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Rant:   I am all for competition and open market but I think in order for us to progress in this hobby a set of regulation is required. No I am not saying the artist are to be stripped from their right to produce albums that they feel is right for their mood but my focus is those companies which is trying to make some profit out of this new hires movement. I am not going to open the 16 vs 24 bit debate again as it has been done instead my hope to shine light on those...
I can't even find an official website, my guess is it might have got cancelled.
Thanks for your input, as much as I love my c4 but I disagree with the comment that c4 is still relevant. First of c4 has been replace by L5P, made by the same designer, hence making c4 an older model. Second soundwise c4 1/8 inc and 1/4 both sound very different. The best sound is obtained from 1/4 inch jack and that too is not perfect. Few members end up modifying their c4 in order to fix the bass roll-off.
There are thre DAPs that offer the most on the Go storage without resorting to wireless HDD. 1) AK240: 256 GB onboard +128 micoSD 2) AK120 Titan: 128 GB onboard + x2-128 GB microSD 3) Calyx M: 64 GB Onboard + 512 SD + 128 GB micoSD   The above is  based on the latest SD/microSD storage we can find in the market currently. 
Resistive touch screen really turned me off. In these day and age it just doesnt make sense. 
Single MicroSD.
It is also android and apple dac, has microSD and does dsd coaxial out and can be a stand alone dap and a usb to coaxial convertor.
How is the coaxial out? As good as C4? I love to pair the L5 with Hugo.
Anyone seen the teac HA-P90SD? Seems like a good source for Hugo.
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