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How are you playing the files? Most likely it's your Music playback software which is set incorrectly.
This dap has killed all my desires to look into any other daps/DAC. I am just reading into finding the perfect CIEM/IEM. Just waiting for more people to start sharing their experiences.
I forgot to add the link to the news source regarding the upcoming er4 cables
P7 should pair nicely with DA-10. My biggest regret us not buying and ipod classic when I had a chance. With Denon what you want to so is load 16/44.1 quality files and enjoy its advance DSP upsampling. Denon was so close to getting it right but not close enough.
It appears that we can now buy the new generations ER4 replacement cable without needing to send our iem back. Can we by any chance buy replacement cable for our first generation cable too? I really dont want my IEM to be shipped, it is not that I dont want to pay for shipping, I really dont care I just cant risk loosing an item that I have owned for a decade now, an item that now has sentimental value to me.
Mine is the MKII model. My replacement cable had an issue, bought an after market cable and now I am having issues with incredibly loss mmxc connection on my IEM. Issue is the seal are easily broken as the cable movement initiates movement on the actual IEM body itself. I think my only last solution is to buy incredibly light cables, something like the Linum BaX but honestly all it is too much trouble and I really cannot afford or justify spending money on a flawed product.
Hard questions, can't recommend selling it as it means someone else will have your problem, can't recommend keeping it as you will most likely develop the same issue as I did on my replacement unit. It's a gret sounding product which was is plagued with many issues.
JE is just impossible to get outside of Japan and cost multiple times more than ex-1000.
It was so long ago that I tried the Z5, but the bass of N3 is a lot similar to Z5 than EX-1000. From memory EX-1000 soundstage , specially for classical live recording outclasses Z5. I am told by a Sony insider those who liked the N3 and Z5 Sony has plans for that lineup. They fell the future is within hybrid and N3 to me shows they can achieve a coherent sound that is incredibly engaging. Its a welcoming news for me. 
Those who do own the 1A/1Z dap please try to find a use pair of EX-1000 and listen to it paired with these daps. The synergy of the pairing is truly intoxicating. Why did Sony gave up on further developing the EX-1000 is something that I could never guess right, all I know is the pairing competes with headphone, all thanks to its incredibly wide soundstage.    I look forward to my 4.4mm cable, i am certain it will just get better.
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