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Indeed, LPG has that nice sound, all my files are indeed ripped correctly but sometimes I like to look for a particular song and I honestly get blank moments on who the artist was and what album, calyx M i simply search for it and it comes up straight away, I can see myself happy with calyx M and LPG but if I was to be truly honest they are both too large and heavy to carry in my front shirt pocket for daily commuting in Sydney. I have been eye balling the new AK Jr.
Sadly this is what is stopping me from using lpg as my everyday dap. Lpg to modern music player is what vinyl is compared to modern music server.
You can not select it and just press the right keypad instead of the centre button and it will take you to the playlist where you can select the song you want to play. 
Have a look at XLD, it is really simple for mac users. It comes down to you and the software you use. XLD is a very easy software to use. Load your folder, else single file with cue sheet and you are good to go. 
Going tomorrow to test the CDM again.
I completely misunderstood fzman, thanks for the correction.
Yes it does, it also works fine with cuesheet. Today I made my lpg hiss using ck100pro.
Yes, if it is charging I cannot boot it. I have to turn it on than charge it if I want to use it.
I will have some question later on in recharge of the technology used in your IEM. I will email you later and hopefully you can answer me as much as you possibly can. For now I think the question that everyone is wondering is  just curious how much creative control you guys has on the Balance Armature used, is it an in house design or is it some already well known brand like TWFK?
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