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Twitter, I am not on laptop so it is harder to copy past images
Any news regarding Acoustics Research M200 would be greatly appreciated
I hope so, I really dont know if there ks M5s.
Seen pictures of AR-200, nice!
It works and why break something which works. I think change can be a good thing for a flagship product.
My only issue is MUSE8920, there are  alot better sounding opamp out there. However for that price and the features speculated in the video this device seems too good !
Today I spent sometimes with the following setups in chronological sequences of usage:   XBA-N3+DP-S1 in balance mod Sony WM1A + JVC HA SW-01 in single ended mod Sony WM1A + JVC HA FW-01 AK70+JVC SU-AX07 + FW-1   I admit that is a lot of fiddling around in one day and perhaps after a long day of listening to music perhaps the later setup weren't as engaging merely based on fatigue causing lack of interest but I kept craving for XBA-N3 and DP-S1 setup.    I...
I asked them a while ago about upcoming flagships and their reply was may. Can this be one of the two daps they are releasing?(potentially could be more than two)
If anyone is up for a trade of their QLS QA360 MOD I have a few things I am happy to trade with. 
I've ordered the Sony cable after reading about it in more detail. It seem solid and the price to me was a no brainer. Shipped via DHL 3 day service for under 110 AUD from Amazon Japan.
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