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Yes sir, I do really hope you enjoy your KSE1500. I have been trying IEM left and right and nothing can come close to KSE1500. 
This weeks is kse1500 week, for me that is.
Do you guys offer loaner units?
Poor seal perhaps ?
NOVA does EDM very well, very punchy. Looks like I can at least use it for that. 
AK240SS is a very good source, you have nothing to be concerned off. 
I like to stop by here and take the moment to spread word regarding an amazing synergy that I accidentally stumbled upon. The pairing is due to a rather odd looking, obscure DAP with the name flang v5. No this DAP is not a perfect all rounder and does have a lot of bug but paired with Dita Truth the pairing is dare I say as good as I have heard.
I am using the onkyo DP-X1 and Valoq. DP-X1 is more neutral and wider sounding, some would say reference like but valoq is more engaging. I like the EX1000 paired with valoq better than dp-x1.  
I had a chance to test out the AK300. It is arguably the best bang for the buck release from AK. The sound is not as wide as its more expensive sibling but it has a very engaging midrange.  I am very tempted to purchase it, but it will come down to how it scales with the AMP module. 
The cable can cost different prices. It is built based on my request. I use a balanced cable, two 4 N silver cable and 2 high purity copper for ground using a ex800 cable, I did not want an adapter, so the final cost was 350 AUD, it can get cheaper and alot more expensive.  I cannot put my ex-1000. 
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