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I have a pair of Muses01 opamp and I like to try to put in O2 to see how it sounds. Can someone guide me on which one I need to remove and replace with Muses01? Thanks in advance.
That's a fiio .
Stock dx50/90 coaxial I think .
I am in for sure this time .
I feel that dita truth with balance will make the bass even more tighter, as is it really needs a good amp to make it truly shine. I might get a new Ak product just so I can try their balanced truth.   I hope they offer upgrade option for current truth owners, I am happy to pay a modification cost to have mine modded to balance termination.
yea they do but no news on their balance line up. Seems like they are not yet really that convinced about their balance version. 
I am crossing my fingers to get the price I want. K3003 is the set I wanted to get before IE800, dita or any other stuff I bought and for some reason I still have not done so. I think the cohesive comments plus the bad experience had with asg-2 left me avoiding them.
Without a doubt the dita truth is the most pleasing and enjoyable IEM I have in my collection. I like its tuning more than IE800, TH900 and EX-1000. I am going to get a hold of K3003 soon going to be an interesting to see how it compares against that.
Where are we getting the price for the Z5, I thought Z7 is $699.
That is a good price, AUS prices are close to 1K, nothing formal. From what I have been told Australian market is getting it November, UK october.  I am extremely excited on the entire A15+PHA-2AC and Z7 setup. My main attention is on PHA-2AC, I am hoping that it is going to be finally the game changer that PHA-1 and 2 were not. PHA-3 can be easily used with a large other gears in balance mod and considering their balance setup it shouldn't be too hard to make cables for...
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