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Every time I go to KSE1500, after a few short minutes getting used to the sound signature I cant help but loss track of time in music. At start the extra detail is some what too much, the treble comes across too splashy but soon once your brain is adjusted everything is just right.  Switching to something else that I enjoy, the T8iE, right after listening to KSE1500 the magic is just lost. No matter how long I listen to it I just can't seem to engage in music at...
Dont say it too loud, they might change their mind :D
Can you also take your KSE1500 please?
@nanaholic First thanks alot for such insightful post. It really helps to educate us in terms of understanding where sony' thinking come from.   I too belong to the Japanese way of life. While I am not Japanese nor do I belong to the same real-estate restriction however my lifestyle and how I listen to music forced me to be portable. I prefer for instance to listen to music in my balcony or if the moment is right I probably just get up in my home cloth and go for a walk....
Native DSD is only possible via balance connection. Strange   "DSD Native Playback requires a balanced connection"   Source: https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/walkman/nw-wm1a?cpint=SG_PRODUCT_DETAILS_SEC-TOUT-PDP-MDR-Z1R-EN_GL-2016-08-M12-COMPLETESIGNATURE-TOUT03-NWWM1A   Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. 
I guess we just have to wait and see. 
I dont particularly cabe about the DAP, we have reached a point where we have so many great sounding DAP and truly we cant reach the next level will we can find something beyond the current technology however what I am interested are the headphone and the DAC/AMP.
The pizoelectric driver , is it similar to the one used on radius twf41?
How one interpret my statement purely comes down to their own personal bias. If one bias is with AK they most likely see my statement as a negative one towards Sony and visa versa .Having said that there want much of a sonic difference between zx1 and zx2, so based on that I have my doubt on the upcoming Sony products. And note I have no high end AK daps, I find their entire business unethical.
Sony,most likely will release their planned trrrs jack on this player. As for the sound I doubt it will be much different than ZX2.
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