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There is a reason for the green colour, it relates to the name. Andromeda is part off th so called green valley group of Galaxy.
Yes sadly my leather case top flap has bee ripped off. Those criticism are very valid and just. While I haven't perceived the sonic related issues you have in general stax midrange tend to sound that way.
Why not call the postal office? I think they might be wanting there VAT fees.
Singled ended hands down no match. Things get better when balanced. However why I bought DPX1 was for its digital out, NAS streaming, considerable better battery life.
Darn calyx M is still my favourite portable high end DAP, right next to LPG. I am happy to hear my friend is getting his calyx M modded, I cant wait to hear it.  It would be great to find more about the HW mod. 
All portable beside one, maratnz HD DAC 1. I do have nice portable gears like Chrord Hugo but th900 as far more to offer.
Single ended calyx M is more organic, plays all files natively but balance dpx1 has more authority. Also UI is better too on dpx1.
I'm tempted to get a set for single ended only. After going opa627au I hear no benefit going balance. Honestly the balance of Valoq isn't quite up there with the likes of dpx1.
Every time I listen to the TH900 I always feel they deserve a better setup. Hopefully I can make it happen this year.
I will share his information tonight. Ordering from him is tricky as he replies only in his native language, but he will happily accept orders in English,just got to use google translate.The process is involved in the customer selecting the parts from his parts list and submitting to him. He will than tell you the cost.Edit : here is his sitehttp://e4ua.jp/Please note I haven't placed my order yet so I can't give you a fina feedback. He replies once a day, normally...
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