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Check the top right corner of your screen, it should be an eject logo. Click on that and select the SD/USB/device you want to eject. Upon ejecting it deletes all the hidden files. 
Sorry there's no a
App name is OptimaUSB
You have to use a program which deletes all those tags. You must be using mac right? If yes once I get home I can recommend that fixed the issue for me on my lotoo dap.
Mine gets warm but never freeze.
Paw 5000 is going to do that.
As much as i love the lotoo paw gold it has a hard time dealing with dynamic iems. To a certain extend all the daps I came across have that problem. But to my ears paw gold has taken the portable quality to a new level. Calyx M isn't chienes but it also a dap that is not getting the attention it should get.
The only good thing about c4 is the volume slide (at least how it felt), c4 was a headache to deal with.
I just hope they address the bass roll off.
It reminds me of Hidizs AP100 with C4 slide volume implementation. 
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