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For those who like the kse1500 I highly recommend radius twf41. For its price it has almost identical presentation a kse1500.
I personally disliked the AK380, the sound wasnt for me. I am in the belief that if there was any progress to be made in portable audio it is to be made by taking a new approach. The same silicon chip will almost always sound the same in portable devices, no matter how well it is implemented. Sony appears to have been taking the different approach for along time, their DSEE HX seems to be that new approach. 
The early report of the headphone is not so positive but the report for the flagship consistently been positive and nothing has been mentioned of the A1. In most places A1 trial is not possible.    I just hope the sonic chances arent software related, in most cases it can be and no one of us can ever know. 
I find AK70 very refreshing and detailed but long term fatigue sets in rather quick. 
No digital out for calyx m
Interesting, my guess would be this is probably for the KSA1500 model and they forgot to omit it from KSE1500 manual? 
I dont really want to call it listening, more like coping in a bad way. 
The CL1 has all my attention, the mini XLR means I can make all the plugs I want for it .
Is there any internal schematic, cross-section of the CL1? I am trying to figure out how the entire thing is meant to interact and work. Many thanks.    Edit: Found one.
I don't know how relevant it is but the upcoming Sony TA-ZH1ES is also using a FPGA. While usage of FPGA is irrelevant as it comes down to the program code but one thing is clear, thanks to Rob Watts design and as pointed by Romaz whatever progress is to be brought in future of DAC must involve FPGA.
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