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New firmware is out   Proper link added
Going back to it tonight, haven't listen to it for a while.
The pause/play button tend to stop working when screen is off, in order to reactive it screen needs to be turned on.
Discharge, the battery voltage is less than 3.1 volts when I went down to the charging sequence mode does not work properly, problems have been reported. In order to solve this problem soon now are working on a patch that will be released. Before the patch release those who are already experienced this phenomenon in the following ways to charge it please. 1 by pressing the power button (3-4 seconds) "CalyxM" logo does not Hold the power button for 10 seconds after pressing...
yea it does, it is a cycle thing, calyx M really need to provide a user guide, I am almost certain pressing the off button down for too long will tell to do wait for other buttons to be pressed and do a certain thing. Infact they are aware of it, they have provided a guide on how to charge your device if you devices does what your one does. 
One important question, what is the impact on the battery life?
that happens to me few time, it is that if you press the off button for too long it goes to a different sequence. I honestly have no idea how many second i need to press in order to enter the main menu, it is a lottery!
I hear faint distortion on my right channel, no where as bad as it was before.
Where does 333 fit in all this?
O2 does it justice too. shigzeo do you notice any distortion with your unit?
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