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Currently they are all on back order.
I am lately been working around to building a reference setup. For DAC/AMP I've settled for HUGO and for a dedicated DAP LPG has been chosen for such duties. It is going to be a fun journey trying to pinpoint the right reference. I've chosen to start this journey with HUM Pristine.   Lately I'm paying more attention to the design philosophy and the science behind the products I purchase. To me if a product designer/company cannot convince me on their design methodology...
Placed my first Norne cable order
Considering the current mess I am surprised any is actually buying it.
^I am happy to do the hard work of testing those claims, for free :D 
Lack of dynamic playlist creation, how albums art are displayed when browsing not fully utilising the entire screen. I am a great fan of NePlayer and to me that is a great example of how a perfect UI is. 
sadly not anymore.
Anyone knows who can mod my Ie800 with 2.5mm trrs? Many thanks.
I waited and waited for the onkyo to release a new app to improve UI but it seems like it is not happening. That and the fact that it is too large to take on my daily commute in the span of the short time I have bought it I only used it for less than 80 hours. . No matter how good it sound I have much better sounding DAP with the same poor UI. I dont really want another dap that I am forced to use folders to navigate, hence why I am selling it.
I am thinking of selling my dpx1 with dignis case. Interested to sale to local first, I am in Australia. Buyers must have previous selling history on head-fi. Sorry for going off topic, I havent posted the classified yet. 
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