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In my case my only bias is I am ultra critical of Daps with higher price tag. Best in audio is relative, we all like different sounds. My bias tells me if you put 1A and Lpg front of me and if I knew nothing about anything I'll pick a1 due to it been more modern. Lpg is for those who know their music well and get a kick out of hearing subtle things that Lpg allows them to hear.
Best test is to use something you know will scale up with source. I feel Dita truth, ex1000 and ortofon eq8 great for testing hiss, soundstage and bass.
Now you have many way to tuned your sound when direct sound is turned one, you have more control, you'll be silly not to. It really helps when the album mastered wrong. It is more than just EQ, I am still learning them all. I mostly use DC phase linearizer.
Bear in mind my 1A is not fully burned and I am using it via its single ended which isn't occupying it's full potential.Mojo is considerably warmer and mids are thicker. Layering for most will appear more superior on mojo on first listen but to me that is its weakness. Mojo has too much of a distinctive sound signature of its own and as a result no matter what you feed into it the sound that comes out to my ears has altered by mojo own sound. This is why I like my chord...
Yes it can if they sale it direct.
yes it does no problem.
To me LPG will always remain one of the sound that will never be outdate. I havent listened to Vega so I cannot tell whether that pairing will work but as far as sound alone goes LPG is very capable and from reviews Vega should pair just fine with LPG. The reason why I couldnt settle for LPG is due to UI. I dislike folder browsing due to my extensive music collection. Since you like a more clinical sound I suspect LPG is more suitable as its warmth is done right in regard...
I think all the complain is purely related to single ended option. I'm willing to say even the capped one will sound plenty loud on balance out.  But they are still valid concerns as on my uncapped model there are certain cases where I went over the capped model limit. 
 The devices itself has 21 hours of but I had probably listen to it for half of that. KSE1500 is an electrostatic gear which can scale up. I tend to like it with warmer DAC which so far I havent found yet. Best is such a relative work, I believe all thing can sound best under the right condition, find the right Synergy and you are set.  LPG will remain my reference, great for DSD and it pairs great with anything when the recording is dynamic and not bright. However for...
Amazon japan has a great deal on the entire JVC line, I caved and ordered the FW01 for 540 aud which includes shipping with expected delivery by 18/11. It is a great deal! 
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