competition. There is no doubt in my mind that those product that ALO happily sale on their site, Fitear 334, IE800 and at one point Flat 4, has influenced the campfire product line. 
I see, I agree with you as I am a consumer and I will always side with the consumer. However I feel Nova will offer the highest bang for the buck. I have yet to try a multiple BA IEM in flagship status that I like. I have been eyeing the CDM for a long time. I am stuck whether to go with that or the WA8. Both great sounding. Looking forward to your findings. 
Truly looking for your opamp finding, cant wait to hear more from you. 
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