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I am guessing it is a lot less work for them to put a board design in large casing than trying to manage the same sound using a smaller design that can be fitted inside a smaller case. The so called audiophile portable market is really at its early stages it probably be in the life time of our kids that we might see good sounding main stream DAP that one can fit in their pocket without fearing their pants going to fall off if they dont have a belt! 
It's on the first page. Here is some detail analysis of Lotoo PAW Gold Here is a detailed images of colorfly C5 (who cares I am calling it that :D )
I love to get the Lotoo DAP.
Best is to use foobar. Load all your songs there and select all. Than remove all the extra metadata that you don't need and save. Shouldn't take more than few minutes. I use tag for apple but it's nit really a batch editor. Its great if you want to edit your dsf and wav. Thanks for kiats for introducing me to such an amazing app for mac.
Clean up your tags by removing unwanted metadata.
I was wondering would it be possible for calyx to enable different filter setting or that is a strictly a hardware related tune?
I have a pair of Muses01 opamp and I like to try to put in O2 to see how it sounds. Can someone guide me on which one I need to remove and replace with Muses01? Thanks in advance.
That's a fiio .
Stock dx50/90 coaxial I think .
I am in for sure this time .
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