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Manual link   http://ibasso.com/uploadfiles/20150815/201508151829012550.pdf   I think ibasso site has compatibility issue with chrome.
  edit: I just checked the manual and got my answer. Manual link indicates that "OPA627*2, BUF634U*4, and BUF634P*4 are mounted on the P5"  http://ibasso.com/uploadfiles/20150815/201508151829012550.pdf I think ibasso site has compatibility issue with chrome.
does the buffer selection matter
if i was to want to install OPA627SM what would I need (better OPA637SM). I just dont know how the entire buffer concept works. 
I got to spend more time with it, I tend to like mine with acoustic music. At times I miss the lower end kick.
So this is what nomax was talking about. Well expect this to cost well over 2000 USD.
I am only interested in the minibox gold amp, how much of a difference will hm650 be compared to hm901s using the same amp board?
They are the Australian distributors, an I don't know answer would have been fine by me.
I just call the Australian sellers to enquire about the m4u4 and they just hanged up me!
I think it is only the diamond black which is available. I tried ordering but non of then accept orders from overseas. I find mid-fi gears offer a far more exceptional performance than their higher end products.
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